Friday, February 08, 2008

I've lost all respect for Ron Paul supporters.

I understand the Libertarian mindset. I have voted Libertarian in several Presidential elections in the past. I get it. I don't agree with all of the ideology but I get it. I specifically disagree with the unrealistic ideas of Government revenue streams a lot of Libertarians endorse and I'm not an isolationist. I'd like to be, but when people who haven't bothered to learn how to land Jumbo Jets fly them into our most iconic landmarks, isolation is impossible. All who believe in viable isolationism to me are Ostriches with heads buried in Terra firma.

In attempting to discuss this years Presidential race with Pauliacs, several things are always true for them. No matter how late in the game it is, "Ron is gaining fast, you'll see!" Also "Ron Paul will win the Presidency!" this in spite of the fact that his own website is starting to make statements to the effect that they just wish to make the largest splash at the Republican National Convention that they can and hope to create a brokered convention. In the end, Pauliacs would rather see Obama as President and us suffering the consequences of not anointing Ron Paul, rather than a nominal Republican and Conservative in name only who is only seen as Right Wing because he is to the Right of the radical leftist running as a Democrat.

Politics is always about the possible. If you're against elective abortions and you get a Supreme Court decision or a President that restricts some of them, you rejoice. There are less elective abortions and you get about the business of reducing them again. If you have two Presidential Candidates, both of whom have a "Pro-Choice" record and one promises to appoint "Pro Life" judges, you vote for the one that promises. He may break that promise, that is true but the most likely candidate of two that will advance your cause is the one that made the promise. Your choice is obvious.

All or nothing is just plain stupid in Politics. Politics is about negotiation, compromise, worse vs worst choices, and good vs better choices. Rarely do you get what is best. It's Sophie's choice. Almost every time. In view of that do you do as Sophie did and make the choice, or do you let someone else do it for you?

Francis Schaeffer once said: "If we insist on perfection or nothing in any area in this fallen world, we will have nothing every time." So when you Pauliacs insist on Constitutional perfection, on Libertarian ideal, I cannot accept your vision as reformed. You are demanding that we accept nothing, because the alternative is less than perfect. I say you're idiots.
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Saturday, February 02, 2008

Going for it.

Being an employee all your life has certain perils. You get conditioned to think of yourself as working for someone and the idea that you would make all your income on your own, a bit scary. I'm one foot in the employee mindset, one foot out. I've been on commission most of my life so I have a direct connection between effort and income. You might say I'm leaning towards the non employee mindset because it isn't just effort that I thrive on, it's effective effort.

Taking that last step is really tough but here goes. I've found a place that my wife and I want to live in and it's a business as well. I don't even know if I will succeed in acquiring it but I'm trying. I "outed" myself with the Realtor as not having a lot of means, I talked a relative or two into backing me up on taking my shot. The seller has expressed interest in carrying back a second so now we see. How much of a second will they carry? How much can I get from the lender etc.

I was talking with my son about the whole idea on Thursday and it boils down to this. I'll be content to fail in the acquisition phase if I tried, and I'm now officially trying. I'll be content even to fail in the realization phase, less so, but content to some extent. I won't be content to watch the opportunity come and go.

I also know that this is appointed by God that I make the effort. I cannot know what the outcome is. I don't know that in making the effort I am destined to succeed. Too many stars lined up for this to be the wrong path to take. My son unexpectedly showed up on leave from the Army, he's going to be a partner, we went to look at the property together and at the very same time the Realtor notified us by email that the price had been lowered into the range that we thought could be a realistic price for the property. Granted, it was the upper part of the range, but it was in the range.

So now, phase two. The effort. I know I'm on the right path, but I don't know where it leads. I'm hoping it leads to ownership and subsequently success in that endeavor. God knows, I follow. Prayer from all would be nice. More →

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