Thursday, May 19, 2011

Case DC10-13278M Dismissed (UPDATED)

For want of Prosecution.
The Dallas County Court System has lost patience with TxBluesMan / GregJackP / Gregory Jack Prickett. Should I now prosecute him for barratry?

The earlier version of this post directed you to the wrong "Google Doc" for the dismissal of the case. That is now fixed.
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Look who needs a pair of Foster Grants

Allegedly arrested for obstruction and contempt, apparently in more than one jurisdiction. Supposedly on the three year anniversary of the raid.

As a side note, I was in Fort Concho yesterday....
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Monday, May 09, 2011

Why? Because I love B-17's

My humble opinion is that there is no greater airplane design in history, aesthetically, than a radial piston engine monoplane. More →

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Sunday, May 08, 2011

Advice to Obama: Pivot.

I'm sitting in Laredo TX, doing my homework (sermon preparation!), and out of one ear, I'm listening to the Sunday Morning political talk shows, and I have some advice for our President.


What do I mean by that? Mr. President, you have at this moment the very best and warm feelings from all of the American public, on both sides of the aisle as you're going to have between now and 2012. What's shocking is that your numbers really aren't that great after avenging this nation for 9/11.

But you have a moment.

We like what you did.

I'm first going to credit the people on the ground in the US Military and Intelligence community that did the heavy lifting and skilled work of getting the nation's number one most wanted man. I do believe that President Obama WAS the man who DID decide to get him up close and personal. I won't discuss his decision making process, whether he hesitated or not, it worked out. One helicopter crashed, we got our guy, and we got out. Contrast that with the number one contender with President Obama for "worst President in History," Jimmy Carter. Remember "Desert One" which was 31 years ago?

Mr. President. I don't think you'll take my advice but I'll still offer it.


Become the opposite of what you were. We'll let you at this point. Every American sees you as in some way responsible for the good thing that just happened.

So Pivot.

Become a supply sider.

Say you've tried socialism and it doesn't work.

Say you need to do things that do work (like your recent terrorism victory).

Then do them.

Stop spending, sit down with Republican Leaders in the House. Ask them what they want, then do it.

Go to the American Public and re-sell yourself as a pragmatic man who simply wants the best for the country. We will let you do that. It will be good for us, it will be good for you.

You will be remembered as a Great President. You will not be remembered as the contender for the Jimmy Carter crown of complete ineptitude.
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