Wednesday, April 30, 2008

FLDS Women (and their men) willing to sacrifice to get their children back.

I wouldn't interpret the following as a split between the men and women of the FLDS. I'm guessing that FLDS women are acting in concert with their men. If the men are the threat, take the men out of the home, let us have our children back. Essentially to continue holding the kids then means that Texas is opposing religious freedom, stating that it's citizens do not have the rights that the US Constitution says they do.

AUSTIN, Texas (Deseret News)— "Attorneys for 38 FLDS women filed a new appeal Wednesday seeking to have more than 400 children returned to their mothers.

The petition alternatively asks the 3rd Court of Appeals to order the men to leave the YFZ Ranch and allow the children to return, or order mothers and their children to live elsewhere.

'The trial court could order the men — the alleged perpetrators of abuse — to vacate the ranch, or it could order the women to live elsewhere with the children during the pendency of the investigation,' says the petition filed by attorneys for Texas RioGrande Legal Aid."

Amended Petition for Writ of Mandamus

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Surrender Monkey Harry Reid goes on Offense, against US Citizens who are Polygynists.

I say bring it on you gutless surrender monkey. You can't go after terrorists who kill US Citizens, but you're going to send the Polygyny Police after us. Bring it Harry, you'll just wind up legalizing it.

WASHINGTON -Salt Lake Tribune- "Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid called Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff today to say the two should 'kiss and make up' after the they dueled this week in news reports over action taken against crimes in polygamous communities.
Reid, D-Nev., blasted Utah and Arizona in a radio interview on Monday, saying officials in the two states were afraid of taking action against the polygamous sects in their states because the groups had developed political clout. Shurtleff, a Republican, and Arizona Attorney General Terry Goddard, a Democrat, fired back that Reid was ignorant of their efforts.
Wednesday morning, Reid called both attorneys general and was helping to set up a meeting between the two and the U.S. Justice Department to boost coordination between the agencies.
'He called to say, "Let's kiss and make up. We have the same goal and that's to get more federal involvement,'" Shurtleff said of his conversation with Reid.
Reid's comments to KUER's Doug Fabrizio were prompted by the raid of a Texas compound in which several hundred children were removed from their homes and an investigation into child abuse launched. Reid said he was a cheerleader for what Texas did and that Utah and Arizona should have done it decades ago.
On Wednesday, after The Tribune and other news outlets reported on the political flare-up, Reid and Shurtleff agreed to move on and talked about their mutual goal of establishing a federal task force to look into potential federal crimes within the various polygamous sects. Some estimates show about 60,000 polygamists living in Utah and Arizona, though Nevada also has a share of polygamists as well.
Reid spokesman Jon Summer said the discussion is yielding results.
'Looks like everything is moving in the right direction as far as stepping up enforcement,' Summers said. "And, at the end of the day, the ultimate goal is to step up enforcement and to protect children and women from abusive situations."

Sure, advocate for the rights of homosexuals, (
Rated 67% by the HRC, indicating a mixed record on gay rights. (Dec 2006)) but attack heterosexual persons with sincere religious convictions. Make my day Harry.
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FLDS Children have Broken Bones.

The state of Texas is now switching focus. What's the matter? Having an admitted 22 year old man with an admitted "child bride" who is "monogamously married" to her isn't enough? Can't they just hang their case on the fact that 25 months ago Pamela Jeffs was underage and her husband is four years older than she is? Apparently not. While we wait to see if they are planning to file criminal charges against Pamela's husband, Texas offers us this, again with the inflationary language, short on specifics.

"AUSTIN (Deseret News) — The chief of protective services in Texas is telling legislators that investigators have uncovered a history of physical injuries, including broken bones, in children taken from a polygamst sect.

Commissioner Carey Cockerell, who oversees the state agency now caring for the children, said medical examinations have revealed numerous physical injuries, including broken bones in "very young children."

Well, confound it, arrest someone. Wait. "Medical examinations have revealed numerous broken bones in very young children," well at least, that's what you are meant to hear. Just as before with the pregnant underage girls, of which there may now be NONE, we have an interesting construction. First, "Numerous physical injuries" could mean they all came into Texas custody with scuffed knees and bloody elbows. Bumps on the head. Kids are like that.

Next they say "Including broken bones" which means, well, two or three kids could have had broken bones because what they say next is "very young children." These two statements are meant for you to think there are a lot of broken bones in infants. There is no definition of "very young children" here, do they mean kids under 4? Boys under 4 break arms, my 2 year old daughter took a leap off the second story of a building once, and didn't break anything, then she jumped off an awning support in my back yard into my arms and incurred a spiral fracture of her right leg. I assure you there was no abuse involved. In the first case she was walking, started to run, and squeezed through an opening in a retaining wall before her mother could catch her. In the second, well, who would have thought that dad saying, "Come here, don't climb up that" would result in her reaching for me, and breaking her leg.

They've got NOTHING yet. Maybe nothing EVER. They're feeding these stories into the public consciousness to keep their lame case afloat. Does this mean there won't be charges? Nope. There could be. Pamela Jeffs' husband could be arrested I suppose. That's going to be difficult since it doesn't fit the paradigm of fat balding sweaty old men sex perverts bending over 13 year olds. He can easily make the case he is in a common law marriage with parental permission. They might get a conviction, but it will paint Texas as a bunch of moralistic prudes imprisoning a young man for loving a younger girl and making a lifetime commitment to her. That's going to be a tough one if they try it.

Physical abuse? It means Texas is getting DESPERATE. Just as they had lots of teenage girls they wanted us to believe were sexually abused, now they are proffering lots of "very young children" with broken bones, but that's just a sound bite too. We're probably talking a couple of four year old boys with broken arms. Like that never happens.

UPDATE from the Houston Chronicle;

"Medical exams indicate that at least 41 of the 463 children in state custody had previous broken or fractured bones, said Marleigh Meisner, spokeswoman for Texas Child Protective Services."

That's less than 10%. The average citizen in a developed country has two bone breaks in their lifetime.

The rate of bone breakage among children is 11% according to one study, among children with no mental disorders, it was 22% for those with mental disorders
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Arrest that man!

From the Salt Lake Tribune;

"(Pamela) Jeffs is one of 26 women CPS says is a minor - although a court document prepared by a state investigator lists her as 18. Attorney Rod Parker, an FLDS spokesman, also said Jeffs is 18.
'Her husband is 22 and they are a monogamous couple,' Parker said, noting the father 'is being deprived of the opportunity to spend those first special moments with his son on a basis that makes no common sense. Infant babies are not going to be indoctrinated.'
The couple also have a 16-month-old son, who is being held at The Children's Shelter in Austin.
Crimmins said Jeffs and her infant will be placed in a shelter together, assuring their safety. CPS has allowed mothers to remain with infants 12 months old or younger who are in state custody.
Crimmins said that all 26 females now deemed to be minors have children. CPS previously identified five teenagers who were 15 or 16 when they conceived a child."

This story is absolutely loaded.

First of all, Texas has come forward with no proof whatsoever that the girl in question is not 18. They have asserted that, but haven't demonstrated that. In addition, the FLDS who have been never known so far to lie in their public pronouncements state that her "husband" is 22. Judging by the age of their child, Texas may have a case right here, but they have to prove she is not monogamously married to her husband and also married without her parents consent. A case will be made by defense council that they are married "common law" or that the statute of limitations has run out on his previous "Crime" with Pamela or that the effective date of the law that governs this issue was after she became pregnant with their first child. If you will note here that the age difference (4 years) and the declaration of paternity the FLDS is admitting, then if there was a crime they've already shot themselves in the foot. Pamela Jeffs' husband should be arrested. There is no warrant yet.

Why are they holding Pamela Jeffs? As their attorney states, the infant cannot be indoctrinated. It's highly unlikely her 16 month old could be either. There is no concept of prior restraint when it comes to free speech anyway. They'd have to be shown to be indoctrinating their child and then it would have to be shown they were indoctrinating their child to do something illegal. Even THEN that's a tough call. This is prior restraint of free speech and an abridgment of our Freedom of Religion. Either they must charge Pamela Jeffs' husband, or they should let them go.

As far as the remaining "children", there has been no statement from Texas as to what ages the "children with children" are other than the upper limit. For all we know there are only 17 year old "children with children." Someone needs to ask the age distribution. Not all of the girls they are holding have kids or have been pregnant according to Texas, so why do they keep mentioning 53, when they say now that only 26 are minors with children? As I told you before, the numbers Texas gives you intially to make their case, keep going down, if in fact a high number makes their case. The numbers Texas gives us have always behaved in a fashion initially favorable to their case, then they change. More →

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Ok, been there, SAID THAT.

"ABUSING THE WEIRDOS, AGAIN. It's time to drop the Texas crusade." Read the whole column. It's time to quit picking on the FLDS and pack it in. The Colorado Springs Gazette.

"Thursday, a Colorado lawyer filed a scathing 39-page motion that says Texas authorities knew that Barlow, the man they had a warrant to find, was in Arizona at the time of the raid. Prominent Aspen Lawyer Gerry Goldstein, who owns a law firm in San Antonio, claims evidence that Schleicher County Sheriff David Doran spoke with Barlow on a cell phone, confirming his drivers' license and location in Arizona, before executing the raid. In the phone call, says Goldstein's lawsuit, Barlow advised the sheriff he had not been to Texas in 20-some years, and had never heard of the girl he was suspected of raping."

Been there, said that
. Click the link or scroll down. I've made the next point as well, but not AS well;

"Young teenage girls should not be pregnant. That's not to say, however, that young pregnant teens stand as prima facie evidence of crime. If so, then cops should raid every high school in every state, where they will find unwed, young, pregnant teens, some impregnated by men. And they most certainly should raid every Planned Parenthood outfit and other abortion businesses that routinely sell abortions to young pregnant teens."

Told you. More →

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Monday, April 28, 2008

Now comes the state of Texas...

Shock and Awe phase. Make us think there are a LOT of pregnant (were pregnant) young girls. Remember there has been a recent change in law. From FOX News.

"Child Protective Services spokesman Darrell Azar says 53 girls between the ages of 14 and 17 were living on the ranch in Eldorado. Of that group, 31 already have children or are pregnant."

: From the Deseret news, Texas confirms that after the above BLARING headline, they only have two pregnant girls. The FLDS contends they only have one that could have been "underage" at the time. We still do not have a list girls who are 14 and WERE pregnant or are pregnant. We do not have the number for 15, or 16 or 17. If there is a 17 year old with a 2 and a half year old child for instance, it might not matter.

"A total of 53 girls between the ages of 14 and 17 are in state custody after a raid 3 1/2 weeks ago at the Yearning For Zion Ranch in Eldorado. Of those girls, 31 either have children or are pregnant, said Child Protective Services spokesman Darrell Azar. Two of those are pregnant now, he said; it was unclear whether either of those two already have children."

UPDATE: Absolutely SPASTIC with anticipation, the prosecution is finding that they can't get to what they think is "Evidence." Boxes and boxes of FLDS documents may fall under the privilege of the confessor. Defense attorneys must look first and the FLDS don't have that much in the way of resources to plow through the room size stack of evidence. They're going about it at the rate of about a box every two days. The Deseret News;

"Defense lawyers Bob Switzer and John Fahle, both of San Antonio, began going through the papers two weeks ago, Switzer said after a hearing Monday before 51st District Court Judge Barbara Walther.
But the state asked for an independent reviewer to take over the job. Officials were unsatisfied with the pace at which the lawyers were reading the documents - it took Switzer an entire day to read about half of the papers in one box labeled 'bishop's records' alone - and were concerned that they may assert privilege in an attempt to exclude evidence from potential criminal cases."

Obviously the hope is to find non privileged records of births and ancestry so as to make the case regarding the "abuse" of young girls. Clearly they don't have that now. The state of Texas made a big announcement about how many girls had been pregnant trying to make their case look strong. At the rate that the hopefully damning evidence is trickling in (because defense counsel must look FIRST) the Rozita Swinton evidence and the lack of currently pregnant underage girls may destroy all cause for a warrant in the first place. It will eventually be asked "Which Girl did you see while at YFZ that was pregnant?" and if it isn't one of the 2 (or one) that is, they had no cause to go further. Clearly they had no cause to be there in the first place, but we're putting that down to an understandable mistake on the part of Texas.

Texas' position will eventually have to be "we came in with right motive but bad evidence" and then "saw a crime". The warrant is still operative right NOW because they are pretending not to see Rozita Swinton, because legally, they haven't made a determination about her yet. Once Rozita is acknowledged, and she will be, then they have to show why they continued their investigation. Texas is hoping they can find documentary evidence to base another warrant on, before that. If they cannot they must pack up and go home. Or they SHOULD. Actually they should have already.

They are depending entirely on finding real cause before every false cause is shown to be that, legally. More →

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Miley Cyrus Pictures and the FLDS Fiasco

Hey, isn't that an over 40 (50?) year old man with a minor child under 16 who is not fully clothed?

Pictures of Miley Cyrus where she appears semi nude have reportedly "embarrassed" the young star. Miley, who is Billy Ray Cyrus' daughter and who is best known as "Hannah Montana" is 15. Gradually we are starting to hear of her as "Miley Cyrus" not so much as "Hannah Montana." And now there are "provocative" photos of her. How Ironic, while we all wring our hands about FLDS girls being pawed over by old men. Every old man in the WORLD with a computer can now do himself a "Big Favor" with the latest copy of Vanity Fair. What is more likely to cause abuse? The Abusive Teachings of the FLDS or pictures of Miley Cyrus, former child star, now budding "virtual whore?"

This is certainly not a comment on Miley's actual virtue. I am sure her parents have kept her close and safe. But they seem to be planning the next stage in her career. I promise you it's not porn, it's suggestive. See them here. Honestly, I have no idea how long the link will last.

Now, I don't go looking for this sort of thing, but it was on the DrudgeReport. I was looking for new FLDS info and lo and behold. Her parents were right there. Weren't FLDS parents "right there?" Does this encourage the sexualization of a child? Is this an oppressive atmosphere? Does this encourage pedophilia? A lot of the pictures were taken out of doors under heavy lighting with Miley apparently naked from the waist up, save for a bedsheet. I'm sure one of the over 40 men got more of a view than we did. Where is Harvey now? Are APC's and snipers surrounding Billy Ray's home? More →

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Texas Law Changed Specificly to "Get" the FLDS.

Hey, if you don't like what someone is doing, do what Rep. Harvey Hilderbran, R- Kerrville TX did. Change the law in a state full of millions of people to make something that was perviously legal, into something punishable by LIFE IN PRISON.

"A Texas lawmaker who helped pass legislation strengthening the state's marriage laws in response to the Fundamentalist LDS Church presence in his state said he believes criminal charges will result from the Eldorado raid earlier this month."

"Hilderbran's original HB3006, which was incorporated into a larger child welfare reform bill, SB6, in 2005, raised the marrying age with parental consent from 14 to 16 and included provisions that made it a first-degree felony to marry a child under the age of 16. Being convicted of doing so is punishable up to life in prison. The measures also had criminal penalties for people who officiate such a union and sanctions against parents who knowingly endorse a union and provide false information about the age of their marrying children."

From the Deseret News.

Harvey is a nearly 50 year old man, with two young daughters. Does this suggest that Harvey is married to a younger woman? I dunno, just idle thinking so far. Harvey may be the paragon of virtue. It's hard to get Biographical information on him. I don't think most men who reach 35 though and have no kids have been monks. My apologies in advance Mr. Hilderbran if I have raised a suggestion with no foundation in the truth. That would be, um, unfair. More →

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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Is Texas Killing FLDS Kids? If one dies, that will be how it looks.

Of course we all hope not. That would of course be a tide turning event that makes Texas the villain, not the hero. The Salt Lake Tribune;

"At least three children taken from a polygamous sect's ranch are in the hospital and attorneys for their mothers say they have received little or no information about their conditions. Attorneys for Texas RioGrande Legal Aid (TRLA) are working to identify the children, the hospitals, and to arrange for their mothers to visit the children. 'We can't seem to get anyone on the phone with authority to make that happen and the mothers don't even know the seriousness of the situation,' said Amanda Chisholm, a TRLA attorney.
The legal aid society, which represents 48 mothers, said one 2-year-old child lost a severe amount of weight while staying at the San Angelo Coliseum.
TRLA said the organization was told two days ago that the child was in shock and lethargic, but has received no new information since then about where the child is or regarding her current health situation."

We know that when Texas wants to manipulate FLDS mothers, they lie to them (go with your kids or you will NEVER get them back). We know when Texas wants to paint a picture of abuse, they lie to us, in terms of numbers by exaggerating them (as in 40 moms are in shelters by their own choice, not telling us that at least 17 are there to stay with their children). We know over 20 FLDS kids came down with chicken pox shortly after they were sent to the San Angelo Concentration Camp (excuse me, Colosseum). Texas asks us to believe there are 20-25 "abused underage girls" when in fact there are one or two that MIGHT be, (and that would only be if Texas turns out to be right). There are missing kids, kids sick enough to be hospitalized. Isn't Texas doing a GREAT JOB? The mother of this child is not being allowed to visit her. Unless they think they have a case of Münchhausen by proxy, why is this being done?

Of course, with the state involved, the news comes out well after the actual event, so they can create a cover story. Damage control. Fine. I have no problem with wanting to control damage but it is in that environment that crimes of the state are covered up altogether. Damage control gone wild is a cover up.

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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Texas Already Losing FLDS Kids.

Twice now the state of Texas has miscounted the number of children they have. Now, as they have finished moving them, they have already started to LOSE them.
CORPUS CHRISTI - "A Corpus Christi attorney representing two mothers from the Schleicher County polygamist retreat raided this month says that child welfare authorities cannot account for two boys."
From "GoSanAngelo." More →

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Friday, April 25, 2008

There can be only ONE. The FLDS responds to Texas

From the Salt Lake Tribune:

SAN ANGELO, Texas - "An attorney for FLDS families in Texas today challenged the state's claim of a pervasive pattern of underage girls having children, saying the state's own documents show that just two teenagers in custody are pregnant.
Rod Parker, who also acts as a spokesman for the polygamous sect at the YFZ Ranch in Eldorado, said he was basing his statements on a list that was given to him by an unnamed source who said the document was generated by Texas Child Protective Services.
Of the three teenagers listed as pregnant, Parker said, one is about to turn 18 and another refused to take a pregnancy test, he said.
'That leaves us with one,' he said.
Based on that list, Parker said, 'I challenge the CPS to come forward with the pregnant minors'."

Texas has at the outside three girls that the could hang their case on, maybe one. From the tone of his story, they are not friendly witnesses to the state.
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Coat hanger abortions and FLDS Polygamy. The winning scenario for Texas vs the FLDS and Polygyny

For those that love our liberty in this country, for those who know what that liberty is made up of in our Constitution, there has never been any doubt. Once the facts of the FLDS/YFZ raid were known, the raid was the abomination, not the potential practices of the FLDS.

Only the most blinkered of us think that there are no "underage marriages" among the FLDS. Indeed, it's rather easy to suppose that some of those marriages are to men that are well past the 3 year age difference limit that immunize those males from criminal prosecution in the pregnancies of young girls. Texas is trying to keep the ball in play until they can prove something like this occurred. CNN reports:

"Also Thursday, Texas child protection officials said more children were moved from a temporary shelter at a San Angelo, Texas, coliseum into foster care. Among them were 25 girls believed to be minors -- all of them with children -- who had previously claimed to be older than 18.

The District Court motion filed Wednesday requests that Walther conduct a hearing to determine whether 'good ground' existed to issue the two search warrants in connection with the raid."

Texas believes that if they can keep the kids long enough, and keep the mothers long enough, they will find at least one of them that had sex with a male that is over 3 years in difference of age than she is. This is from a group of 25 girls they THINK are underage who SAY they are not. Once they find this person, they will then continue to keep as many kids as possible and rely on public revulsion for this act to excuse their destruction of our rights. Every time someone rises to defend their rights (and consequently all of our rights) they will be assailed with images of overweight, wrinkly, ugly old men thrusting on 13 year old girls who are supposed to be unwilling. This is the "coat hanger" argument of the anti polygyny crowd for just as back alley coat hanger abortions are waved in our face to justify elective abortions, creepy old men deflowering cowering beautiful virginal young girls will be the talisman waved in our faces to convince us that all polygyny is bad.

The facts remain. A pregnant 13 year old is not evidence of a crime. This is true because 13 year olds can get pregnant in entirely legal circumstances and in fact they do so regularly. A lot of them in open society get pregnant by a boy within three years of age of them, and get an abortion.

A "young looking" girl that claims to be 18 and is pregnant and doesn't want to testify otherwise is not evidence of a crime. For the above reason, and because of the presumption of innocence. The guilt is not even hers since if there was a crime, it would have been committed by someone else.

The state of Texas entered the YFZ ranch as the evidence presented in my last post shows, knowing that the alleged perpetrator was not there and probably hadn't been. They entered the YFZ ranch without taking advantage of the now considerable power to trace phone calls and see where they came from. They then proceeded to assume that certain things seen while they were there amounted to evidence of a crime when in fact MOST of the time such things are encountered elsewhere, they are NOT evidence of a crime. A lot of pregnant 13 year old girls have not been legally raped. They have a worthless boyfriend who is close to their own age.

So, now we are down to 25 girls who SAY they are not under the age of 18. In truth, they could even be above the age of 17 and things would be OK. The state of Texas is interrogating them, holding them against their will, or using their children to keep them under the state's control so as to continue to examine evidence until a crime can be discovered. It is by no means certain that such a crime will ever be discovered. They don't know who committed the crime. They don't exactly know what the crime was. They don't know where it was committed. They don't know for sure it was committed when it was actually a crime (Texas law HAS changed recently). They don't know who the crime was committed against. They don't even know if the statute of limitations has expired on a crime that they may discover. What they do know is that if there is a crime, the bodies of the 25 girls they still have are part of the evidence chain for that crime.

So they search, and search and search and search in the FAITH that with all they have heard and been told about the FLDS, they WILL find a crime. This is not within the scope of the original warrant, not even now. What Texas hopes to do is make us see grunting old sweaty men popping Viagra, popping little girl's cherries and no sooner than grunting and rolling off their terrified victims, finding another little girl to abuse. If they can find ONE GIRL by false imprisonment, illegal search and seizure, a girl whose name they do not yet know, they can succeed in distracting us from the truth of what they have done by waiving that bloody coat hanger in our faces. We'll give them a pass, and they know that. Never mind the fact that if they came to YOUR church, rounded up everyone, went through all their stuff and looked and looked and looked, they would probably find something wrong as well. A porn stash. A pregnant teenager. Marijuana. Evidence of tax evasion. Something. It wouldn't be right to have any of those things in our congregations or homes but they would be there. Worse yet, they could be made to look like they were there, and we will have put out the welcome mat for our own destruction by telling the police they can go anywhere.

Do you know why police have on occasion, planted evidence? To justify an illegal search and seizure. The most nightmarish scenario for you, John Q. Public is that they WON'T find anything when they search your houses, so it will be put there, so as to keep the invader safe.
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Sheriff Doran acted on bad information, and knew it.

Before going in, Texas had and Sheriff Doran had extensive ID information in their warrant including the names of all involved, the alleged perpetrator and the victim "Sarah". Birthdates, names, etc. So much so that they were utterly certain who "Dale" was. He was on probation in Arizona. They talked to him on a cell phone, they knew he was not in Texas, they had every reason to believe he had not been there in recent years. From the 51st Judicial District, in the state of Texas, Schleicher County.

"The face of the affidavit..reflects that affiant Long and Sheriff Doran had "obtained a copy of a judgment [from] the Superior Court of the State of Arizona" reflecting that Dale Evans had been convicted and was currently under supervised probation in the State of Arizona."

There's a lot more, I had to type that portion because I can't copy the PDF File. I don't have the software. But please, by all means, go read it yourself. Texas KNEW they would not find a victim of this man's advances, before they went in, but they went in anyway. More →

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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Gary Demar's fascination with the FLDS and Polygyny

Over at American Vision, my old acquaintance Gary Demar has this to say:

“Once the Bible is rejected as a standard for moral values, then everything is up for grabs. It’s getting more difficult to argue against polygamy after the way consensual homosexuality is being legalized.”
I do not agree, and we’ve talked about this, that abandoning the Bible is requirement for supporting polygyny. I disagree entirely. I agree that legal homosexual relationships make it hard to refuse polygynists or polygamists. I’d be happy to debate you publicly rather than privately on this subject.

When I was "coming out" with my views on polygyny, my mother connected me again with Gary and we debated the topic briefly, and privately on the phone. Gary's eventual exasperated response was "Why don't you go just get another wife?" This is because he had no refutation.

I remind him AGAIN of that conversation, and point out that he has no business whatsoever claiming publicly that polygyny is against scripture when he privately has been unable to offer a refutation. Gary, any time you want to have the debate I'm ready, but this time it has to be public. More →

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District Attorney Allison Palmer AKA "CAPTAIN OBVIOUS"

We always thought Captain Obvious was a man, it's a woman, First Assistant 51st District Attorney Allison Palmer.  From "Go San Angelo";
"Revelations that the March 29 phone call that sparked a raid on a Schleicher County polygamist compound may be a hoax have led prosecutors to doubt the reason for the original search-and-arrest warrant that granted authorities access to the YFZ Ranch."
Translation. The original search warrant was garbage. It remains to be seen if there was any reason to act on the original search warrant cause. We now know it was garbage. In addition, we know there was no informant, so there was no corroborating evidence. There was just hearsay. The source of this story is from the local paper in San Angelo, where all the legal proceedings are taking place.

"Arrests still could be made in the case, said First Assistant 51st District Attorney Allison Palmer. The raid, based on the warrant, led to the removal of 437 children from the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints ranch, the largest child custody action in Texas history."
Translation, we HOPE there was a Crime and we're still looking for one. Why do we hope that? Because we could all lose our jobs and be the biggest legal joke since Mike Nifong. We are admitting that after three weeks, we still haven't found a crime. We think that the pregnant teenagers are underage teenagers, we don't know for certain, and we hope they were impregnated in Texas by a male less than three years older than they are, but we don't know that either. We're hoping you won't notice that while we try to prove that even though we have NO PROBABLE CAUSE to suspect a three years plus older male sex partner, or even that the supposed crime took place in Texas or even that it took place before we changed our laws, we had no reason at all to take anyone into custody and STILL DON'T. We're holding people without charges being filed THREE WEEKS after the fact and we have no smoking gun whatsoever. We hope that when we DNA test everyone and establish paternity for everyone that we have found a crime, otherwise it's Wikipedia Sub for all of us, under IDIOT.

"If it were true that the female who identified herself as Sarah is not really Sarah, I do not feel that would be enough to (invalidate) the search warrant," Palmer said.
If it were true? Shades of Dan Rather. Is she still hoping the Tooth Fairy will show up or Santa Claus?

"Palmer used the phone calls as the probable cause necessary to secure the search-and-arrest warrant granted by District Judge Barbara Walther."
Excuse me, but did you have any reason to believe that a Colorado Springs area phone call was just maybe, a prank? In the intervening time did ANYONE think to subpoena phone records to know where the call originated from?

"Some events have shaken our belief and confidence in that probable cause," Palmer said.
Thank you CAPTAIN OBVIOUS. That's like saying "this doesn't look good" after the second jet hit the twin towers.

"Nevertheless, she added, the criminal investigation continues and still could result in arrests - even if the original reason turns out to be faulty. The arrest warrant remains active, she said, and prosecutors have not decided whether they will file a motion to withdraw or dismiss it."
Translation, it's a race to find a crime, any crime by prodding, poking, taking bodily fluids, pawing through everything these people own, breaking into their church so we can find SOME crime. This is not like the recently decided Supreme Court case where it was found police COULD keep evidence of a crime they found when they went in for false cause, namely, you can take the Coke you find as evidence and prosecute when you go in for Child Abuse and find no child, they still haven't found a crime yet. Keep REMEMBERING, a pregnant 13 year old girl is NOT evidence of a crime. It is NOT illegal to be 13 and pregnant in Texas, neither is it illegal to get a 13 year old girl pregnant.

"Probable cause is just that," Palmer said. "You're not dealing with certainties. You're dealing with probabilities."
Would you say Captain Obvious, that the probability is less than 50% now?
More →

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Just a curious question or two Regarding the Fake FLDS Sarah.

Rozita has a brother. Courtney, who has been arrested for drug possession in Nashville. According to Rozita's Arrest Warrant, one of the cell phones was purchased in his name. Records show that he lived in the same apartment complex as Rozita, if in fact he really lived there. Utility records show he did not.

Additionally the warrant shows that a "Freddie Brinson" purchased a cell phone in Nashville TN. The social security number was fictitious. Rozita called many shelters and agencies, one was the "Abuse Counseling and Treatment Center" in Fort Myers FL. There is a Freddie Brinson who doesn't work too terribly far from there, I won't say where, but it's at an agency having something to do with adoption and foster care. Rozita always seems to call as a distressed pregnant teenager with a small child.

Rozita has probably had help. Someone buys cell phones for her or she does a lot of traveling. Back to Nashville to visit relatives, to Seattle for whatever. We probably don't know how many places she's gotten cell phones from but she plans this, carefully.

When connecting dots like this, sometimes the answers are curious, sometimes they are interesting, sometimes they mean something. I'd like to know if they mean something, and if they do, what do they mean? More →

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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Animals, Arsonists and Rozita Swinton.

I admit to being a bit fascinated by Rozita Swinton, who now has her own Wikipedia Stub. Who she is and how she is motivated seems important to me. Those of you who know me may be ready now to unload a bit, as I always say motivations are not important, but I've always qualified that view. Motivations are not important if something is true. For instance, if I tell you that there is child abuse going on in a home, a 14 year old is the subject and he or she is being sexually abused, it's unimportant that I hate the family where the abuse is taking place. It's true. I may need to examine myself because of my hatred, and you may share that view, but it's true. If it's not, then my motivations become the paramount issue.

It's not true in Rozita's case and now I get to examine her in unflattering ways, and uncomplimentary ways. She's an animal, and an arsonist. The animal part is her being a collection of motivations and tactics. She's a smart animal, she's a skilled animal, but the animal label fits. Watch this video.

There are several thinks to note. Experience. Rozita knows where the camera is. This suggests experience with questioning in a police context. She doesn't want to be seen. Her legs are crossed tightly, she's hugging herself, she has the top of her head pointed towars the camera and she has her head tilted down. To hide.

Next is the content of the video. It has nothing to do with racism (unless her father is not black), it has to do with spectacle. She wants to make a big splash. Rozita has had Colorado law enforcement searching door to door for her while skillfully hiding from them. This brings me to the arsonist in Rozita.

She wishes to make a big splash that she can watch. Everyone running everywhere in a big commotion as a result of her actions. This is what the recreational arsonist wants. A big show, firefighters running around like ants, while the arsonist watches.

Nothing that Rozita says can be believed until it is documented. For instance, she has assailed her father as an incestuous child molester. So far the state of Tennessee will not substantiate this. So is Rozita a troubled victim who lashes out or did she falsely accuse her father? We won't know unless someone digs and finds out. If there was no abuse, Rozita is an evil animal, if there was, she is a pathetic one, worthy of our sympathy for her past.

Whatever the outcome of that investigation, Rozita is an arsonist at heart. She has now found a spectacular stage. The whole nation has watched for 19 days as TV and Newspapers feast on the FLDS with glee. She has graduated from keeping a whole town on puppet strings, to keeping a whole nation fixated. Rozita, the Arsonist Animal, destroying hundreds of lives, spending millions of dollars, as she watches from the dark. We should be thankful her weapon is a cell phone, not a match. More →

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Monday, April 21, 2008

Now Texas Doesn't Know Where the Kids Are.

If they are so much more qualified than the parents, why don't they know the head count?

"The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services said Monday there are 437 children being held at the makeshift shelter — not 416 children as they have reported since April 8 when they announced that number and said they had removed all the children from the YFZ Ranch of the Fundamentalist FLDS Church."

This is outrageous. They didn't know how many kids they had, and they haven't known for 18 days and they ask us to view the FLDS as bad parents. From the Deseret News. More →

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Rozita Swinton Groomed as a Heroine.

Watching the Court TV segment this morning about the phony phone caller Rozita Swinton, I was astounded that Rozita is now being held up as some sort of Heroine. The press in general has reacted with curiosity when it comes to Ms. Swinton, reacting with apparent caution and then reacting with a sort of blindness and now have adopted a new approach. They're fans.

Never mind the fact that Rozita's attentions have not been confined to the "True Abusers", the FLDS and she is on medication for what has to be a mental illness and she has made up stories out of whole cloth about being a small beaten child having a baby that had NOTHING to do with the FLDS, she has a Talent. That talent is faking distress. What better place to use that talent than against the racist black hating sexually abusing FLDS?

The CNN reporter on Court TV was smiling with admiration when she announced how ironic it would be for Rozita to bring down the FLDS. There she was, cheerleading for Rozita, and admiring her. It couldn't be more clear that the press knows more than they are saying and are frankly rooting for people to take down the FLDS while we watch on national TV. The reporter, whose name I did not catch clearly believes Rozita made the calls. And she's thrilled by it. More →

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The FLDS Long Run

From GoSanAngelo;

"Getting back DNA test results in the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints child custody case will take 30 days, and attorneys likely will spend that time meeting with their clients and gathering more information before the next round of hearings."

Of course we see shows like CSI (insert favorite metropolis here) that get DNA tests done a lot faster and apparently it's possible to do DNA testing more quickly, but it is very expensive.

And so the plan unfolds as it was scripted out prior to the raid. It's missing one vital piece, that being the presence of abuse poster child "Sarah" with her face pixilated out. Grab the kids, destroy the FLDS in the popular imagination with negative stories, collect DNA evidence for other crimes, take the kids and then put the kids away for a minimum of 2 or 3 months after that. It's been an eternity now in the life of a small child, nearly three weeks. It will be a month more before DNA tests are available, there will be a scheduling of hearings (no big rush when that comes around) and months of arguing before parentage is established. I admit, 2 or 3 months is a Pollyanna view. It's probably going to continue into next year if the State of Texas has it's way. By then if irreparable damage has not occurred to the children, it will be firmly in place by then.

This must stop now. There is still no charge filed of a sexual/violent/abusive nature against any FLDS member in Eldorado TX. That's because Texas knows of none, they're just real sure they can find one. Ask yourself if there was at any time in your past a point at which the authorities could have busted down your door, and found something that would have made you at least LOOK criminal. More →

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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Rozita Swinton is an Obama Delegate, A distance Runner and went to High School in Tennesee.

She runs in distance races, finishing 526th out of 660 in the Briargate Family YMCA Turkey Trot 5k in 2006. Apparently she is not a very good runner. She came in 62nd out of 62 in the 2006 Nielson Challenge. Rozita had the largest handicap and came in last. She was dead last before in her age group in 2005 in the State Games of America in Colorado Springs.

She may be this "Rozita Swinton" who went to Stratford County High School in Nashville and also to Pearl-Cohn High School also in Nashville. This links up with a floating claim on the internet that I have not confirmed that she was calling from a Tennessee cell phone number. Stratford County High School promoted distance running. In Yahoo People search, there is a listing for a "Rozita Swinton" in Nashville Tennessee, so it may be that this is not the same person. The ages match though, the year that the Rozita Swinton of Pearl-Cohn and Stratford High are said to be set to graduate, 1992, would make Rozita Swinton of those schools be 34 sometime this year, assuming she graduated on time. Rozita is listed as being 33 in news articles now.

UPDATE. (Daily Camera) She is from Tennessee for certain. This makes it virtually certain that the Rozita Swinton of Nashville who is about the same age, is in fact the same Rozita Swinton that is Texas person of interest.

UPDATE. the PDF of the arrest warrant confirms several things. Rozita used at least one Tennessee prepaid cell phone bought at a "Family Dollar" store in Tennessee. There was a fake SS Number given and the person that bought the cell phone was named "Freddie Brinson", probably an alias. Rozita has also involved her drug convicted brother in the mess, either having him purchase phones or buying them in his name. Someone bought a cell phone for her use as far away as the Seattle area. Read the arrest warrant.
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Friday, April 18, 2008

Living Nightmare, The sequel.

I am unemployed. More →

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Rozita and the End Game.

From The Salt Lake Tribune, the distancing and damage control begins in earnest.

"A source close to Flora Jessop, an Arizona woman who grew up in the FLDS community and now helps teenage girls leave the sect, said Swinton first called Jessop pretending to be a distressed child on March 30 - the same day the Texas shelter received its call from the 16-year-old." More →

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Who has been arrested?

Setting aside for the moment that nearly every woman and child at "Yearning for Zion" ranch was in fact, arrested and concentrating on who law enforcement has REALLY arrested, the arrests are instructive.

Most prominent so far is Rozita Swinton. The Gazette of Colorado Springs says she has been arrested in connection with the Eldorado Incident.

Most prominently NOT arrested is Dale Barlow. Now figure it out for yourselves. How does a black woman in Colorado Springs know ANYTHING about the goings on in Eldorado? She watches the news, she read the newspapers. One of the bad things about the FLDS is that they are probably racist. Have you ever SEEN a black member of the FLDS? She had no intimate knowledge of the FLDS so if she is "Sarah", she picked Dale's name out of the newspaper.

Two FLDS men have been arrested for interfering with the investigation. One is charged with a 3rd Class Felony, another with a misdemeanor. Neither of the crimes are sexual in nature, or violent.

April 3rd, Texas crossed the border of private property in search of a non existent abused 16 year old, switched their investigation to crimes that supposedly were seen while they were there, and haven't arrested one single soul for a sex related crime, or a crime related to abuse. That could change, but when you haven't found anything for 15 days, maybe you were wrong to look in the first place. More →

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The Eldorado Polygamy Solution

Just make it legal. All of this preaching about underage marriage and felonies and other stupidity is just that, STUPIDITY.

You can't stop 13 year olds from having sex legally ANYWHERE in this country. Why? Because somewhere in this country is a venue where you can go and get people who are 13 years old married, legally. If preventing 13 year old sex with people of any age was the real issue, it would not be possible to do that. But it is.

What isn't legal is a Polygynous marriage of a 13 year old. Can anybody tell me in this libertine age why it's OK for a girl to be deflowered at 13 by a man who can only deflower her? The law says it is perfectly fine. In fact, if that man is willing to spread his attentions around to other women that are "of age" then he hasn't got a problem. He only has a problem when he's sewing his oats with two underage girls at the same time. I cannot for the life of me understand how this helps the first 13 year old. It's more traumatizing if her husband has two sex partners, of which she is only one? If you have someone's junk inserted into you when you're thirteen and his other sex partner is 18, that's OK? The law says it is.

Make Polygyny LEGAL. Then you can ask the FLDS to go before a judge somewhere in this country and authorize their marriages. Then it is real easy to prosecute when they don't.

Also Polygyny and Polygamy can't possibly be the real issue with the law, since they aren't rounding up men and prosecuting them for their Polygyny. The word "Polygamy" and the phrase "Polygamous sect" are being plastered all over the place but the only real issue is illegal sex with 13 year olds and there is a form of legal sex with 13 year olds. So the issue isn't even the other banner word that is being plastered all over the place. That being "underage."

What a farce. More →

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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

"Sarah" and the FLDS, Guilty until proven innocent.

I have been watching the Eldorado FLDS news story unfold, as many of you have. In the "Deseret Morning news" the emerging FLDS "Spokeswoman" Monica says the following;
"Now they are trying to get another girl to confess that she is the girl they are looking for. That girl doesn't exist,"
In forums, and privately to my friends, I've been saying that for days. To be more accurate, I've been saying it's one of the more real possibilities. Had they found her, they'd be parading her about in front of the cameras, albeit with her face blanked out and some sort of pseudonym to "protect her identity" so as to give authorities the grossly abused child that justifies their behavior. The most likely answer? She does not exist. That is why over a hundred women some forcibly separated from their children haven't given "Sarah" up. There is no "Sarah".

I admit, it's still possible she will turn up but each day that passes casts doubt that she ever existed. Texas authorities are now accusing young women that say they are in their twenties of being much younger and trying to browbeat them into saying that they are. I don't doubt the FLDS women, they seem unskilled at lying. When confronted on Television about things they don't want to talk about they become visibly upset and resort to saying things like they "don't want to talk about it". That's the response of an honest person who doesn't want to reveal something. So when Monica says there is no Sarah, she doesn't exist, it's because that's what she believes. In that small a group, she probably believes that because it is true.

How hard is it to find a 16 year old now pregnant mom who has had broken ribs from being beaten who has already given birth? They've narrowed the search keeping girls or women with children under 5. Are they going to wait until someone shows a bump? Are they going to trick them into taking pregnancy tests and narrow the field a bit more?

Here we have the law using all it's power of restraint, of others, to prove their case. Everybody is guilty until proven innocent. All possible "Sarah's" are kept, questioned, have their rights violated and are threatened with the removal of their children. Shouldn't they be able to say "I'm not Sarah" and go home?

According to Maggie Lineback of FoxNews, the state of Texas is now saying it doesn't have enough foster families to take in all the kids. Was Texas duped? If so was it one of their own, overzealous and rabid with hatred of the FLDS? Was it the FLDS trying to make the outside world look stupid and justify it's own paranoia to the faithful? Was it another FLDS enemy like Flora Jessop?

UPDATES: Radio Talk show host Michael Savage is SCREAMING it.

The Salt Lake Tribune is asking as well.

UPDATE: Oh yes Flora IS in the middle of it. As of 4/17 it seems ABC has found the 33 year old hoaxer.
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Friday, April 04, 2008

A Living Nightmare.

This is what I would call the story of my life. The recurring nightmare of "almost" but "not quite". I just got finished (it would appear) with trying and failing to buy a business. This follows on the heals of trying, but failing to buy a house which is minor by comparison but the long string of "trying but failing" stretches back as far as I can remember, it's exhausting. Even the narrow area of theological specialty I have fallen into doesn't seem to win me a lot of favor. Why for instance couldn't I be more enamored of tithing issues?

When I was a child I had recurring nightmares which in retrospect, appear prophetic. In fact I cannot as an extreme "Predestinarian" or "Hyper Calvinist" regard them now as anything but instructive. Nothing, including my dreams, occurs without God's divine planning. So here's the dream:

God bless "Chung-he" be he living or dead at this time, most likely the latter, for he is the raging demon of these dreams and I cannot say that his real life exploits earn him the role of the monster of my bad dreams. Chung-he was the mission compound chauffeur. The missionaries of the late 50's and 60's in South Korea for the most part lived on compounds. Vehicles were communal, there was a garage keeper/chauffeur/mechanic, that was Chung-he's job. In my dream I would always be minding my own business, riding a bike, playing, or walking somewhere. Regardless of where that place would be, very shortly afterwards Chung-he would show up driving one of the missions vehicles, and attempt to run over me with it. These dreams continued I believe for a period of several years and only ceased after I was able to engage in a bit of "directed dreaming". All of this occurred prior to my 11th or 12th birthday if I am recalling correctly. Eventually the dream ended when I was familiar with it enough to realize that I was dreaming, while I was dreaming, and I was rational enough in that moment to know that I would not die in a dream and I allowed Chung-he to run over me. That was amusing enough since nothing happened and I felt no pain. After that the dreams ceased.

Without naming names as I am held to some confidence in this matter, I tried to buy a General Store/Residence and some acreage. My wife has diligently worked on the numbers with spreadsheets for about 2 months, and we've met with Small Business Development. It was all very educational. We've be in love with this particular business for a variety of reasons for 12 years. It came on the market 3 years ago, we made our first exploratory offer a year ago and we tried in earnest to buy it beginning in February of this year. A number of events made it clear that God wanted me to investigate the possibility but as always we never know where God is leading us simply because we think the purpose of his leading is to buy a house, buy a business, go here or there etc, and do business. I was talking with a good friend recently and described it this way. Imagine that we are all small children in shopping cart's being wheeled around the grocery store. Mom turns up the candy aisle so we think we're going to go get candy. All our desires have been focused that way, all the doors are opening, but it turns out mom is going to that way because it's the shortest way to broccoli. The kid in the cart is depressed, angry, outraged, but fails to consider that he can't see the big picture. Namely this was a short cut to the produce department.

God's ways are not our ways. I am very clear on that. I don't know how many times though I have to keep learning this lesson, if I am aware of it. A human being normally takes directions in a world absent the clearly miraculous from signs like "Turn left here" or "Stop" or "Take a number and wait". The only message I can get from any of this is that I am not destined to be successful in any way. My sister is backed by my parents in a frame shop venture with her touchy feely impractical and now ex husband. The business failed and the franchisor went banko. I pay for my own college, other siblings are seen through the whole experience on Dad's tab. I get married, have kids, buy my own house without help, twice. For the rest of the kids parents on either side of the equation have stepped in to assist them. My first wife wants out of our marriage, wins everything in the divorce proceedings including the house and so on. I never "cheated" on her, and gave her no cause for divorce. That's the way it goes.

Which brings us to the present day. I have not owned a home for almost 13 years. I have fought through a series of personal disasters not including the divorce and come out breathing on the others side but severely damaged. My only natural son is a jail bird, my two step children are unfortunately (for my own children's sake) more children to me. I was banking a lot on getting this business for a variety of reasons.

My second wife, who is very dear to me is a private person. She is good with numbers, she loves to organize, she loves the mountains (which is why we are here) and I love her very much. The business we were trying to buy afforded us the opportunity to satisfy all of those wants and desires. It would have been a good retirement (God willing) and I would have had the security of something that I couldn't get fired from if in fact I take my controversial views on the road someday. In the stop and start process of writing the book I am writing, one of my great fears is that my employer would find out, and away I would go.

I could offer my wayward son a place to work and stay away from trouble if he ever gets his life straigtened out. I would have a place for all the children, mine and those I regard as mine to come for the holidays. I wanted all these things with all my heart and the doors just kept opening for me. For instance, the very day I showed one investor (a family member) the business, the seller who did not know we visited, dropped the price by 22%, there was an email waiting to that effect at home when we returned. We hadn't heard from the realtor for about a year, but there it was, a door opening and the doors continued to open right up until yesterday and today where I had the last ones slammed tight in my face. All the things I had dared to hope for in this material word, that seemed to be coming my way, gone.

And so here I am , at 54, with less than nothing. I owe more than I'm worth. My balance sheet doesn't go positive unless I die. The profession I have chosen in life is off a bit. I suppose if GM isn't making money, I shouldn't expect to either, and now my greatest feat of daring, has ended in defeat again. Just as it always does. My dream is just like my nightmare. Without a vision, the people perish.

So, how is this like the dream? Disaster always pursues, and always catches up with me. It's almost personal. If it were a movie it would be like that train scene where Leslie Nielsen is chased by the train, as if it had it in for him. More →

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