Friday, April 25, 2008

Sheriff Doran acted on bad information, and knew it.

Before going in, Texas had and Sheriff Doran had extensive ID information in their warrant including the names of all involved, the alleged perpetrator and the victim "Sarah". Birthdates, names, etc. So much so that they were utterly certain who "Dale" was. He was on probation in Arizona. They talked to him on a cell phone, they knew he was not in Texas, they had every reason to believe he had not been there in recent years. From the 51st Judicial District, in the state of Texas, Schleicher County.

"The face of the affidavit..reflects that affiant Long and Sheriff Doran had "obtained a copy of a judgment [from] the Superior Court of the State of Arizona" reflecting that Dale Evans had been convicted and was currently under supervised probation in the State of Arizona."

There's a lot more, I had to type that portion because I can't copy the PDF File. I don't have the software. But please, by all means, go read it yourself. Texas KNEW they would not find a victim of this man's advances, before they went in, but they went in anyway.

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