Saturday, April 13, 2013

Mystery Solved?

Is this really it? Look at the before (and after) pictures.

The above? Before.

And after? Take a look:

This is the same part (or parts, DOC and DPF) from my truck.

One picture is taken on March 29th, the other today.

Could it be that the problem that won't go away, my recurring "regeneration" issues that began in January of last year, after my truck was repaired from a near total that very nearly killed or paralyzed me, it was on cockeyed two weeks ago. It was off and back on Wednesday, and now it is as I recall seeing it, most of the time when it was new. At least that's my memory. But which is really the cockeyed installation.

I will find out.

I can tell you that if the excess soot collection seems more likely to occur, in my humble opinion, in those tubes, when they're not on the top of the assembly. Guess what the dealer found in those tubes Wednesday? Lots of soot.
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