Thursday, January 30, 2014

Joe the Plumber picks the wrong pic

Normally, I would be on Joe's side. I truly am thankful for his revealing what Obama was, by getting him to declare we should "spread the wealth around." This, however, is wrong:

Edson Jessop touches his traumatized son.

FLDS Members being taken away in a local "Christian" Church Bus

Joe is "borrowing" and image of children abducted by Texas and placed in foster care to bolster his argument that children who are home schooled by Christian foster parents, should be removed from their custody.

I'm sorry Joe, but these kids were abducted with the assistance of Christians, out of their homes and placed in foster care. The image you are using is one taken after Edson and Zavenda (their parents) logged 11,000 driving miles to get them back. This drips with irony, because Christians were complicit in taking the FLDS children, and it's happening to Christian foster parents in Texas.
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