Saturday, July 31, 2010

Kitty Hawk or Spruce Goose?

Obama Drives a Chevy Volt:

But is this progress or excess?



Short drives and short flights go either way. History will tell.

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Jeffs' "Squeeze Play"

Since we know Utah won't "retry" Warren, but instead will pretend to want to try him, what's up with the "Speedy Trial" request?

Let's go to the Texas Tribune for this quote:
"Paul Murphy, a spokesman in the Utah Attorney General’s Office, said Utah has not yet decided whether to seek a new trial — and that officials there probably won’t make the call until after he’s prosecuted in Texas."
Warren is saying, "Make the Call Paul."

Utah then has to either drop the charges now, because Warren wants his speedy trial, not later, after Texas has had their turn at him, or Warren will stay in Utah for the new trial and Teas can't have him until Utah is done with him.

The "New Trial" proceedings would work well for Warren because the fist of several appeals may well have been heard already by the time the "New Trial" is figured out, to have a new trial, or not to have one.

If ultimately it's "Not a trial" instead of a trial, then Warren goes to Texas a free man and an innocent man. In the meantime, with a bail reduction hearing, Warren walk at least for a little bit before he heads for Texas.

All of this is iffy, but Warren and his lawyers are forcing the hand of Utah so that they can't play Paul Murphy's card. Utah will have to try him again (and they'll lose this time) or Utah will have to dismiss the charges. Either way Warren wins something. I'm betting he'd like his trial again in Utah. That takes more time.
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Friday, July 30, 2010

Warren moves "Speedy Trial" request to Monday the 23rd.

I guess no one likes Wednesdays
The Salt Lake Tribune - "The hearing will be Aug. 23 at 9 a.m. before 5th District Judge James Shumate. A court spokeswoman said attorneys in the case requested the scheduling change."
It's still less than a month from the day the New Trial was ordered. That's pretty speedy.
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What a bunch of babies:
"On July 29, 2010 at 7:03 pm Stamp said:
I dont think Krakauer would have brought the existence of such a tape up on National TV if it didnt indeed exist.

So, seeing that the location, and intent was there (the “marriage” to the little girl, I tend to think its highly probable it exists.

And while it likely wont make it out for the public to see, I think that someday Warren will be sitting in a courtroom while its played to a jury.

On July 29, 2010 at 9:18 pm Hugh McBryde said:
Stamp, it’s been 48 hours and no one has stepped up to back up Krak.

If Krak saw the transcript and/or listened to the tape, he ain’t the first one and only one to see it.

That means a lot of other people saw it, and like Arizona and Utah with their “Sarah” calls, they didn’t believe it, only Krak seems to have believed it. Krak doesn’t occupy some gigantic special privilege special looky lou position in the Anti FLDS universe.

Your crowd doesn’t believe it so much either, the best reaction seeming to be “let’s wait and see.”

If there had been an immediate rush to substantiate Krak’s contention I’d have been a little worried, but he’s been out there all alone. And as long as you stay anonymous, you don’t count.

On July 29, 2010 at 10:46 pm txbluesman said:
Hugh is banned.

On July 29, 2010 at 11:24 pm deci said:
Aw shucks! Why are you banning Hugh?
Remember the childhood rhyme:
Sticks and stones may break my bones
but words will never hurt!

On July 29, 2010 at 11:27 pm Hugh McBryde said:
Your comment is awaiting moderation.
I dunno, maybe Blues is Krak, and I got under his skin. Thanks to Al for helping me with a nick name for Krakauer. It's so OBVIOUS. He acts like he's on it.

A bunch of thin skinned anonymous whining crybabies with the all the courage of an Ostrich.  He turned on comment moderation, just for me.
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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Warren's "Porn" (real or fake) probably predates The Raid

I just posted this over at "The Polygamy File" at the Salt Lake Tribune:
The more I think about it, the more I think “The Tape” or “The Transcript,’ exists. If so, the likelihood that it/they were in the possession of authorities prior to the raid is very high. This is the reason that Jonny knows about it. It was probably brought to him by his bagman Sammy Shamus.

Examine the pattern of the raid and what they were looking for and what they were so sure they (Texas) would find. The belief in the “informant” (there would have to be such an informant to have “The Tape/Transcript”) seemed righteous to me. What I mean by righteous is it seemed to me Doran really believed it.

Subsequently on the news we heard ravings about the “sex bed” and so on. The Ranch was searched looking for pictures of Jeffs’ 12 year old bride and looking for the things described on “The Tape/Transcript” that Jonny describes. The media coverage fit a template leading up to the “discovery” of such a “Tape.”

So I have no doubt “The Tape” and/or “The Transcript” exists. What I doubt is that they found it at YFZ. All sorts of rumors have been floated about “The Tape” and “The Transcript” in the day and a half since it’s disclosure by Jonny on AC, but I’m telling you, if Texas had it, Texas would have had Warren a long time ago.

If there is corruption as Toobin and Krakauer suggest in the court system, it would be because “The Tape” IS genuine and was discovered recently and this was told to Conn and the Supremes in Utah, and they paved the way to turn Warren over to Texas.

I wouldn’t listen to the news again for 20 years after that, it’s going to be X-Rated Child Porn. You couldn’t watch ABC’s “Wide World of Sports” for 30 years without seeing that guy crack up on the ski ramp. You can’t talk about Nixon without Watergate and we won’t be able to hear about polygamy without “hearing every grunt.”
I've held my tongue too many times before (believe it or not) and watched events pass me by. For instance, I knew that the Supremes were going to spring Warren before they did. If "Blogger" keeps original time stamps recorded somewhere, an examination of my Dashboard would tell you that's true. The above goes out on a limb, and if I find the time I'll piece together all the disparate circumstantial evidence that matches the pattern of the search and behavior of LE at YFZ during the raid and what was said about the raid before during and right after it. I can still remember Bill O'Reilly ranting about the "sex bed."

To me at least, the pattern of the raid looked very much as if they had a "treasure map" and were looking for specific items. Doran did appear to me to be a "true believer" in the "informant." If faked, "The Tape" is the "New Sarah" that is being used to justify everything in a fight that has now retreated almost entirely to Texas. Texas, where Judges are elected and subject to political influence in a very real way.

If real it's either the proverbial "other shoe" or "trump card" that Texas has been keeping their powder dry on for over two, maybe three or four years. One still wonders why it wasn't on the warrant, unless they were looking for "The Original Tape" and didn't want people to know that was what they were looking for.

But if it is true, it's been in the hands and mouths of the biggest blabbermouths and attention whores West of the Pecos now for 2-4 years, and they've also held their tongue on it, until Tuesday, when Jonny shot his mouth off, and Anderson Cooper showed his colors by not asking him, "How do you know this?"

Do I have to go into a long explanation on the chain of custody on this "evidence?"

Tony Alamo's bust occurred after all the mistakes of YFZ, and the "Kiddie Porn" allegation was front and center. You can't get me to believe that this wouldn't have been smeared all over the media if they had it and had real corroboration. This "Tape" is an urban legend that is being passed around as the real thing. IMHO of course.
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Cooper - Krakauer - (Carolyn) Jessop - Toobin

I'm glad I watched the Arizona Attorney General's interview first (Terry Goddard). This interview oscillates between pathetic, to unbelievable to people simply emoting because they did not get their way. They're appalled, stunned, bewildered, blah, blah, blah. The decision was UNANIMOUS folks.

Watch it, then follow the link back and watch the Terry Goddard interview. The key thing AG Goddard says is that the Utah Supreme court decision was right, even though he is "disappointed."

I'm really convinced that a large portion of the behavior of both Arizona and Utah in prosecuting Warren is to protect Elissa Wall. She lied under oath and manufactured evidence She cannot go back to court without being tried (eventually) for perjury. Ok, it's not JUST to protect Elissa Wall, it's also to protect those who offered her as a credible witness and built the world's strangest prosecution around her.

Now go watch the Terry Goddard interview. Another thing, I wouldn't trust Anderson Cooper farther than I could throw him, he's clearly bought in as well. Why does NO ONE ask Jon how he knows about this "tape?" Why is he accepted as "Mr. Expert on the law and everything else under the sun?"

I'm going to repeat what I have said elsewhere. Upon reflection the decision of the Utah Supreme Court was codespeak for the fact that there should have been a directed verdict of "Not Guilty" after the prosecution rested. There was no case. Since the Judge failed to grant that motion, the Utah Supreme Court said that the Jury should have been instructed that what they (the Jury) saw as the prosecution's case was no case at all. The prosecution was trying to peer into Warren's soul, and absent Warren's public confession of what his state of mind was, there simply could be no determination of "Guilty."
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Blogging Hiatus?

Boot Camp is Monday.
I will be doing something entirely different. Something secret. Something...mysterious. I'll be gone for most of August and then enduring a version of "Special High Intensity Training."

I had to go through a background check. I passed it again folks. Sorry to disappoint you but even though someone inserted a completely bogus "criminal record" into my background check, it didn't check out. There was no record of it in the county in question, and they know me there.

Odd that the offending firm that listed the supposed record was in Dallas.....

Depending on the demands of this new venture I may have time in the evening, and I may not. By the end of August I stand to have some time.

There are other things afoot and this too may dominate what free time I have left. I'll keep you posted. I figure on being busy at least one out of my four days left before I "ship out."
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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

And now for something completely different. A two pound Hailstone.

In Vivian South Dakota. I've been there a few times. See the Video:
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Worth Watching, interview with Arizona Attorney General Terry Goddard

It's worth watching because he makes occasional sense, including stating that there were procedural errors and we can't disobey the law to bring someone to justice. For that Terry Goddard gets high marks. He's "disappointed" but it's clear Terry knew the conviction was sorta out there.

The interviewer is clearly "Anti," and AG Goddard is no friend, but he's honest in the respect that he seems to see the Utah Supreme Court Decision as justified.

If I had a transcript, I'd fisk it. I'll try to hunt one up. You'll notice if you watch, the usual myths crop up. Terry does say it's "not about Warren Jeffs." Well, I hope not. It should be about the Law.

Mike Watkiss is from KTVK.
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Darth Krakauer strikes back! Warren made a Porn!

Darth Krakauer
Brooke Adams has a transcript of the "Anderson Cooper" program, in which Jon Krakauer makes an interesting and startling claim:
"The Polygamy File:

KRAKAUER: Right. The one — the one silver lining in this is if Texas — if Utah decides not to retry Warren, he will be more quickly extradited to Texas, where he faces very serious charges, much more serious, not as an accomplice to rape but an actual rapist.

And the evidence, in the raid of 2008, they uncovered a treasure trove of evidence, including a tape recording and a transcript of Warren raping a 12-year-old girl. Actually, she had been 11 until 24 days earlier.

She had been forced to marry Jeffs. She was raped in the temple on a special bed. Two of Jeffs’s older wives participated in the rape. It was tape recorded. Every grunt and perverted prayer and command to this girl.

And that, and a lot of other evidence is likely to convict Warren, put him behind bars for life — for four life terms, I think, to face the charges.

TOOBIN: Texas and Utah now have to sort out what’s going to happen. It seems likely to me that this decision will scotch this case. This girl — [Elissa] will no longer have to testify. They’ll just move the whole operation to Texas and bring those more serious charges there. But –

COOPER: Do you think politics played a role in this, in Utah?

TOOBIN: You know what? I don’t know. I mean, I just don’t know enough about the Utah Supreme Court.

But, you know, this is a very unusual ground to overturn a conviction. Jury — jury instructions have to be correct, but judges usually, you know, give trial judges a certain amount of latitude here.

COOPER: Right.

TOOBIN: And given the magnitude of these charges and given the fact that these jury instructions didn’t even relate to the core issue in the case, I am bewildered by this decision. And it certainly bears looking into, whether there is some political connection between these judges."
One of my first reactions is this opens a whole "chain of evidence" issue. Jon Krakauer is a filmmaker. Filmmakers are expert at making the unreal, seem as if it happened.

Get my drift?

This is the new offensive. Warren Jeffs is such a monster we can't let him out. Everything must be done to keep him in jail. The rights of all must be suspended. The pressure will mount on the Texas judiciary to bypass the law. The pressure was on Utah's Supreme Court to bend the law, the pressure on Texas' Supreme Court will be enormous, if in fact there is such a tape.

This also puts pressure on supporters. Is there such a tape? Is it real? I'm a parental consent guy, if there was parental consent then I have to consistently state that there was no moral wrong in giving a girl in marriage. There would be no moral wrong from a legalistic standpoint based on that act alone.

There is the question of love. I'd have a hard time seeing it as a loving act, to put it mildly.

There is the question of law. It's illegal. Period. There was never a need to do it and doing it flouts the law, and that's the barest way to put it. Why would you do that?

There is the obvious stupidity of Warren (if this is true). He would be the modern day Richard Nixon squared. Cubed even. Recording yourself having sex with a barely 12 year old girl? That's a death wish. Again, why WOULD you do that?

This brings up the other question of timing. If this tape existed, it's been leaked before. The whole business of the "sex bed" is more understandable in that light. Texas knew what it was looking for. But again, if they KNEW this, why wasn't it a basis for the raid? You have a sex tape with a 12 year old being "persuaded" to have relations, that's probable cause. It revives the idea of Doran's confidential "Informant" as real, and it places that informant very close to Warren.

That too raises a chain of custody issue.

Apparently this tape has been circulated among the "anti's." Unless it's a videotape though, I don't know how you prove anything with it. We'll see I guess.

Oh, and this is one thing for sure, Krakauer is an idiot to suggest that Utah jail Warren for a crime that he couldn't commit against Elissa, because of a crime he seems to have committed (in Jon's ears), to a girl in Texas.
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Now the right to a Speedy Trial is to Jeffs Advantage

So he asks for one.
There are a tangled morass of issues now. Texas "supposedly" wants Jeffs, I say "supposedly" because we haven't heard of a new filing for rendition/extradition yet. At this point I expect them to try. The Feds "supposedly" want Jeffs. I imagine Utah and Texas and the Feds are conspiring (in altogether legal fashion) on what is the best strategy to keep Warren legally locked up for as long as possible, ultimately with him ending up in Texas in Barbara Walther's court.
The Salt Lake Tribune - "Defense attorney Walter F. Bugden filed the request on Tuesday, hours after the Utah Supreme Court reversed Jeffs’ conviction and sent the case back for a new trial. The high court said Jeffs was denied a fair hearing because of faulty instructions given to jurors.

Bugden said that Jeffs has been 'incarcerated for many months' and has the right to have the case reheard as quickly as possible.

Judge James Shumate, who presided over Jeffs’ first trial, on Wednesday set a hearing on a retrial for 9 a.m. in St. George."
The FLDS strategy is to get the trial business done and over with in Utah prior to going to Texas or maybe even getting Warren out of jail (if only for a bit) while awaiting trial in Texas. Figure at some point in here there will be a bail hearing for Warren in Utah. I don't know what event comes first. Just figure it's possible that Warren could walk the streets, at least for a little bit, before meeting the witch in Texas.
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FLDS Midway

I remarked in a comment on one of my recent posts, I feel like Ensign George Gay. I've been pecking away ineffectively not landing any shots, and then the SBD's showed up.
Outnumbered and outgunned the USA routed the Japanese at Midway, and destroyed the main body of their attack force. There was a lot of war left, but Tuesday? It was the FLDS Midway. At any rate, it's an excuse to post a picture of one of my many favorite aircraft, a Douglas SBD Dauntless Dive Bomber. It's the last thing many Japanese sailors on the Hiryū, Sōryū, Kaga, and Akagi saw.

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Ron, you IGNORANT SLUT (Apologies to Jane Curtain)

Ronald D. "Ron" Hunter, goes Ape. Warning, strong language:
Ron in Houston who is Houston Family Law Attorney Ronald D. "Ron" Hunter.
On July 27, 2010 at 10:16 pm Ron in Houston said:

Honestly FU

Just because you now know my full name doesn’t make you some wise person.

You’ve always been and still are a major league dumb ass.

Yeah, my name is Ron Hunter and I’m an attorney in Houston, Texas.

My next job is to track your sorry fucking ass down and forward to anyone who has any interaction with your sorry fucking ass your desire to fuck 7 year old girls as part of your religion.

Guess what dickhead? I’ll have a whole lot of support to do this.

Want to play anymore?


Hugh: I am evil.
But I am redeemed and being redeemed.


Fuck no – evil never changes


me: Gee, we all have evil in us
Hugh: No, I’m evil.


Gee, apparently yes!!!!


Hugh: Like I was there….wait…I was.
2:30 PM Well, I’m a loser Ron. It’s lost it’s sting. Think about that.


Well, it may have lost it’s sting to you in your mind, but in the court of public opinion your still a major league fucking loser.

Hugh: Right. Keep that in mind. Plus my ethic is to keep the law. There is no compulsion for me to take girls as sex partners.
And it’s against the law.
If I am not married to them.


Oh, really? How about your comment that their 14 to 15 year old vagina won’t know that you’re dick is over 50 years old?

Want to comment on that pervert?

Really, it’s past time for Blues to ban you. You’re a sick fucking twisted pervert.

On July 27, 2010 at 10:44 pm Hugh McBryde said:
Gee Ron, losing our religion are we?

On July 27, 2010 at 10:21 pm Ron in Houston said:
Nonestly Hugh, at this point I don’t give a shit. If it costs me $10,000 in my time to track your sorry ass down and force you to give me your broken down sorry assed RV down, then let’s go.

Hi everyone, I’m Ron Hunter from Houston, Texas. Will you help me find and track down Hugh McBryde formerly of Vermont? If so please contact

If you help, I promise at the least to send you my gratitude.

On July 27, 2010 at 10:42 pm The Lone Rider said:
Temper Temper now Ron. We all understand that you are having a bad day thanks to to the Utah Supreme Court but Hugh is more than justified in rubbing your noses in it.

On July 27, 2010 at 10:47 pm Hugh McBryde said:
Ron, please, you can’t bust a loser. It’s been done. Bring it on you sorry ambulance chaser.

On July 27, 2010 at 10:45 pm deci said:
Can everyone just shut the fuck up! Yes Ron, Hugh shouldn’t have posted that photo of you but jeez…calm down. You have to have known that outing was a possibility.

On July 27, 2010 at 10:59 pm Hugh McBryde said:
Why shouldn’t I have posted the photo of Ron? I actually did NOT “post” it, I opened a window in my blog, to HIS blog, and HE posted it.

What is this insanity that says you can go out and pick fights and hide, and are entitled to your privacy? You’re NOT. You go out and pick fights and as long as I don’t break any laws looking for you (such as hacking email addresses, blah, blah, blah) you’re FAIR GAME.

Now Baby Ron is having a HISSY fit and wagging his Lawyerness at me. What a TRIP. Ron, you pick on everyone from behind a shield of anonymity and you’re entitled to only as much of it as you can keep through skill. There is no legal entitlement to privacy when you go PUBLISH and use other people’s names and run them down publicly. NONE. NONE WHATSOEVER.

Like I said, don’t try to intimidate a loser. I’ve lost already. I don’t like being a loser, but I’m familiar with the territory. That’s half the battle. It’s not the unknown and I don’t fear it as much.
Ronald D. "Ron" Hunter. Texas Bar Card Number 10301760. Remember, he said it first.
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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Warren's Extradition hearing vacated

What's that I hear?
Is that the sound of an extradition turning into a rendition, or into NOTHING?
The Atlanta Journal Constitution - "Jeffs had been scheduled to appear in Utah's 3rd District Court on Tuesday so a judge could ask him to sign a warrant seeking his extradition to Texas, but the hearing was canceled after the Supreme Court's ruling."
The Atlanta paper's article is the best one so far, that I have found, in terms of being complete.
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Mark Shurtleff (Paraphrased) says: There won't be a new trial of Warren Jeffs

How do you disapprove of a unanimous Utah Supreme Court Decision, as it's Attorney General?
You can SAY you're disappointed, but you just got told you stink as a legal mind and your reasoning was bankrupt. You've been stomped, you're WRONG:
The Polygamy File - "The decision is going to make it very difficult to retry, based on the same theory of accomplice liability, based on a position of special trust. So, we will leave our options open as far as whether we retry the case or whether we go over to the Legislature and seek some type of legislative change for future cases."
Interpretation? I'm not admitting in front of all you folks that the case is dead, but it's dead.

Besides, if we try it again, Elissa wall will go down for perjury.
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Hey, TxBluesMan. MORON. Read this.

Five justices agree. You are the biggest legal whore in Texas, or you're a complete idiot.
You can't be an accomplice to a crime that you have not established has occurred in the first place. In other words, in the unique case of Elissa Wall, you have to establish she was raped, before you can find an accomplice to that rape:
The Daily Record - "Only after there is a determination that an offense has been committed can the law impose liability on another party who ' "solicited, request, commanded, encouraged or intentionally aided" in the commission of that offense,' the court's opinion states.

Steed was charged with rape the day after Jeffs' September 2007 conviction, but the case has languished and it's unclear how it might now proceed."
In their UNANIMOUS decision, the Supreme Court Rejects your patent idiocy. It wasn't a majority you pathetic idiot.




You sir (ma'am?) stand convicted of schilling for the prosecution, sacrificing all principle of law to weave a tapestry of bovine manure into the supposition that I was wrong, and you were right.





Got that you anonymous troll? Now, crawl back to where you came from. I don't want to hear "More" from "Ron" on the topic either. Cowards.

Totalitarians. Statists.
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Utah Supreme Court gets it Right, and then WRONG

It is truly amazing that the decision was unanimous. The case must have been overwhelmingly wrong and clearly against the Laws of our land. Witness what the Utah Supreme Court had to say to Elissa Wall:
CNN - "We regret the effect our opinion today may have on the victim of the underlying crime, to whom we do not wish to cause additional pain," the court said. "However, we must ensure that the laws are applied evenly and appropriately, in this case as in every case."
After getting it spectacularly right, under extreme pressure to do the expedient in the Political Arena, the Utah Supreme court gets it just as spectacularly WRONG.

Hey! DUMMIES in the ROBES. Until there is a guilty verdict, THERE IS NO CRIME in this case. The question is not "WHO raped Elissa Wall," we KNOW who raped her if she WAS raped. The question is, "Was she RAPED?"

With no one convicted the answer is NO. Don't apologize to the witch, she fabricated evidence.

The above report calls this "shocking." Shocking? Guys, the decision was UNANIMOUS. Are you telling me that not one of CNN's legal experts could have seen this coming? I DID.
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Conviction Reversed for Warren, he gets new trial DECISION UNANIMOUS

He's no longer guilty of ANYTHING.
The rumor mill told me this about an hour ago. Now it's official:
ABC4 - "Because we hold that the trial court’s instructions to the jury regarding lack of consent were in error, we reverse Jeffs’ two convictions of rape as an accomplice and remand for a new trial."
The Utah Supreme Court Decision, was UNANIMOUS.
The Salt Lake Tribune - In its unanimous decision, the court said 5th District Judge James Shumate erred when he rejected an instruction requiring the jury to find Jeffs knew unwanted sex would take place and intended for a rape to occur."
It wasn't even close. Read the Ruling at CNN.
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Monday, July 26, 2010

Prayer Request...The cost of Christian Polygyny

I keep saying, you don't have a defense if you're not legally wed.
I understand it shouldn't be that way, really, I do. Nevertheless it's a reality.

It just hit home. A person I "know of" is facing removal of their children. To my knowledge they have given no cause to anyone, save the cause of their polygyny.

They are NOT FLDS.

They are NOT in Texas.

They are Christian. They need prayer.
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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Problems at Short Creek, this time a Raid that Works? (UPDATED WITH VIDEO)

Dear FLDS:  When you get pictures like this, you're losing.
This is my take on it.

And I'm going to be overbroad, and probably get some of this wrong.

I'm going to combine this picture with a statement I found at another blog, paraphrased:
"Skilled professionals and mental health workers and mediators should be sent in to calm things down before more violence breaks out."
Essentially your enemies have been maneuverering to get pictures of trauma and distress in the media with you (the FLDS) as the villians, and they've done it.

This is "Then," the picture on the left,  is "Now."
Two men on one woman in broad daylight.

Freeze Frame. 

It doesn't matter what happened. She could have just hit one of the officers two seconds ago. She could have said I'm going to go get a gun from inside and shoot you. It could be just as it appears to be, excessive force applied to an outnumbered and physically inferior opponent.

On the one hand you have our first image where except for the Law Enforcement trappings, it could be a rape/abduction in broad daylight. On the other hand, in the next picture from two years ago we have big threatening law enforcement types herding women and children like cattle into an unseen place, like Auschwitz.

With the picture on the lower right burned into the minds of the public, the FLDS was winning. With the picture on the above left, they're not.

Now it's "Big Brutal FLDS Unfair Corrupt Law Enforcement with Guns Literally Beating Up on a Defenseless Woman," and it's recent.

America forgets.

They like the new.

YFZ was two years ago, the Creek is now.

You need only to watch the two Bush Presidents rise to insane levels of popularity and plunge to equally insane levels of disapproval inside of the same time frame to know you can easily lose a battle that you had won. The battle for hearts and minds.

America builds up, to tear down again.  They enjoy watching and doing both.

Back to the above quote (paraphrased). Now we have the "FLDS Goons" imagery and the mild volunteering meek mental health professionals need to go in and calm things down. Seek peace from compromise on "both sides." There will be jack booted thuggery involved, but this time the image of such oppression will be firmly fixed on the residents who are oppressing poor minority women (minority beliefs that is).

We'll have a duplication of YFZ with "Mental Health Workers" crawling all over the place, taking notes, documenting things they weren't supposedly there to document and trying to find crimes. All over again.

This will come with the "disincorporation" attempt on the Twin Cities. Don't be surprised if Federal Officers move in and close down city offices, confiscate everything (like the volunteer fire department raid) and you suddenly find yourself being policed by State Troopers of Utah and Arizona.

The subtleties of the UEP will be lost on the general public. It won't matter that the FLDS Church basically owned Hildale and Colorado City in completely legal fashion. It won't matter that they were essentially a sort of permanent ongoing church camp, where if you played by church rules, you got to stay, and if you didn't you'd have to go.

It won't matter that Bruce Wisan, as the fiduciary, has been provoking conflict, writing leases to "apostates" (read that unruly campers that have been ejected from camp) and attempting to defile food granaries with livestock feed. It won't matter because suburban America won't get it.

If the UEP was illegal, and the form of land ownership and sharing at the Creek were essentially illegal, that would have been addressed long ago, and the UEP trust would have been broken up. It's not illegal, so it had to be taken over, for the purposes of creating artificial confrontations. Bruce Wisan moves people into the "Church Camp" and has them continue their "misbehavior." The Judge involved states that land leases have the force of a "Court Order." Suddenly where there was relative peace and harmony, there is now conflict. Outright defiance of the Law.

Local police are corrupt (it doesn't matter if this is true or not, or why, see the first picture). They're beating up on helpless women. This is intolerable. We need a solution (goes the drumbeat).


All over again.

This time with the desired effect.

The FLDS as big mean bad guys raping young girls in basements. That, or something that can be made to appear heinous. The FBI and their functionaries learn from their mistakes. They learned from the Short Creek Raid over 50 years ago. They learned from YFZ two years ago. They're ready to try again.

Personally, I think it has a good chance of working.

Armed with the relentless marching convictions of FLDS men in Texas who have Sexually Assaulted Children and with new images of brutality, this time they'll do it right. It'll be wrong of course, but every "i" will have a dot, and every "t" will be crossed. You might even look at the Firehouse raid as practice. They probably gathered enough evidence there, to justify further action. Remember that evidence for arrests and raids need not be conclusive, just enough to raise suspicion.

This time they'll take everything.

UPDATE, I have the "Full Video," which is part of what clearly looks like a set up to me. It's not much of a kick, but the woman does kick at the officer before she's taken down.

It's childish really, instead of going, she resists, and climbs up on the roof of the truck. Frankly, they should have been harder on her to protect her safety, because swinging her around by the arm can dislocate it, and I think the officers were trying to use minimal force. In this case, a little more would have probably been better but the officers were dealing with an interfering officer. Mike Watkiss fans the flames by using the word "Bloodshed."
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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Thanks for the Stupid Advice Captain Obvious

Number one of which is "Don't Pay Minimum Payments on Your Credit Card." I'm sick of hearing dumb stuff.
From "How Life Works," (Thanks Captain, I did not know that):
"Beware of just paying the minimum payments on your debts. This will results in your overall debt actually growing and your problems will only become worse."
Oh really?! While I was unemployed I went out and bought a big screen TV, instead of paying double payments on my credit cards.

No you insufferable moron, there was less money coming in and I'm paying it out in the most grudging fashion possible, so I'll have enough for next month's payment, and to eat. Furthermore, I don't know what Credit Card you have Rich B&^*&+, but mine, as bad as it's terms are, actually pays down a few dollars every time I make a payment. Maybe yours has a tempting "pile on your debt" feature low payment, but mine doesn't. Why is it I always feel like I'm getting debt advice from people who have money socked away?  By the way, I used my credit card for food, gas, car insurance payments and phone bills.

The benefits of making minimum payments are; I make SOME progress on my debt, they don't charge me off and ruin my credit>  Another thing to consider is; I don't just owe money on my credit cards. My debt is several instruments, some of which are lower interest but higher payment installment loans. My debt continues to plummet. Thank you. Imagine what happens when that $694 payment goes away next year. Imagine what happened when I paid that last $538 payment this month?
"Beware of relying on friends and family as it could damage relationships with the most important people in your life."
Yes, I didn't know that either. So you don't want me to do the following two things?
"Beware of unscrupulous credit counselors that demand cash upfront or high fees for help they promise, but don't deliver."
No kidding, those are scams? You mean they advertise all the time everywhere with the money they don't make off my unfortunate circumstance?
"Avoid taking out a new high-interest loan to pay off lower interest rate loans. It may be easier to just have one payment but it will actually increase the amount you have to pay back."
Really? That actually saved my butt once (ok three times), and yes, I paid it (them) off as fast as I could.
"Declaring bankruptcy when debt settlement may work for you..."
This isn't half bad. It's called "Be your own Credit Counseling Service." Credit card companies often will take part of the pie and call it a day, usually with some attendant notation to your credit file that isn't positive, and lasts for 7 years. Oh wait though, that's just like Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

All in all though, I'm supposed to avoid credit counseling and taking money from friends, and I'm supposed to avoid bankruptcy while not paying minimum payments on credit cards and I'll be fine.

Again, thanks Captain Obvious, I did not know that. I'll just dip into my savings and pay off that irksome card and I don't have any more debt problem. Or I'll shaft them with partial settlements, breaking my written word to them. That'll save me from making myself odious to relatives, and going bankrupt.

Now, for some GOOD advice:

Monocle Smile!
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Yes, I'm 21

No, really....

Trust me...ask dad....

Bruce Jenner is Kendall Jenner's father, and she's 14.

I picked the first photo because, well, she's perfect. Frankly it's a little harder to believe she's older in the heavily made up and more than slightly slutty second picture. To be blunt, another half inch to the right on that top and we'd be in the pure porn category.

At 14.

I've been raked over the coals for suggesting that some girls are "ready" for marriage at 13 and Kendell here is....14.


If Kendell goes out with a guy, say a 21 year old guy and he has "carnal knowledge" of her, is Bruce Jenner, her father, an accomplice to rape for encouraging it, like Warren Jeffs supposedly is?

I'm not pulling any punches on how attractive she seems to be for the simple reason that I don't think any guy would look at that first picture and see anything but a young adult. In today's world that has real consequences.

In the second picture she actually looks younger, I think it's the effect of all that make up, she doesn't wear it well but that's clearly the "Come hither" look, wouldn't you say?

Nothing excuses bad behavior on the part of any man. Nothing here is an invitation to bad or illegal behavior either. I'm a proponent of parental permission so I'd be asking Kendall for Daddy's phone number first.

At least Bruce had the sense NOT to appear with her.

Why pick 21 for a mythical age instead of 18? Kendall Jenner models for "Forever 21" magazine.
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Friday, July 23, 2010

Tough Times For the Dark Side, Darth Robs Bank

Your Money or your life!

No kidding:
The Daily Mail - "Police in New York are now trying to trace the phantom menace, who stuffed cash into a bag and disappeared."
My wife is a Banker, so this is no laughing matter.

Ok, it is. No one got hurt (badly, he punched someone) and I hope they catch the guy. Don't go walking into a place of business dressed as Anakin Skywalker anytime soon.
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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Activate the Giant "Laser!"

Dr Evil would be proud.
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Warren's Extradition Hearing is a week from today (UPDATED & Confirmed)

In front of Judge Terry Christiansen.

I was hearing yesterday, and read a brief blurb at a local TV affiliate in Salt Lake, that Warren Jeffs would have his hearing next Tuesday. Nothing else though, except this:
"An extradition hearing in the Warren Jeffs case has been set for July 27 at 1:30 pm @ the West Jordan Courthouse, Judge Terry Christiansen."
Not wanting to spread rumors on something a week out, that wouldn't change in all likelyhood, I asked a source for confirmation. Now the rumor mill (which might be based on the same little snippet) is saying the same thing.

The text only survives in a "Google" search and refers to the same story I read, but that story did not contain those details, when I read it. It sounds like someone was either wrong, or asked to be less specific. The Deseret News and Associated Press are now confirming the story, which also corroborates my information that the "real" hearing, will be in 30 days. About 60 days from when service was first attempted on Warren:
"Utah courts spokeswoman Nancy Volmer said Jeffs will be asked to sign the papers again at a July 27 hearing before 3rd District Judge Terry Christiansen. If Jeffs declines, Volmer said another hearing would likely be set."
The more I read on "extradition," the more this looks like a case not of extradition, but "rendition."

What do I know? Someone will set me straight, I'm sure.

Another rumor I am hearing is that there will be an evidentiary hearing with relationship to Warren's extradition and/or rendition. I don't know what venue this will take place in, and again, it's a rumor.

If it is in Utah, this is why I predict the charges may very well be dropped. Them big hats in Texas, won't show if the Judge is anywhere near fair, and allows Doran and Long (and others) to be questioned under oath.
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Sunday, July 18, 2010

We put a man on the moon, why can't we clean up the Gulf? Or Live Forever?

Why can't we clean up the gulf then? Because eternal life and cleaning up the gulf make putting a man on the moon relative child's play by comparison, that's why.
Yahoo News/Associated Press - " 'We're a superpower — the United States,' New Orleans chef and sometime fishing guide Eric Schutzman said recently as he took a break from carving up a batch of black drum and redfish caught in an unclosed section of Black Bay. 'We put a man on the moon. You'd think we'd have enough brilliant minds to get it all cleaned up and get on with it.' "
Yes, Eric Schutzman, and if I had a penny for every time that tired remark was made, maybe I'd pay to clean it up myself. Or go back to the moon.

Have you ever noticed, Eric, that our directionless bureaucracy stopped going to the moon and hasn't gone back? Or to Mars? Perhaps we should chalk that achievement up to the old adage that even a blind pig finds an acorn once in a while.   Perhaps that means the Russians will get there last.  It's their proverb.

Counting on Government duplicating such an achievement is a lot like counting on winning the lottery twice. I hear it happens, but it doesn't happen that often.

I hear Government is now trying to provide us with eternal life. It's called ObamaCare. How's that working out for you?
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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The "Truth Will Prevail" starts a series on Arizona LE corruption

And, I am sure, a few other interesting stories. For instance, what was discussed at the supposed reporting of Elissa Wall's rape? In addition, why wasn't Lamont Barlow, her alleged husband, also arrested on the spot for rape? Could it be it was all a lie?
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Monday, July 12, 2010

Update on Leroy Emack

Initial reports I received seemed to indicate that the extensive search for Leroy M. Emack by family and friends, resulted in his discovery.
The Great Falls Tribune has more details. Like most discoveries of most of the dead in that part of the river, it happened on it's own.
"Cascade County sheriff’s officials say the body of Leroy Emack of Hildale, was recovered from an intake at Rainbow Dam on Monday morning. An employee with PPL Montana, which operates the dam, spotted the body.

Emack was in Great Falls working a construction job at Malmstrom Air Force Base. He and two others entered the Missouri River in a 14-foot canoe on the evening of July 4. The canoe capsized. The other two people made it to shore, but the sheriff’s office says Emack drowned."
After about a week, the Missouri and the dam, gave up the dead, as they often do.
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Leroy Emack Found, (Lost No More)

Predictably and sadly, not alive.
The area where Leroy drowned is well known to me. It takes many lives, and the bodies are not often found right away. Despite what local conventional wisdom said, and despite the calling off of the search by local authorities, the FLDS went about the thankless task of finding the truly lost young man, and brought him home to be properly buried and give his family a way to honor his life. I am told Leroy worked tirelessly to help support his family during his father's conviction in Texas.

I think a campaign of letter writing should be begin immediately, to allow Michael to attend his faithful son's funeral. This is what a community does when one of it's sheep is lost, they go, and they find him.
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Not Linking, but Linking

A while back, Brooke Adams pissed me off, and I've pretty much stayed that way. Yes, I can say "piss" since the King James Bible also says a variation of that word.

Brooke now runs "Wordpress" for her blog, and on rare occasions I take a trip to the "Dashboard" of my account with "The Plural Life" (now called "The Polygamy File") and observe.

Does Brooke know that as a pissed off enemy I am the primary driver of traffic to her blog? Either that, or the "feed" that shows on the dashboard is incomplete. Here's what it said when I checked today:
The Pharisee linked here saying, "Will Elissa Wall repeat herself and drop charges i ..."
The Pharisee linked here saying, "I won a book! From "Frienemy" Brooke at the Plural ..."
Toes linked here saying, "Neatly tucked away between her book giveaways, Bro ..."
MPB linked here saying, "Hm, I really wonder what strange and malicious tal ..."
The Pharisee linked here saying, "I figured it would end this way: "On February 5, 2 ..."
The Pharisee linked here saying, "Of course he is a neutral party, not wasting money ..."
Toes linked here saying, "From the Plural Life's Weekly Twitter Updates: •Th ..."
The Pharisee linked here saying, "After taking an overly long time to decide what sh ..."
The Pharisee linked here saying, "Brooke Adams is pointing to a ruling where it says ..."
The Pharisee linked here saying, "Brooke Adams has a new post up at her blog involvi ..."
And I don't link that often, actually. The Polygamy File is not on my blogroll because she "Pisseth me off," but I dutifully link to items she posts and news she uncovers after a brief period of petulance where I didn't do that, merely mentioning instead where the material came from but not linking.

If I drive that much traffic to her just in blog posts where I link out of courtesy, think of how much traffic I would drive to her if she WAS on my blogroll.

Another thing, the remaining linkers coming into Brooke's Blog are all in the category of "Pro." Since I recently had it admitted to me by someone in a position to know that the "Antis" are in fact doped, this is further proof that despite the lofty rankings of the "Anti" FLDS bloggers, no one reads them really, because they link in too, but they don't show up and many of these links on my dashboard at Brooke's, are quite old.

So, to those blogging on the Anti side, no one cares what you think, and no one is reading it either. Except idiots like me.

And another thing, who is basically "pissing in the wind here?".
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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Someone we know (UPDATED - Michael Emack's Child)

The name is being withheld, but it's someone we know.
The Great Falls Tribune - "A handful of trucks and trailers with Utah and Idaho license plates at the Rainbow Dam boat launch could indicate search efforts for a canoeist who has been missing since Sunday have resumed.

A base is set up at the boat launch with an awning covering several men with handheld radios, cases of Gatorade and some snack foods.

Only one boat was visible between the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center and the boat launch, and one of the vehicles with Utah plates had a boat trailer on the back of it.

Two unidentified men at the boat launch base were operating a non-motorized canoe, and a truck pulled up around 11:30 a.m. with a four-pronged pole which is typically used to drag the bottom of a waterway.

The individuals at the base declined to comment, except to say that further information would need to come from the Cascade County Sheriff’s Office.

Capt. Ray Hitchcock of the Cascade County Sheriff’s Office declined to comment except to say that the county is not involved in the search.

Sheriff David Castle said the friends or family have 'every right' to hire a private search team.

Cascade County Search and Rescue called off the search on Tuesday.

The missing canoeist, who has not yet been identified, is a 21-year-old Utah man who was working in Great Falls."
Michael Emack is unable to be there to help.
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Thursday, July 08, 2010

Massive Lurch Towards Legal Polygamy

With a judge striking down the defense of marriage act that defines marriage as being between a man and a woman, what's to stop a man and a woman and a woman from stepping into the void and getting married?
The Boston Globe - "A federal district court judge in Boston today struck down the 1996 federal law that defines marriage as a union exclusively between a man and a woman.

Judge Joseph L. Tauro ruled that the federal Defense of Marriage law violates the Constitutional right of married same-sex couples to equal protection under the law and upends the federal government’s long history of allowing states to set their own marriage laws."
Where does this leave the "enhancement clause" on which the super long sentences of FLDS members is based as well?

It may be no longer necessary to lobby for legal polygamy, it may very well be here. I'd encourage some already polygynous family to rush out and attempt to marry themselves, all three, four or five (or however many) they are.
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Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Someone IS watching me

I found their notes, it's diabolical:
It's freakin' me out, make them stop.
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Monday, July 05, 2010

Life imitates Art? JaMarcus Russell Arrest vs South Park

Watch this, and then tell me what you think (with the usual South Park language warning):

The Miami Herald - "(JaMarcus Russell), former LSU star and the No. 1 draft choice in 2007 was arrested as part of an undercover narcotics investigation, said Mobile County Sheriff's spokeswoman Lori Myles. She would not say what led to his arrest. She said he did not have a prescription for the codeine.

Russell, who graduated from high school in Mobile, was booked into the city jail and released soon afterward on $2,500 bond, online records show."
I get as sick of false charges of racism as the next white guy, but seriously; a drug arrest for codeine in the syrup form? I think that's just very powerful (but prescription) cough medicine.

Couple that with what I thought was a bizarrely out of proportion pursuit of Michael Vick, and it's starting to look like Life imitating Art (which of course was imitating past life we thought was dying).

Are these guys only guilty of being Black Quarterbacks who are hated by racist whites who see NFL quarterbacking as the last refuge of Jack London's "Great White Hope?" Vick is back in trouble and about to be dumped by the Eagles. I like neither man as people, and consider them sorta "uppity" in a completely detached from their being black sort of way, but this is really starting to bother me.

Who is following around successfully semi to mildly guilty black men, and trying to frame them?

Inquiring fans want to know.
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Friday, July 02, 2010

Something's up, maybe a plea deal: Keith William Dutson Jr. gets a Continuance.

I'm not a subscriber to the Eldorado Paper, but they're bannering the information.
And just before a Holiday Weekend. Interesting. It could mean anything from arguing about a venue change, a plea deal, or something has happened to make Keith's conviction less likely. It could even mean that they're rearranging scheduled trials because the extradition of Warren Jeffs to Texas from Utah has been successful.

Like I said, it's typically buried late on a Friday afternoon before a national Holiday. When no one is watching. That USUALLY means it's not something Walther wants us to know a lot about.
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A Trial Transcript Comparison (UPDATED)

Ron in Houston, whoever that is, claims (essentially) that I'm not very bright when it comes to my observation regarding the time it took to produce Raymond Jessop's trial transcript. Oh really?

While I realize the cases are different, it is likely that the trial transcript of former Congressman William "Cold Cash" Jefferson is a bit more complex. From an article appearing in the "Times-Picayune."
"A federal appeals court Friday rejected a request from the court reporter in the corruption case of former Congressman William Jefferson for a one-year extension to produce the trial transcript required for the appeal to move forward.

The court reporter, Michael Rodriquez, missed a March 23 deadline to produce the 6,500-page transcript from last summer's eight-week trial, and recently asked that he be given until May, 11, 2011, to produce the document.

'It is my strong belief that the extension of time requested would be sufficient to complete the transcripts requested in this case,' he wrote the court.

In a two-line order, the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Richmond, Va., gave him until June 23 (UPDATE:  As of 07/02/2010 the transcript is now filed for William Jefferson), warning of financial sanctions if he asks for more time.

'Further requests for extension and waiver will be viewed with disfavor by this court,' the court order said.

Jefferson, who turned 63 in March, remains free, pending resolution of the appeal of the guilty verdicts returned by a Virginia jury last August on 11 of the 16 counts charged by the Justice Department."
I guess it's who you know, and who you used to be. Raymond Jessop isn't a former US Congressman, William Jefferson is.

I also can't sort out a comparison between the Jessop trial and the Jefferson trial when it comes to why William Jefferson has an appeal filed, but no transcript, or even why it is that "Cold Cash" Jefferson can be free, pending an appeal, and Raymond is in a Texas Prison.

Nevertheless, Raymond Jessop was convicted on November 6th, 2009, his transcript showed up in about 8 months, and William Jefferson's conviction was in August of 2009, and his transcript had an imposed deadline by the appeals court of March 23rd, 2010. A deadline that was missed.

A 6500 page transcript. William Jefferson was CONVICTED on August 11th, and sentenced about the same time that Raymond Jessop was. I also can't tell you if the sentencing was included in the transcript. Nevertheless we have the better part of August, until March 23rd of this year, about EIGHT and a HALF months for a 6500 page transcript to be produced, and an angry Judge demanding that it be produced, and crankily extending the deadline to about a week ago, for William Jefferson. Even less time if you account for the sentencing of William Jefferson took place after Raymond Jessop was sentenced.
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