Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Yeah, there were other shoes Tullian had to drop.

I don't blog much these days, and I've not been keeping up on the one topic that I had blogged about recently, so I checked, as I had some free time.
Kevin Labby, Pastor, Willow Creek Presbyterian Church - “So much of what we were trying to do were based on an understanding that was completely inaccurate,” he said. “For months, we were using an approach that could have brought real healing, and even eventual restoration. But because we were deprived of key information, we weren’t dealing with the real problem.”I did say "Sorry folks, it doesn't work like that," because, well, it doesn't. I also said it was "Kim's Fault" and maybe not so much now with recent revelations of another Tullian affair predating his supposed only failure.

We don't know the correspondents in Tullians mounting affair count, so we don't really know what he's done. I'll say it again: "It doesn't work like that." At this point I'll call upon everyone in the PCA to recognize that Tullian was a pastor. His repentance is now of a very dubious sort. Public discipline involves knowing what the discipline is all about, and we still don't know.
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