Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Vermont House Judiciary Committee passes "Gay Marriage" bill

The Barre Montpelier Times-Argus - "The House Judiciary Committee just passed the same-sex marriage bill on a vote of 8-2. The bill now heads to the full chamber for debate."
Apparently it's headed straight for a Governor Jim Douglas veto. Which apparently, will be overrode.
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Monday, March 30, 2009

Rozita Swinton claims to have left the country. UPDATED

On the anniversary of the Raid, and the eve of her own trial on other charges in Colorado, is Rozita Swinton claiming to have left the country?

At the page one of her overt declared Lesbian Friends, Rozita Swinton claims to have left the country. On her "MySpace" page "Daughter of a KING" she said she was moving a few days ago. On that page she posts as both "Pretty in PINK" another ID which also goes back to 2007 as "Daughter of a KING." As "Pretty in PINK" she both signs "Rozita" and claims the blog http://estraletta.blogspot.com/. This acquaintance/friend graduated it would seem, with the class of '96 from Falcon High School, in El Paso county Colorado. That's Colorado Springs folks.
"Hey Stranger! I have a blog that I started a couple weeks ago.
Check it out! Estraletta.blogspot.com Feel free to leave comments I accept anonymous comments if you don't have a google account. I hope your doing well.
Keep Smiling! Rozita"
Based on the CLAIM on her other and/or newer MySpace identity that she lives in Ontario Canada, and her claim on "Daughter of a KING" that she is moving, by her own admission, she has left the country. I am also getting a lot of recent hits from Ontario Canada in the same time frame.

Rozita has also been this individual's friend now for nearly two years, her posts as "Daughter of a KING" dating back to July 3rd of 2007 and as "Pretty in PINK" back to September 4th, 2007.

UPDATE. The owner of the MySpace page has made a convincing presentation that she is not a close friend of Rozita, but a passing acquaintance. For that reason I am at least for now, removing references to her home page and her name. What is odd is that this paints a portrait of a young woman trapped in the idea that she is still in High School, and hanging out with High School students in Colorado Springs, pretending to be one of them.

It has been suggested to me by a friend that this is what a "NARC" does. It's a totally wild speculation, but could it be that Rozita was such a person, employed by law enforcement to befriend High School students, as if she was one herself?

Right now, I caution, that's just wild speculation, under the heading of "What if?"

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Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Call, and the Damage Done

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One year ago.

There was a call, to the NewBridge Family Shelter in San Angelo.

For the next several days, no one thinks to check (or do they?) on the origin of that call. At least we are led to believe that this was the first day "Sarah" called. Events are set in motion that create the biggest child custody abuse case in US History.
The Deseret News - "We wanted to find out if those children had been abused and neglected and do whatever we needed to do to protect them from being harmed in the future," (Patrick) Crimmins said. "We believe we've done that."
Well, almost, there's one case left to go, and when you give her back, you will have protected "them" from being harmed in the future. So long as you don't go back.
"If (local CPS) had been doing this case, it would have been done completely different," CASA executive director Debra Brown told the San Angelo Standard-Times. "But it went to Austin, to the bureaucrats. The whole about-face was kind of weird."
Why didn't the locals handle it? Doesn't the immediate shift to Austin suggest that someone was waiting for an opportunity?
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Friday, March 27, 2009

Rozita Speaks, pathetic non interest of Press, Government and Police revealed. (UPDATED)

Rozita is Pitching a Fit, so from now on out, the Modern Pharisee will substitute Medusa as her Image whenever she is referred to by this blog. First of all, I would like to say, that as nearly as I can determine, this (picture removed, Medusa substituted) is in fact Rozita Estraletta Swinton who is the only person alive that is a candidate for the caller that sparked the largest case of child abuse in United States History. The Child Abuse was in fact Rozita, by proxy, harming 439 children through the state of Texas. By the way, the picture here, is from her "MySpace" page, and give you an idea of how she sees herself. The child abuser, as Narcisist, and believing herself to be an "artlover?"

"Sooooooo check this out!

I think this will be my best blog yet.

I've been surfing the net a lot lately and have taken notice that I have a lot of fans and a lot of enemies out there. How could that be I'm a Princess. LOL

Here's the deal. I was checking out this one website that doesn't even deserve me to mention it, so I will refer to him as the unstable blogger on Blogger, that has a nice ring to it. As some of you have noticed he follows my blog I feel honored. Not only do I feel honored, but apparently he loves me because he has spoken of me on his blog more than himself. I would like to say thank you unstable blogger. As I checked out his labels because nothing else on his site was interesting I saw that I have been mentioned 85 times and that does not include other labels that have my name on it. That is more than anything he has ever blogged about. What was his life like before I entered the picture? He appears to be a very lonely man who needs lots of attention and confirmation. He has only blogged about himself (all about me) 34 times. Does this tell a story that goes deeper than we know?"
I posted this reply to Rozita on her blog.

Until we know why it is that you called Newbridge (and other places) pretending to be a member of the FLDS and pretending to be in distress, it is not possible to clear up the whole mess.

As it stands now, you are one of the largest child abusers in United States history. It would help you if you would be entirely honest about what led up to the calls.

It would help the families, who could then help their children.

It would clear up the issue of whether or not Texas had probable cause.

If you were to go, in your many travels, to the office of Rod Parker in Salt Lake City, and make a statement, under oath, regarding anything they might ask, and answer all questions without reservation, I wouldn't have a thing to say about you, other than 'thank you.' "
I am in fact the blogger than mentions her 85 times by "Label." As of this writing, 86.

First of all, why I think this is Rozita. I shall bore you with methodology for a moment, so bear with me. I noticed Rozita's blog shortly after it began to be published, but did not really think it was her. Several events subsequently occurred that led me to a high degree of certainty, that it was in fact Rozita.

Rozita stayed with the Chris (Clark?) family in Burley Idaho over Thanksgiving weekend last year. Numerous pictures of her were taken at that time. Her friends have chosen to target this blog with claims of copyright infringement, so I can no longer publish them here, unless I wish to fight for that right. They're published elsewhere now on sites I do not own. At the very end of February, this year, Chris, who claims Rozita as a "daughter" (that must be foster daughter), posted the pictures on his My Space page, apparently unaware of her notriety or unaware of how easily accessable they would be. On his then OPEN MySpace page (it has since been set to private and then deleted altogether) he had friends, some of whom commented from time to time, one of them was a poster named "Daughter of a KING," whose MySpace page is identified with the following URL: http://profile.myspace.com/rozitas. Research of other MySpace accounts showed that the "Rozitas" MySpace account had been posting since at least 2006 under that account and that name. Rozitas also had commented on Chris's page (which exists now only in cache). If it is a ruse, it is an elaborate ruse taking advantage of fantastic coincidences or involving long planning going back at least three years and two years prior to the YFZ raid. The simplest explanation? The MySpace page of "Daughter of a KING" is in fact that of Rozita E. Swinton. Chris (Clark?) of Burley, who tends bar in Albion did in fact post pictures of her because she did in fact visit Burley Idaho in November of 2008, probably staying into December.

Immediately prior to the closing of Chris (Clark's?) MySpace page to the public, Rozitas of MySpace changed her profile picture, to match that of the "What Princess Says Goes" blogspot, making it nearly certain that "Rozitas, " the MySpace account, and http://estraletta.blogspot.com/ were owned by the same person. Thus, "What Princess Says Goes" = "Rozitas" in MySpace = woman identified as Rozita at "Chris (Clark's?) MySpace page = Rozita Estraletta Swinton, the instigator of the YFZ raid in April of last year.

This same person is now blogging about me, and blogging about my interest in her, and that is the subject of this post.

Rozita has now feigned that this in fact is her first interest in my blog, which devotes considerable time to her. Rozita has been here before, trolling and watching as she did when she sparked concern around Colorado Springs and Castle Rock Colorado with her phony phone calls. It is entirely possible, indeed PROBABLE that posts by "Annomymous" on my blog are hers, and that other posters (since I closed my blog to annonymous comment) have posted here feigning to be someone caring about the topic, but not in fact her.

This degree of contact, between myself, and between Rozita Swinton, who is a probable child abuser of the highest magnitude (in terms of numbers) is clear embarrasment to press, police and government. I'm now dialoguing, and have probably been dialoguing with the most crucial witness in the whole FLDS/YFZ raid fiasco, and no one seems to care.

Shame on you all. If I can talk to her, why can't you?

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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Nuke 'em 'til they grow! (old)

Hit me with your best shot. Twice.
The Mainichi Daily News - "The Nagasaki Municipal Government acknowledged on Monday that Tsutomu Yamaguchi, 93, from Nagasaki, Nagasaki Prefecture, was not only exposed to the atomic bomb in Nagasaki but also in Hiroshima, and updated his A-bomb survivor's ID. So far, only his experience in Nagasaki had been recognized.

'As far as we know, it is the first time that a dual exposure to atomic bombings has been entered into an A-bomb survivor's ID,' said officials of the prefectural and municipal governments of both Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare has not confirmed the existence of a dual hibakusha."
A "hibakusha" is a survivor of an atomic bomb blast. I guess when you're atom bombed twice, the rest of what life has to throw at you is easy. Hat Tip Glenn Reynolds.
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Natalie Malonis Owns Up, Tyranny Flexes it's Muscle

Who leaked all those salacious FLDS documents and testimony?
" 'You can't put the toothpaste back in the tube,' Malonis said when contacted by the Deseret News on Wednesday.

She said she did nothing improper, noting that the documents were public."
Interpretation? Now that the furor has died down, I'll admit it an move on. "I did nothing improper" is actually "I did nothing illegal," which when the FLDS says it, the howls begin, but when the prosecution says it, meh. Any honor among lawyers in this case, you can toss out the window. Particularly when one of those lawyers is Ms. Malonis. What's going on here is a form of "Astroturfing," in which a groundswell of public "outrage" is being managed and synthesized by Texas through Walther an Malonis.
"(Kent) Schaffer and (Amy) Hennington claim that during a January hearing, all sides agreed not to release any evidence. But that same day, the documents started appearing on Internet blogs and were leaked to the news media. The filing accuses Teresa Jeffs' court-appointed attorney, Natalie Malonis, of leaking some of them.
There are a number bloggers on the "other side" who apparently have little to no honor either, some of whom would have us believe they are "lawyers." This case has always been about what you can get away with. To an extent, the FLDS are guilty of practicing those things that they could "get away with," occupying the fringes of the law, living in ways that were not the stated intents of the law, but that the law could not prosecute effectively.

Now the law strikes back, using every power of office, every document it can disseminate, to create a reputation that will poison any jury pool available when the trial comes. To make any juror afraid to acquit.

We do expect our government though, to restrain itself. Testing freedom is the province of the individual in our society. Testing power among us by our government, is nascent tyranny.
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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Beginning of Monogamy as Marriage? Matthew 19

It is primarily the misinterpretation of Matthew 19, and Christ's words about divorce, that has led to the error of portraying monogamy as the equivalent to marriage.

That, and probably the fact that Christianity grew up in an officially monogamous culture, the Roman Empire. Early on, culturally polluted Christians began to look for ways to justify what it is they did as a matter of cultural conditioning, inside of their belief. That's normal. We all do it. The task of Christians is to become more like Christ, to live more as Christians first, than as Romans, or part of the vast cultural known as "the West" that grew out of Rome.

Let's look at Matthew 19, and how it pertains to the idea of Monogamy as Marriage.
"And Pharisees came up to him and tested him by asking, 'Is it lawful to divorce one's wife for any cause?' He answered, 'Have you not read that he who created them from the beginning made them male and female, and said, "Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and they shall become one flesh?" So they are no longer two but one flesh. What therefore God has joined together, let not man separate.' They said to him, 'Why then did Moses command one to give a certificate of divorce and to send her away?' He said to them, 'Because of your hardness of heart Moses allowed you to divorce your wives, but from the beginning it was not so. And I say to you: whoever divorces his wife, except for sexual immorality, and marries another, commits adultery.' The disciples said to him, 'If such is the case of a man with his wife, it is better not to marry.' But he said to them, 'Not everyone can receive this saying, but only those to whom it is given. For there are eunuchs who have been so from birth, and there are eunuchs who have been made eunuchs by men, and there are eunuchs who have made themselves eunuchs for the sake of the kingdom of heaven. Let the one who is able to receive this receive it.' "
Score one for the home team right away. Jesus does debate the issue with the Pharisees, which is a good sign. He chastens those whom he loves. When dealing with the Sadducees Jesus backhands them as essentially ignorant of the word. Whatever a Pharisee is, it is the Pharisees that are included among the roles of the early Church, we never hear from the Sadducees again.

What is this passage about? Well, divorce primarily and not as it is frequently said to be, about monogamy. This comes from the frequent cultural coloration of the passage that monogamy is marriage, so when the two become one, it's a monogamy and that's obvious, isn't it? No, it's circular.

When Jesus says "but from the beginning, it was not so," he refers to divorce. What has changed since the fall? The advent of divorce Christ says. What was marriage like in the beginning? It was permanent for our lifetimes. Absent the influence of sin there would be no divorce.

I have remarked before that great truths are discovered in the sidebars of scripture. Like many before him, Pastor Marty Braemer asserted that the sidebar here was "only the two become one" and that this was a sort of reaction like nuclear fusion, where two hydrogen atoms are altered into helium, and no other reaction is possible. Single atoms of hydrogen are highly reactive and can form bonds. Helium is a noble gas, bonding with nothing.

This is a strong point, that I understand, but it doesn't conform with the rest of scripture. Either Christ restarts the marriage contract here, or condemns marriage modifications that have occurred in the interim. Let's focus though on what Christ says about Genesis 2:24, which he quotes and then pronounces that whatever that passage meant, it simply does not change.

I contend Genesis 2:24 becomes ammunition for the pro polygyny side of the argument. You must keep in mind always that while the order of these events takes place over a long period of time, the final compilation or chronicling of the events of Genesis occurs contemporaneously with those of Exodus. Please be aware that I by no means attack the veracity of the Holy Scriptures in observing this, but the LORD in his infinite wisdom chooses the same moments in time to share with us his Holy Law and record the events of the other four books of the Pentateuch or "Torah" as he does Genesis. I assume as most Reformed people do, that Moses penned "Genesis" (the final edition) and did so with God's watchful blessing. It is inspired. It is correct, but it is contemporary to the other scriptures of the early Bible.

With this tucked away in the back of our minds we should realize that it is entirely possible that Moses wrote Deuteronomy for instance, before he wrote or completed Genesis. Certainly that would be more true for books like Exodus than it would be for Deuteronomy or Numbers or Leviticus. They could have been written concurrently. They could have been written in various non chronological orders. Is the "First Book of Moses" the First written or is the "First Book of Moses" (Genesis) the first book in the Chronicle of God and his people and that is why it is referred to as the "First Book?"

Whatever order they come in, they are written in Moses voice, with his understanding of Hebrew and inspired and commissioned at the same point in the Covenant of God with his people, which brings us to this. The utterance of the words in Genesis 2:24 are NOT words spoken in the Garden of Eden. They are an analysis by Moses, inspired by God in Sinai, as Moses is receiving and transcribing the law, and possibly afterward, in the light of the law he has just received. It is Moses whose face, shining with that light pronounces those words over the first marriage. It is Christ who then repeats those words in Matthew 19 and draws a plumb line taught over the law, and drops it straight across the law and pronounces that it does not change. Undeviating. Straight. Unchanged. Unchangeable. Whatever therefore is contained in the law, that is descriptive of marriage, was contained, at least as a potential, in the first definition of marriage.

This means that polygyny was envisioned by God at the beginning, and decided by God to be a form of marriage. The alternate possibility is that yes, marriage is a monogamy but then a man is not limited to the number of monogamies he enters into, but a woman is. Yes, each marriage is a oneness, but similar to your children having only one father, or one mother, a wife can only have one husband, but a parent can have many children. Either way you conceive of it, it was a planned inclusion because no sooner than the LORD has spoken of adultery in Exodus 20, he provides for mulitple wives in Exodus 21. He regulates them in numerous places in the Law HE gave to Moses (Leviticus 18 being most prominent). Christ, the Son, is present for all of these things as part of the Godhead.

There is also the issue of the Hebrew word for woman or wife not even having a plural or singular form, it is like the English word "Sheep." You have one sheep, or many sheep or two sheep. It's all the same.

God himself says that he "wives" or "marries" or joins many curtains and parts of the temple together, as one.

It's hard to get a concept of monogamy from a word that doesn't have a singular form and it is hard to get an endorsement of monogamy as an exclusive form of marriage from a God who is on the one hand thundering against adultery and no sooner than he has done that, he is regulating the practice of marriages to one man, without a breath of sin or condemnation pronounced in that regulation.

It's hard to think that while God is slaying his own people in multiples of thousands for their various sins and interactions with pagan cultures, that while his wandering people spend 40 years being purified and having the "Egypt" beaten out of them, that the LORD makes concessions to those very cultures and their practices that he is in the process of stamping out and stamping out of his people. The simplest explanation is that God is regulating polygyny as he does monogamy without negative comment, because neither are wrong, in the slightest.

The other alternative? As alleged by many, Christ changes the definition of marriage, and it's practice, all while saying it doesn't change, and hasn't, since the beginning. That's ridiculous.

With this post I begin the writing of a short book or pamphlet on marriage forms as presented in God's word. I invite comments. If I left out something, let me know. Any who wish to debate the topic also are invited to offer their view, as Iron does indeed, sharpen Iron. Expect there to be modifications of this post. If a comment prompts that, I shall acknowledge the change in comments.

I also go before prominent men in my church Sunday, God willing, to discuss this topic. Your prayers are welcome for our mutual edification.

In that a Gay "Marriage" bill is before the Vermont house, and soon to be passed, I would note that the next step is merely the removal of the word "Two" from the description of marriage in Vermont, and then polygamy would be legal.
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Senate Conservatives? That's an Oxymoron

I'm no longer following the "Senate Conservatives Fund" blog,
for the primary reason that there's no such thing, and they act like it, by not updating. I dumped a few more for not updating which could be a function of a broken feed problem with their blog and "Blogger's" blogroll feature.

Update your blogs! Blog Seriously! I'll keep you, really. I also dumped 7 whose names I will not mention.
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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Obama's Accomplishments to date (UPDATED with TRANSCRIPT)

He did a video. That's what he listed as his accomplishments in the arena of Mideast peace. A video.
"When it comes to Iran, you know, we did a video, sending a message to the Iranian people and the leadership of the Islamic Republic of Iran. And some people said, 'Well, they did not immediately say that we're eliminating nuclear weapons and stop funding terrorism.' Well, we didn't expect that. We expect that we're going to make steady progress on this front."
The transcript can be found at the Washington Post.
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Barack Obama says "Critics tend to Criticize" - The Presidential News Conference

The man is babbling. What have we done? Obama is going on and on and making no sense at all when asked questions about the economy. It's one thing to evade with nice sounding nothings. Obama sounds as if he lit a fat one, strolled out onto the stage, and thinks he's profound.

I'm a critic. I'm criticizing. UPDATE: He finally listed his accomplishment.


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Gay "Marriage" bill passes Vermont Senate Easily (UPDATED)

Edging closer to being the first State to welcome gay marriage legislatively, Vermont's Senate passed S-115 by a vote of 26-4. I sit here and watch from a few blocks away, as we squander our chance to protect ourselves. (UPDATE - The bill did pass overcoming a Veto on the way.)

I still believe that we could create legal cul de sacs in which to defend marriage from a Christian point of view and used such legislation as a sort of Trojan Horse to do so. When the gay community begins to get it's way though, they will increasingly oppose any attempts to accommodate, believing themselves to be able to define their own aggressive agenda. And so the opportunity passes.
The Barre Montpelier Times-Argus - "(A) handful of Republicans join(ed) their Democratic colleagues in supporting the same-sex marriage bill, which would make Vermont the third state in the country to allow gays and lesbians to marry.

Senators are expected to easily give the bill final approval in a procedural vote today to make way for the start of hearings before the House Judiciary Committee, which will begin at the Statehouse this afternoon."
The Vermont house side of the debate will probably start this afternoon while we tilt at the windmill of stopping it's passage.

The most disgusting thing about being a conservative, both politically and sociologically is watching us pout when we don't get our way, and end up getting nothing as a result. "If we insist on perfection or nothing in any area in this fallen world, we will have nothing every time." - Dr. Francis A. Schaeffer. Perhaps worse.
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Monday, March 23, 2009

Gafftastic Obama Gives the Pharisee his Biggest Day (& Month)

The power of the Presidency (and Instapundit!) are visited on the Modern Pharisee.
I can finally point to something Barack has done for me. The 1312 hits yesterday evening alone, are almost 3 times the biggest ONE DAY total in the Pharisee's history. Maybe he'll give me a bonus to shut up.

Thanks Glenn Reynolds. Thanks Mr. B. I Thoughtful Thinkers Think alike. From time to time.

Update, if no one else has, I have decided to dub our President, "The Oblundernator."
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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Thoughtful Thinkers Think? (UPDATED)

Yup. Obamessiah just said that, on 60 minutes, and no one called him on it.

On a bad blogging day I don't think I've said something that awkward. A really good singer is said to be able to perform the phone book, and make it interesting. Is Obama that great a politician or is it just that they're all in awe of their idea of who he is?

UPDATE: Lest ye doubt me, the exact quote from the transcript is:

"How-- how long are we going to go? Are we going to just keep on going until-- you know, the entire Muslim world and Arab world-- despises us? Do we think that's really going to make us safer? I-- I don't know-- a lot of thoughtful thinkers, liberal or conservative-- who think that that was the right approach."
That version of the transcript is at the "Huffington Post" and there's one available at Fox News as well.

If you want to watch, AND hear Obama Bungle, it's at the end of this You Tube segment.

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Oakland's bad day

Never in the History of Oakland, have so many lost their lives in the line of duty. It has never been my desire to disparage the police forces of this country with my complaints regarding them during the last year. A police officer is a special sort of person who must make quick decisions and obey his superiors. Without such people we generally would be in graver danger from each other, than we are from them. Pictured to the left, Sgt Mark Dunakin.
The Oakland Tribune - "The three veteran officers killed were sergeants: Mark Dunakin, 40, of Tracy, a traffic officer with the department since 1991; Erv Romans, 43, of Danville, a 13-year veteran with the force; and Dan Sakai, 35, a nine-year veteran, police said.

Romans and Sakai were SWAT team members. It was the first time any sergeant in the department had been slain."
A fourth officer, John Hege, lies gravely and perhaps was mortally wounded and has now passed away (UPDATE). If he survives, he will have disabling brain damage.

I will not picture, or mention the human debris that chose to shoot rather than submit to those who are ministers of God for our own good. I pray and hope you will as well, for the man still living and the families of the officers and for the Oakland Police Department.
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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Further Testimony on Vermont's "Right to Marry"

The Reformation is officially a less than 500 year old movement. The representation of "Historic Christianity" as being a monogamous tradtion, or even supposing to go back before that into Judaism denies the existence of Holy Roman Emperor Charlemagne, the practice of polygyny among Anabaptists during the reformation and the practice of it by protestant hymn writers like Martin Madan.

Dr. Selle, purporting to represent the "growing" evangelical protestant movement in Vermont, offers the following:
"Marriage is a public legal lifelong commitment between a man and a woman, that's the historic Christian and the Evangelical Protestant view. The Government (this is the point), the Government has the important task to protect and defend and foster marriage."
I disagree, the government should perhaps be in the business of defending it, but it would best defend it by simply viewing marriage as a contract and making the least number of regulations with regard to it, leaving us free to contract ourselves for marriage. The government does not inspect contracts, unless they fail. When you get your car repossessed, arguably something that may do more damage to you socially than a divorce, the government does not get involved, most of the time. The bank shows up with your contract, declares that you are in default, cites it's remedies, and takes your car. Only if they seek a judgment to recover deficiency does the issue show up in court. Marriage should be this way as well. So should the unfortunate occurrence of divorce. There are plenty of contracts that are executed, completed and resolved without the involvement of the courts. The courts are not necessary.
"It is the fundamental building block of all societies and cultures. Since the reformation, the government has been seen as such a protector, and therefore we would not accept as a legitimate compromise, a state marriage as a generic genderless civil act which then churches and religious people can tack on tack on their own little religious ceremonies as an add on, that simply will not cut it with this constituency."
I in fact would love to see a generic relationship contract where we could in fact tack on our own little religious ceremonies or addendums.

Marriage in the Bible is not a religious ceremony. It is not a sacrament. A religious ceremony is certainly not ruled out, but it's not required and there is no example of it in scripture nor is there a suggestion there should be such a ceremony.

Marriage in the Bible is never said to be a civil act either. Again, there is no example of such an occurrence, nor is there a suggestion that there should be such a civil oversight function.

Marriage in the scriptures are acts engaged in by private parties. The only public thing about them is that everyone tends to know there is a marriage. The only legal writ associated with a marriage in the Bible is the act of it's dissolution, divorce. That is the only event connected to marriage said to be in writing. A writ of divorcement essentially became a woman's license to act on her own, having been set aside by her husband.
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Friday, March 20, 2009

A word about "Gay Marriage" blogroll additions

You may notice I have added (for the time being), a few blogs about Vermont Marriage Legislation, and some are from the Gay/Lesbian/Homosexual perspective.

It should be noted that in attempting to find sources of information on the topic, they're the only place to go. Vermont Freedom to Marry keeps an excellent archive of Vermont hearings and public comment. I haven't found anyone else doing so. They're offered by the pro "gay marriage" site without comment, which is to their credit. Of course, it's easy to be above the fray in appearance, when you're winning the legislative war.

It is my intention to remove most of such pro "gay marriage" sites from the blogroll when the issue is passed or fails, until it perhaps, comes up again. The number of exceedingly vile sites that came up when I researched the topic was surprising even for me. I of course, did not link to them.

Hopefully the readership of the Modern Pharisee will take the information at face value and appreciate the fact that I already did a little research, and kept you away from opinions that while relevant, are perhaps too extreme for the Christian sensibility.

Statistically, it is my understanding that gay men represent a greater portion of the entire homosexual community than do lesbians. It then becomes interesting that the majority of testimony on the homosexual side of public comment, is coming from "Lesbian Partners" and advocates of "gay marriage." That then asks the question of whether or not the gay male side of the issue isn't so presentable, for the camera, or suggests that we are more accepting of Lesbians, than gay men.

Such legislation is of interest, because it is a legal precursor to legalized polygyny and polygamy. I do not see the issues as morally connected, but they are legally connected.
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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sue Sweeney asks, "Which Tradition?" "The Old Testament Tradition?"

Is it the New Testament Tradition Sue asks, or the Old where a man could have as many wives as he wanted?
Which gets right to the heart of it. If, she is asking between the lines, we can redefine marriage to be ONLY one man and ONLY one woman from one man and however many women, can't we do that again?
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Vermont Gay Marriage, What's next? POLYGAMY?

I believe this reveals that our greatest concern in the churches, is not "Gay Marriage," but polygamy (polygyny). We would rather have homosexuals in our pews as "couples" than polygynists as heterosexuals.

Why do I say this? At least two people testifying here, one of whom I know, state; WHAT'S NEXT? POLYGAMY? and then go on to lump it with child sex and beastiality.

By ordering their words in this way they reveal that what worries them is Gay Marriage, but what worries them more? Polygamy.
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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

ABC's and John Quiñones Unconscionable Monstrous LIE.

(Elissa Wall and the ABC crew depicted getting ready for their bigotry inspiring faux news bit).

John Quiñones was on ABC's 20/20 Tuesday evening staging a fictional event, purporting to be a "forced" polygamous marriage. Supposedly, a 15 year old girl is in a restaurant, crying, not wanting to marry, but it's all staged, and they've got Elissa Wall there going on and on about how bad it all is.

BUT IT IS FAKE. Watch the staged "Forced into Polygamy in Public."

Remember, it is a fake. The lines are made up.

A 15 year old girl is not being forced to marry.

The OLD MAN who is her "prospective Husband" is going to TEACH her to SUBMIT, (except, he is not).

The story is designed to create hatred of the FLDS.

This NEVER happened.

This is as bad as NBC's staged exploding gas tank.

If you can't find the news at YFZ, what the heck? MAKE IT UP.

These people KNOW that a good percentage of the people who watch the show, will come away with the impression that this actually happened or represents something that did actually happen.
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Blogroll Pruning, Adding, and the Sticking out of my Neck

I have a passion for submarines and regrettably dumped what I think is my last WW2 Submarine Blog, the "Search for the Grunion." The story is old, the topic obscure and the publishers of the blog, most importantly, aren't updating it that often, so away it goes along with "The Institute for American Culture"
for the same reasons I dumped "The Nose on your Face," I can't figure out their feed issues, so they don't update. Crazy Leo Oshkosh is gone for not updating often enough, along with "The Crossroads." Alas.

I have filled the cleared spots, which are not under some hard and fast numerical limit, with blogs following Vermont's S-115. This is a bit dangerous because I live where I can hear the demonstrations both for and against the bill. Literally.

Texas has always been far away, but this debate is close to home. Not all of the blogs, if any, reflect my point of view. The will hopefully, inform.
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Why monogamists will lose, and polygynists will lose right along with them.

The April issue of "Origins," a publication of The Ohio State University.
"Polygyny is the family structure most often mentioned in the first five books of the Old Testament."
That saves me the project time devoted to counting them all. I thought so. For years I have warned Christians, Bible thumping fellows of the "fundamentalist" bolt of cloth that they were playing a losing hand on marriage.
The world outside the Church, or those denominations nominally described as Christian, but liberal in doctrinal outlook, point to our failure to recognize that monogamy is only a form of marriage endorsed by God, not marriage itself. Clinging to this wishful view of marriage, in truth a vestige of Rome, will get us what we don't want. For the Stephanie Coontz leaps right from that launching point, the assertion that scriptures most favored families in the Torah, were polygynists, not monogamists, to asserting that we're just wrong. And she's right. The problem is that while we have our heads up our collective posteriors, she will go on to insist that because of this arbitrary change, we should not be listened to when it comes to defining marriage. She, and others will take care of that, for she moves on to discuss a form of marriage not even discussed in scripture.
"Polyandry—one woman and many men—has also been found in some societies. In Tibet and parts of India, Kashmir, and Nepal, a woman may be married to two or more brothers, none of whom can claim exclusive sexual rights to her."
Polyandry, in the Bible is simple adultery, not marriage at all. But remember, she has us dead to rights in the fundamental community. We don't recognize our roots as the most "Bible Believing" group. So if we don't, why pay attention to us? We change things, so they get to as well. Next Stephanie proposes a lie, but a plausible lie, in view of our history.
"The Christian tradition was more condemnatory toward same-sex relationships, but on the other hand, early Christianity wasn’t too keen on heterosexual relationships either. St. Paul maintained that getting married was better than being consumed with passion and giving in to sin, but he argued that staying single and celibate was the best way to serve the Lord. In the medieval European hierarchy of female virtue, the unmarried virgin came in first. The widow, safely delivered from the corruptions of the flesh, came second. And the wife occupied the lowest rung of respectable womanhood."
Fundies are now, unrealistic, prudish loons. Don't listen to them. Christians, have made us backward.
"In the modern industrial world, the United States remains an anomaly in its intolerance toward same-sex relationships. In 2002, an international poll found that 42 percent of Americans believed that homosexuality was morally wrong, compared to just 5 percent of Spaniards, 13 percent of the French, and 16 percent of Italians.

In December 2008, 66 member states of the United Nations signed a statement calling for the decriminalization of homosexuality worldwide. The United States was the only major Western nation that refused to sign. Today, countries as diverse as the Czech Republic, Spain, Norway, South Africa, Australia, Canada, and Croatia permit same-sex domestic partnerships or marriage, with Taiwan and Nepal soon to sign on."
This week, in Vermont, where I live, the the debate rages in the legislature over homosexual marriage. Christians line up insisting that marriage is one man, one woman only. They laugh at us, and discount us, because we are blind, and dishonest. We'd have a far better chance if we hadn't redefined marriage in such prudish ways to start with. More believable. To the inexpert ear after having it demonstrated conclusively that we're lying to ourselves, the lie that homosexuality is acceptable is more attractive.

We have descended to this. Defending an alteration of God's word, as God's word and the world doesn't believe us as a result. What we're going to get as marriage law will attack and destroy us in ways we have not thought of, but I have. I am sure of course, that I have only exposed the tip of the iceberg. The real results of redefining marriage culturally will now come back to haunt us in completely unforeseen ways.

I propose again, that we carve out a place to protect our marriages, not fight society as to what is marriage. If we ever had credibility in their eyes, we no longer do. Esther and Mordecai did not seek to change the world around them, as strangers in a strange land. They sought only the tools to defend themselves. This is what we should seek now, in a post Christian culture.

The problem for the Monogamy Only proponent is that the protection they seek can only come with allowing protection of a variety of other groups, polygynists included. If we want to carve out a place for "Christian Marriage" in the law, we will be asked to show that we have been consistent if we want the protections of our religious freedom. We haven't been, and that's where we will lose. Maybe not this week. But soon, and it will be a bigger loss if we fight the losing battle we now fight.
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Monday, March 16, 2009

Calling Paul Anthony

Paul is of course, a reporter for the San Angelo Standard-Times. 8 days ago he wrote an article that has cause a bit of a stir.
Initially I wrote the little factoid that is causing that stir at both "Sore Toes and a Bleeding Heart" and "Contraries," off as a typo. And wrote a letter. And Toes, wrote a letter. And no one responded.

Toes blogged the question.

No response.

Kurt, blogged the question based on Toes.

No response.

So I called.

It's a typo. Paul Anthony does not recall writing the 22nd as the date that Sarah/Rozita began to call Newbridge and says that offhand, if that's what he wrote, it was in error.
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Sunday, March 15, 2009

A closer look at the FLDS than the media employ

The media stereotypes echo around inside their hallowed halls, and they keep repeating themselves. Then someone with close personal contact, reads an editorial, and offers their first hand view.
"I was greatly disappointed by News Editor Stan Nelson's editorial about polygamists in the Feb. 21 edition. It seems that all Mr. Nelson knows about polygamists is what he sees on the Nancy Grace show.

I am married to a woman who voluntarily left the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (FLDS) at Colorado City, Ariz., 24 years ago. She left behind two sisters, five brothers and her own parents, most of whom stayed in the FLDS.

Within the past four months, I took my wife back to Arizona for the funerals of her father and one sister. Four years ago, we also attended an FLDS funeral for one of her brothers. Those visits provided me first-hand exposure to those people, and I've come away with a far different impression than the evil stereotype Mr. Nelson is perpetuating.

The polygamist men I've become acquainted with are hard-working husbands and fathers who love their families. The polygamist women are kind, industrious, devoted and happy. The children are absolutely joyful, well cared for and dearly loved. These are salt-of-the-earth people who happen to live a lifestyle different than what most of us are used to. Impugning the entire population as a 'profitable, well-protected underage sex cult' is really over the top, not to mention inaccurate. If Mr. Nelson had educated himself more thoroughly, he never would have spouted such bile."
Darrell Arnold (in the Pueblo Chieftain)
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Friday, March 13, 2009

Rumor Confirmed, CPS Custody Cases spawn first "Grand Child."

In a sense, this is "Son of CPS Custody" or "CPS Custody Cases, the Sequel."

Paul Anthony reports in the San Angelo Standard-Times;
"(Teresa Steed's) nonsuit, filed Thursday, removes from the case a girl who has vexed state and court officials with her refusals to produce her 8-month-old baby, which CPS had sought for genetic testing. The Salt Lake Tribune reported CPS opened a new case in San Antonio, where the girl lives, seeking access to the baby to monitor the girl's parenting skills."
What I don't understand is by what mechanism CPS feels it has the right to access to the child? Is this now a country, or is Texas now a state where a child they have never seen is subject to their warrantless inspection?

To put it another way, I assure you there has been no report of abuse, and previously there was a supposed concern for Teresa Steed herself. Now, the state of Texas, not even being sure (perhaps) that the child was even born in this country, or in fact has ever lived in the state of Texas, wants access to the child. Do they even have jurisdiction over the child, or have they ever, at any time in the past established that they do?

Remember, Teresa Steed was not in state care at the time of her giving birth, but was under CPS suit. If DFPS took her wrongly (she was returned) and has now acknowledged no ongoing concern by it's nonsuit, at what point did it then ever have a legitimate interest in the child?

I think that the child was born in the United States, and probably within the jurisdiction of Texas, and they may have proof of this in some way. Judging though from the apparent lack of knowledge Texas seems to have about the child's gender, there may be no basis to believe that this is a CPS custody issue.

We're deeply into the surreal now, so there's no telling what happens next, other than the track record of the Texas CPS, is that it has lost 438 of 439 cases, give or take.
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Merrianne Jessop to be returned, UPDATED, Texas has no clothes.

How can Texas maintain they "saw abuse" at the ranch when they didn't given any names in the second warrant (update, specifically, the affidavit of Ruby Gutierrez) UPDATED, per the Salt Lake Tribune, the hearing to place Merrianne will come in May.
In a filing in a San Angelo, Texas, court, CPS lawyers are now seeking to have the girl removed from foster care and placed with a relative. In a filing obtained by the Deseret News on Thursday, CPS said that it still has a goal of reuniting the girl with her mother, Barbara Jessop, but asks to continue as temporary 'sole managing conservator of the child.'

CPS conducted a home study on the woman, 51, who is a second cousin once removed, and moved to Texas from Utah.

'She indicated that since she had provided placement for other children involved in the YFZ Ranch case and was able to cooperate with CPS, she felt that she would be able to assist in the care of (the girl),' CPS caseworker Ashley Kennedy wrote in a report filed with the court."
This is the state of Texas hanging on by it's fingernails. Clearly a good deal is going on behind the scenes that we don't see.

Getting back to that second warrant (affidavit of Ruby Gutierrez), empty of names. Teresa Steed was the only child that could have been listed as abused and listed in some way, in the warrant affidavit, that gave Texas continuing cause. I suspect strongly that the unsealing of the warrant affidavit is related to the release of Teresa. Imagine a conversation in which it is stated that Texas had no cause to have Ms. Steed under suit in the first place. Texas claims "She's PREGNANT, that's our CAUSE" and lawyers for Ms. Steed and the FLDS say "Show me where you saw that, if you have her under suit as a result of discovering her in the second search, then it was none of your business, if you have her identified in the second sealed warrant and it's affidavit, well, then, you got us."

Teresa Steed is not identified in any way shape or form in the second warrant affidavit, and for that matter, no one is. Some kid(s) (number and names unknown) are malnourished. Some kid(s) are poorly educated. Some kid(s) believe it's OK to marry young. Some kid(s) are pregnant.

No one is named. No one is described. There isn't even an attempt to do so.

What we have here is a failure to see anything, and being at YFZ for no reason. There is no Sarah. There is no Dale Barlow (at least in Texas), there is nothing seen at all while Texas wanders about YFZ looking for evidence. Texas panics further and starts busting down doors and breaking things and running off with computers, books, Bibles and Books of Mormon to save their butts.

At this point, if they can't find anything they are exposed. Well, now they are exposed.

Merrianne Jessop was not malnourished, pregnant or illiterate. She is either married in fact, or betrothed to Warren Jeffs and Warren was in jail, far from YFZ.

They have NOTHING.

There is a rumor that they are trying to place a child not legally a citizen of the country at the time of the raid, under suit. That would be the child Teresa Steed was pregnant with at the time of the raid. That's truly strange.

Unless there is a birth certificate somewhere (entirely possible) in the United States, it may very well be that Teresa Steed's child, is not even a citizen of this country. Or at least, that's possible.
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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Walther Isolated? There goes the judge.

Don't look behind you right now Barbara.
Because that crowd of followers you used to have, is about to saw that branch off, that you're on, all alone. Guess who isn't the judge? Looks like they slated Teresa Steed with the Reunion Happy Judge Peter Sakai.
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Teresa Steed Non Suited

This, is really bad for Texas, not Teresa.
And I suppose that means the Psych exam has been done, or won't be. Either way it doesn't matter. More later.
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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Grits all lathered up in frothy rant mode.

And I LOVE it.
Any time a post starts with words like "This is going to be a complete zoo!" and the Blogger is Scott, it's going to be fun.
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(They) Don't stand so close to me.

As you might expect, the Modern Pharisee draws heavily on FLDS members for it's readership, but not so heavily as you might think.
The vain part of me wonders what I'm going to do when the story resolves itself. But that is another narcissistic rabbit trail that I'll go on later when I can make it look like I don't so much care about me, but about you, the dear reader. (whoopsies, was I just unattractively revealing?)

I periodically in my vanity wonder why it is that people don't link back to me. Assuredly some of you do, and I thank you all. But some don't. The fact that I make some uncomfortable was evidenced by Steve and Paula Runyan, who write an excellent blog that I endorse almost without reservation, writing me to say that they didn't want me to LINK to their blog. I'm filling in the blanks here, but I suspect that my readers liked them as much as I did, and regularly visited them through the link provided in my blogroll.

In case you haven't noticed traveling around the blogosphere, particularly in the "Blogger" environment, if you click off of a blogroll to another "Blogger" blog, it leaves a mark, a link. I've found the phenomenon annoying from time to time when a blogger, whose name I won't mentioned seemed to have set up a "Bot" function where every one of his posts on his blog got automatically linked to the first one in mine, whatever that was. He (or she) has stopped and I've ceased to be annoyed. I never mentioned it to the owner of the blog, and the problem seems to have corrected itself, mark up one for patient procrastination as a problem solving technique.

But the Runyan's were getting links from my blog, because readers of the Modern Pharisee shared an interest in their general lifestyle and I'm sure, a vague kinship with their religious outlook. Apparently though, associating with my outlook and interests is not the public face they wished to share with their core readership (again, I fill in the blanks) because of the probable intolerance of their own readership. In other words, someone or several someones were upset about seeing my link there, and following it back, and reading what they read here.

So I've been wondering what it is? I for instance decided tentatively that it was in part due to my tendency to name the minor children of FLDS families who are embroiled in custody controversies with the State of Texas. The FLDS have never objected, and if one message got back to me that they did (and I do have contacts among them) I would take the time to expunge every name from my blog. I also wait until someone else "outs" the name, prior to using it myself. But that was exploded when a rather prominent or famous blog linked to an Anti FLDS site that started using her name. Scratch that.

Is it my apparent support of practices that amount in others eyes, to pedophilia? That's the real candidate I suppose. I too was once of the opinion that female human beings below a certain age were sinful to take as wives. I would of course have no sexual relationship with a woman not my wife, and thus would not have "affairs" (God of course granting me that grace to avoid such sin) with young girls, any more than I would have affairs with adult women. The Bible however, which is the essential "rule book" of Christianity only seems to tag the passing of menses as the demarcation point for taking a wife actively. There's the whole issue of betrothal and the state of marriage that it creates in God's law and eyes. Betrothals were broken, like marriage, with divorce. Sex or no sex, once the vow was completed to marry someday, a betrothed was treated as married with relationship to other men.

Combining age issues and betrothal issues I can easily be characterized as being in favor of sexual relations with very young girls (teens), and I'm sure this makes people uncomfortable. But face it, this issue is not going to go away. Society has fooled itself into thinking it can legislate upwards the age of sexual experience, but instead has created the age of fornication where kids that aren't kids physically are asked to hang out with one another and specifically not marry. The result? They fool around, and the Christian should react that this is destruction of the very soul. Faced with destroying the soul, or a potential "white collar" or "professional" career, where should we really come down? Preservation of an acceptable career path for our daughters, or holiness in their lives? So I think in reality, this is why people push away from associating with this blog. But they sure do read it. The pincushion map of the readers of the Pharisee are from all over the United States and I've picked up English speaking viewers all over the world.

Or it could just be that I'm a jerk, and people have picked up on that. I thus invent reasons to flatter myself with people distancing themselves (in my mind) over lofty concepts, that I, if they listened to me, would simply end up being right, and them agreeing with his majesty. That's rather off putting and because I'm our there like Terrell Owens waving my hands and kvetching that I don't get enough attention, I do, in fact, get it. But no one wants to admit that they're looking, at least that much.
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Send Harvey Hildebran a TEA BAG.

As if his last legislative foray as Busy Body worked so well.

What is the definition of Insanity? In an updated version of yesterday's article, the Deseret News reveals that Harvey thinks his last brand of legislative nosiness was so successful (estimates of the bill, anywhere between $15,000,000 - $30,000,000) that we need another does of his wisdom.
"More legislation related to the YFZ raid is expected to debut soon at the Texas State House. Rep. Harvey Hildebran, R-Kerrville, whose district includes Eldorado and the YFZ Ranch, is reportedly drafting a bill dealing with removing accused sexual perpetrators from a home and the length of time courts must hold child custody hearings."
Harvey's last bit of genius turned millions upon millions of taxpayer dollars into kindling and now in these times of great bounty, what does Harvey propose? Let's do it again!

I have a proposal. Send Harvey Hildebran a Tea Bag. 125 Lehmann Drive, Kerrville, TX 78028.
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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Patrick Crimmins Looks forward to another chance to "Provide" (testimony...)

I find this wording rich.

Patrick is so used to substituting the word "provide" for something objectionable, he uses even when he is about to get the snapping rubber glove treatment. Bend over Pat, we're coming in for a look. I think the services might be provided to you. Maybe.
"We look forward to working with the committee to provide any information we can about the Eldorado case, and about our efforts on behalf of the children who were affected," Texas CPS spokesman Patrick Crimmins said in an e-mail (to the Deseret News).
I'll bet. It was probably more fun to "provide services" to the FLDS. Ever the Liar. I know from personal experience you can't trust anything coming out of that pie hole. Oh, is my bias showing? (Hey Pat, I got your services for ya, RIGHT HERE....)

But I digress.

So far I cannot see anything but a desire to apply whitewash on the horizon with political "Nothing Speak" like this;
"At the start of a hearing of the Texas House Human Services Committee on Tuesday, Rep. Patrick Rose, D-Dripping Springs, announced the formation of the subcommittee.

'The situation in Eldorado over the interim presented real challenges for the department and real challenges for the state," Rose said. "A lot of us have been talking about those issues during the interim.'

Rose said the subcommittee will schedule hearings in the coming weeks and would present a final report to the legislative committee, but he did not say what its specific focus would be.

'Those of us who are on the committee … care deeply about what we can learn, what lessons learned from that experience are,' he said."
My only hope is that the unavoidable truth that comes out of this will be the big bump in the budget rug no one wants to talk about. Perhaps it will be too big to avoid. With shrinking overall revenue and a growing eyesore of an expenditure lump no one wants to acknowledge, it will be increasingly hard not to talk about it.
"FLDS spokesman Willie Jessop welcomed the news of the subcommittee.

'There is no downside for this to be thoroughly investigated,' he told the Deseret News on Tuesday. 'I know what we've spent. It's cost millions of millions of dollars and disrupted thousands of lives. I think we've been dying for our day in court and I'm hoping they'll invite participation from the FLDS.' "
He may get his chance, but I wouldn't build my life around it or my hopes if I were him. However, this is like a game of Russian Roulette for the State of Texas. Every public statement, every hearing, every attempt at a whitewash runs the real chance of the truth getting out of control, and getting out.

More here, at the Dallas Morning News, the Austin American Statesman, KXAN and the San Angelo Standard Times.
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Monday, March 09, 2009

Arizona Steps Aside, Waits until at least May.

Did I not say something important, this way comes, on Friday? Granted, for the News Hound in me, it's a bit disappointing, but it appears Judge Conn will let Texas (hopefully) do his work for him. That's a shame, because I trust Conn more than the clowns in Texas, but it makes sense.
"A battle over evidence seized from the Fundamentalist LDS Church's Texas ranch will be delayed until at least May, prosecutors in Arizona said Monday.

'Our evidentiary hearing is not going to take place until after Texas' evidentiary hearing,' Mohave County Attorney Matt Smith's office said in an e-mail to the Deseret News."
Judge Conn does not appear to relish the role of back seat driver. This way, both Piccarreta (Jeffs) and Matt Smith win, though for now, I'd say Matt Smith wins a little more, since he wasn't winning any rounds.

The Judge also does not have to appear to be a reader of tea leaves, and doesn't have to confront Matt Smith publicly over evidence he says he's not going to use, and he doesn't have to argue with Texas over who gets which witness next. It may be in fact, that in loudly clearing his throat that he was going to settle the issue in March, Judge Steven Conn made sure Texas would address the issue in May.
"In Texas, a judge has scheduled a May hearing on a challenge to the search warrants in connection with several criminal cases pending there against FLDS men. A dozen men, including Jeffs, have been indicted by an Eldorado grand jury on charges ranging from sexual assault of a child and bigamy to failure to report child abuse and performing an illegal marriage ceremony."
This saves everybody a lot of time, but is a victory of sorts for Texas, in that they get to do this on their home court, which has been relentlessly hostile to the FLDS and they screen out a very effective player in Michael Piccarreta. They also screen out Judge Conn, who seemed increasingly to buy into the arguments that Piccarreta was making.

It keeps making you believe that Colorado in the form of David Foley, is getting all this information in advance. Friday a trial date is set for Rozita, in May, and Monday Arizona punts to a proceeding ultimately intertwined with Rozita, in May.
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Sunday, March 08, 2009

San Angelo Standard-Times Confirms Modern Pharisee Story in January.

Back on January 18th, and later followed up on with a story on the 21st, I reported the Affidavit connected to Rozita Swinton's arrest warrant was false. Now that is corroborated by Paul Anthony.
"April 13 (2008): A request to the FBI for phone records of the number used on the three-way call is returned, showing the number registered to someone in the household of Rozita Swinton, who has been accused of making numerous false reports to police and women's shelters. The records show she called NewBridge 16 times between March 22 and April 12. A second number also traced to Swinton called NewBridge seven more times."
I still do not believe the dates, but it is partial confirmation. The affidavit attached to the arrest warrant says that the request for the information came on April 13, and it was from Brooks Long, directed towards CSPD. The San Angelo Standard-Times story says that the REQUEST was instead by the FBI (again, corroborating the story first written here) and was returned on April 13th. Compare this with stories here, and here.
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Before the Session (or not - UPDATED)

This afternoon, I go before the session, informally
, to discuss my views on marriage. I hardly think this will be the showdown that changes the mind of the whole denomination over polygyny, but I am seeking membership in this church with the acknowledged understanding that I don't agree with their views on monogamy as marriage.

UPDATE, delayed, a week, maybe two? Who knows.
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Saturday, March 07, 2009

Rozita goes to trial May 19th. Was she at the "Federal psychiatric facility in Missouri?"

Keep in mind the charges are unrelated except as to type Read on also to see Swinton's attorney brag his "firm is exclusively a criminal defense firm."
The Deseret News - "During a hearing in Colorado Springs, Colo., on Friday, a judge scheduled a May 19 jury trial for Rozita Swinton on a misdemeanor charge of making a false report. She is accused of calling authorities in February 2008, pretending to be a 13-year-old girl drugged, chained in a basement and being sexually abused.

According to court documents, the call triggered a door-to-door search until a mental health counselor told police it was Swinton, 34, who suffers from a multiple personality disorder. She has pleaded not guilty by reason of mental impairment."
First and most important fact to note is that this, is probably a predictor of what is going on in Arizona. Oh no, I would never imply special knowledge or back channel communication. Nooooo...not me. The fact that a trial date is set in May is an indicator that certain premiminary actions against Warren Jeffs will be finished with by April. Judge Conn has indicated he wants things done before trial, not after, so this month makes sense. There has been no activity on the filing front in Arizona, as I mentioned yesterday, for three weeks.

The Deseret News goes on to mention;
"Swinton's case has been delayed repeatedly since last year after she became a focus of the phone calls that led child welfare workers and law enforcement to the gates of the YFZ Ranch. She has been dubbed a 'person of interest' in the investigation. Child Protective Services caseworkers and law enforcement responded to a series of phone calls from someone claiming to be 'Sarah,' a pregnant, 16-year-old trapped in an abusive, polygamous marriage to an older man."
Now we're getting somewhere on the press front as they "notice" the foot dragging of her Criminal Lawyer, who mentions here that his firm's exclusive interest is criminal practice.

Swinton is a misdemeanant, not a felon. David Foley is pricey local talent for real trouble, and he's maneuvering like his client is on trial for something heinous, positioning her trial dates to take maximum advantage of other events.
"Swinton's criminal cases in Colorado were put on hold while she underwent inpatient mental health evaluation. A court docket from Castle Rock, Colo., obtained by the Deseret News last week said Swinton was placed at a psychiatric hospital in Missouri. The last entry on the court docket said doctors had indicated her discharge date was 'unknown'."
Well, I can tell you she was in Burley Idaho over the Thanksgiving day weekend, I can all tell you that there is a Federal psychiatric facility in Springfield Missouri, because that is where Elizabeth Smart's kidnapper Brian Mitchell was sent. Has Rozita been debriefed already by the Feds? Did the Deseret News ask that question?
"The El Paso County District Attorney's Office could not say if her status had changed, prompting the judge to set a trial date. Swinton's attorney, David Foley, did not return a call seeking comment on Friday."
It's a wild stretch I know, but did my little dust up about her blogging and traveling to Idaho have anything to do with it? Maybe. I'd love to think so but it probably was just vaguely coincidental.
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Friday, March 06, 2009

The Modern Pharisee Under Attack

And it might be legit. Sort of.
You may notice that the picture of Rozita and Santa Claus is DOWN. I cannot replace it. From what I gather, to do so I have to make my case with the digital copyright folks and they judge the case and let me put it back up, if I want to. That will take quite a while.

Figure that the other two pictures also offend, I'm trying to find someone at Blogger to tell me. The pictures though, were up on the internet in public space and quite a few people I know, looked at them. Figure they also copied them. I just may not be able to publish them. Maybe if I put in a blurb about where they were found I'd be OK, I just don't know.

Anyway, the gist of the letter I received is pretty much that blogger has no choice when they receive a complaint. It is THEIR space and they have to take it down or be ready to litigate. That's way too much trouble, and I get it.

That's why some bloggers go out and get their own servers, and by their own software and field their own legal complaints.
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The unsealed affidavit of Ruby Gutierrez and Warrant

It should be noted that "ME" in this case, is JAMES DOYLE, who used to conduct "flyovers" of the YFZ Ranch.

BEFORE ME, the undersigned authority, personally appeared Ruby Gutierrez who was sworn by me and deposed as follows:

"My name is Ruby Gutierrez, I am of sound mind, over the age of 18, and capable of making this Affidavit.
I am a caseworker for the Department of Family and Protective Services (the "Department"), and I am authorized on behalf of the department to make this Affidavit. I have reviewed the Department's Petition for Order in Aid of Investigation of a Report of Child Abuse or Neglect, and the facts stated in the Petition and in this Affidavit are within my personal knowledge and are true and correct."

1.) Facts Necessitating Need Of Investigation Of A Report Of Child Abuse Or Neglect.

On March 29, 2008, the Department received an intake report at 11:32 p.m. According to the intake, Sarah Jessop a/k/a Sarah Jessop Barlow ("Sarah Jessop"), a 16 year old female, and her 8 month old infant (name unknown) were living with a 49 year old male, Dale Evans Barlow ("Dale Barlow"), and 12 other adult females at a housing facility located on the YFZ Ranch located near Eldorado, Schleicher County, Texas, which ranch is owned by the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and which is inhabited by a number of members of that church.

Sarah Jessop had called a local family violence shelter several times that day expressing the need to leave her current living situation. Sarah Jessop reported that she was brought to the YFZ Ranch by her parents from Colorado City, Arizona, about three years ago, when she would have been 13 years old. She stated that about two years after her arrival on the YFZ Ranch (or about one year prior to the date of this report), which would have been when she was 15 years old; she was spiritually married to Dale Barlow according to the tenets of the church. Sarah Jessop indicated that Dale Barlow was also married to several other women and that she was wife number seven.

Sarah Jessop stated that she began to be abused shortly after she started living at the YFZ Ranch. She advised that Dale Barlow would "beat and hurt" her whenever he got angry. According to Sarah Jessop, this would include Dale Barlow hitting her in the chest and choking her and that while such abuse was occuring one of the other women in the home would hold her eight month old child. Sarah Jessop reported that the last time Dale Barlow beat her was on Easter Sunday 2008. Sarah Jessop advised that, on a previous occasion, Dael Barlow had beaten her so severely that it result in her having several broken ribs, for which she was taken to the hospital. The doctor wrapped her torso in an ace bandage and told her to "take it easy for a few days." Sarah Jessop also indicated that Dale Barlow would hurt her explaining that he would force himself on her sexually. She also indicated that she was several weeks pregnant.

Sarah Jessop stated that she was not allowed to leave the YFZ Ranch, unless it was to receive medical care, in which case Dale Barlow would drive her and one of the other women from the YFZ Ranch would go into the hospital with her. She indicated that she had tried to devise a plan to escape from the YFZ Ranch, by pretending to be ill and needing to receive medical care, but determined this would not work since she would not be allowed to take her eight month old child with her unless the child was also sick.

Sarah Jessop indicated during the conversations that she was calling using someone else's cell phone and she was reported to be very very quiet throughout the conversations for fear that she would be overheard and would get in trouble. Sarah Jessop stated that her parents do not live on the YFZ Ranch and that she has not had any contact with them to explain that she does not want to continue to be on the ranch.

Subsequently, on March 30, 2008, Sarah Jessop again contacted staff at a local family shelter. During thsi conversation, Sarah Jessop again stated that she and Dale Barlow had been married in a spiritual union through the church, but there was no formal marriage, and that Dale Barlow had three other "wives" living on the YFZ Ranch. Sarah Jessop reported that Dale Barlow had previously went away fora while to the "outsiders world", but she said she did not know why he went away.

The Department, as part of its investigation, subsequently determined that Dale Barlow was indicted in Mohave County, Arizona, on criminal charges of sexual conduct with a minor and conspiracy to commit sexual conduct with a minor in connection with a purported marriage to a minor in Arizona, with whom he conceived a child. Dale Barlow pled no contest in August of 2007 to the conspiracy to commit sexual conduct with a minor and he was convicted of that offense. As part of the plea agreement, the sexual conduct with a minor charge was dismissed. Dale Barlow was sentenced to 45 days in jail and required to serve three years probation. He is also required to register as a sex offender until he successfully completes his probation.

During the March 30, 2008 conversation, Sarah Jessop indicated that she was being held against her will at the YFZ Ranch and church members have told her that if she tries to leave, she will be found and locked up. Sarah Jessop also expressed during this conversation concerns about what would happen to her if she were to leave the YFZ Ranch. She reported tha church members have told her if she leaves the ranch, outsiders will hurt her, force her to cut her hair, to wear make up and clothes and to have sex with lots of men. Sarah Jessop also indicated that her parents, who had returned to live in Colorado City, Arizona, were preparing to send her 15 year old sister to live at the YFZ Ranch. At the conclusion of this conversation, Sarah Jessop began crying and then stated that she is happy and fine and does not want to get into trouble and that everything she had previously said should be forgotten.

3. Additional Facts Necessitating Need Of Investigation Of A Report of Child Abuse Or Neglect.

The Department, during its investigation of the allegations made by Sarah Barlow, obtained access to the YFZ Ranch. While at the ranch, the Department observed a number of young teenaged girls who appeared to be pregnant, as well as several teenaged girls who reported to the Department that they have already given birth and have their own infants. It appears that the culture and moral climate at the ranch is one in which young girls are conditioned to expect and accept sexual activity with adult men at the ranch.

The Department has also been advised that children at the ranch are deprived of nutrition as a method of punishment, as well as being forced to sit in closed closets as a method of punishment. A number of the children interviewed were unable to provide the names of their biological parents and were unable to provide information such as their birthdates or birthplaces. The Department is concerned about the possibility that some of these children have been denied a proper education.

Ruby Ruby Gutierrez
DFPS Caseworker
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Almost a Month now since the last movement in Warren's case.

No motions recorded now for 3 weeks.
We're about due. The last time there was a gap of this sort, it was over the Christmas Holiday. Ah, Christmas. It's nice to work for the courts at that time of year. You clear your calender and get out of Dodge, or San Angelo, or Austin, or Kingman.

This long a delay between motions means something important is happening. I'd figure on something coming down the chute any moment now about a hearing on evidence.
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The Well Coordinated Attack on YFZ. Kafka's Trial?

When the FBI swooped in and served their warrant, complete with the noxious Federal Sealed Warrant, the idea was from the get go, to layer their attack on the FLDS so that defeating any one portion of it, was futile.
The plethora of warrants, some sealed, some not, created a maze impossible for the defense to navigate. The goal has been it would seem, to keep evidence questions at bay, until convictions could be obtained, and perhaps rewrite history in the process, so that the causes of going into YFZ, were the causes stated at the outset. Does anybody KNOW what is in the sealed warrant? How Kafkaesque.

The debate has been over the evidence, and if it was legally seized.
The San Angelo Standard-Times - "It's a debate that has been short-circuited in Texas by the presence of a sealed federal warrant, which has made moot efforts to stop the state's search and return the evidence. With the state's criminal case against the 12 defendants still in the early stages, the argument that evidence of wrongdoing found at the ranch should be thrown out is likely still to come."
The response of the FLDS? To flank the feds and the state of Texas, in Arizona, where the prosecution pretends not to want to use YFZ evidence, but Judge Conn suspects, that they will eventually have to. Conn seeks a showdown on this, before the trial. Further, Piccarreta writes;
"The Texas authorities used a hoax phone call as an excuse for staging a massively intrusive raid upon a disfavored religious group," the motion states. "Under the guise of looking for a man they knew was not there and a child that did not exist, the Texas authorities conducted a general search to see what they could find."
And of course, if it is proved, that they were there, just to see what they could find, regardless of jurisdiction, that will influence and taint evidence gathered at YFZ and may lead to the unsealing of the Federal Warrant, long before the trial of the FLDS men in Texas, this fall.

In "The Trial," Josef K., wakes up one day and is arrested, for reasons never he is never told, and prosecuted for a crime he is never told about.
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UPDATED (again) - We're supposed to believe that Rozita Swinton Blogs now.

Her attorney, would never put up with it.
Here it is, though. Have fun!

Update. Perhaps I spoke too soon, maybe it is her.

UPDATED AGAIN: (03/06/09)There is little doubt that the blogger at http://estraletta.blogspot.com/ is Rozita Estraletta Swinton. This means there is also little doubt that she has read, and commented in the past on this blog. Picking out her exact posts from her and her sympathizers is a bit difficult, unless of course her chorus is herself.

Initially I had a hard time believing that she would do something so overtly self identifying, but she is a certified "attention whore." At least the blogger knows Rozita or Rozita would want us to think she is the blogger. I have independent confirmation of certain activities that connect the two.
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Just A Reminder on Rozita and Danger


Remember, she nearly touched off a conflagration similar to Waco, in which many children did die. She has a history of faking the distress of children. Here Rozita, who is arguably the most successful group child abuser in history, holds yet another child.
I have contacted, as I said, the County Attorneys in El Paso and Douglas counties Colorado. Rozita has continuously engaged in games with the police and fake distress calls for the last 4 years. Colorado, why do you allow this?

This is said to take place in November of 2008, by those that took the pictures. It's also a commentary on the state of foster care, since the man who hosted Ms. Swinton, is a foster parent. Was Rozita hoping to get her hands on some of these kids?

I offer the disclaimer that there could be some sort of mixup where I obtained these pictures, as to the date, but there is little doubt as to the identity of the woman in the picture, and Rozita, the "blogger," links to the site.
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Thursday, March 05, 2009

The San Angelo Archipelago?

Teresa Steed is off to a psychiatric exam it seems, at a gulag.
She's going to be 18, in 5 months. This is an interrogation, and attempt to discredit. A rationale for child custody, if of course Mom is evaluated to be deficient, or in custody when the child is found. Shades of the Soviet Gulag.
The San Angelo Standard-Times - "She did not appear in court, where 51st District Judge Barbara Walther granted state attorneys' requests for the testing but rejected their efforts to cancel a March 17 custody hearing."
She then goes on to prompt John Dolezal as if he were a bad actor who had forgotten his lines.
"If we're just doing testing without any idea of what you're going to do, what's the point?" (the Judge) said to CPS lead attorney John Dolezal.

"Testing is needed to decide what we're going to do," he replied.
Any pretense that the state knows what it's doing, or what it wants evaporates here. Walther knows what she wants. A mom in custody so that she can blackmail mom with threatened state custody, when Teresa Steed does not cooperate.
"My client would very much like her daughter to go along with the psychological evaluation," said Dallas attorney Cornelia Boyea. "But she's 17-and-a-half years old and has a mind of her own."
And there is no way, short of finding the child and threatening to take it from Ms. Steed, that she will move her. Cornelia is right. She's 17 and a half. She has a mind of her own. This is ridiculous.
"Walther also dismissed the case of Joseph Jeffs, a son of sect leader Warren Jeffs who has been raised by his aunt, Annette Jeffs."
I guess publicity is what boys are made for. No qualms are exhibited here about a young man, underage, who's name we do not need to know. Say "hi" to Joseph Jeffs.
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