Monday, March 10, 2014


A week or two ago, I called a woman "Jezebel." I apologize since the term involved too much connotation. What I intended to convey, which is embodied in the person and behavior of Jezebel was specific, and I should have concentrated on that problem in retrospect. This means my apology is qualified, and limited.
Since the conversation was private and not open to public eyes, I am not going to name that individual, but my explanation is here for her to see.

In one reference to Jezebel, she is said to "incite." The Hebrew word for incite is "סוּת (cuwth)." In my view the woman, consciously or unconsciously, incites and divides and has been doing it for me to observe for many years. The latest instance of it was particularly divisive as she tried to drive a wedge between myself and another Elder of the church, and a very good friend.

I stand by this assessment, but in retrospect could have used a smaller hammer.
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