Friday, August 11, 2006

Polygamy & Polygyny, No One Left?

Since 2004 I have been engaged in a very public debate about Polygamy. As an extremely fundamentalist Christian I have come to understand that the western notion of Monogamy being marriage is incorrect. The form of marriage in the Bible included what we now call Polygyny and what we now call Monogamy to the extent that the concept of Monogamy didn't even exist in the Hebrew tongue.

Somewhere in the early to mid 90's it began to dawn on me that there was probably nothing wrong with the practice of having one or more wives as a man. The more scripture I read, the more convinced I became. In 2004 I began to "debug" my ideas in public debate and have become even more sure. I am now the leading "Internet Debater of Christian Polygyny in the English speaking world".

That's a highly qualified title. It leaves open the possibility that someone debates in public venues more so than I. It leaves open the possibility that there is a more spirited debate occurring in Korean or Spanish. It recognizes the real possibility that the Polygyny debate rages more in LDS circles or Islamic ones. As this blog title suggests, I love to phrase things in ways that pique interest and spark discussion. Thus this seemly large title I bestow on myself could be the equivalent of saying I'm the last small fish of an undiscovered species, and I will die in that obscurity with no one really noticing. I am of course, the leading authority in the world at any given time, on the subject of when I last had lunch.

Having conquered my obscure domain, "English Speaking Internet Debate of Polygyny", I'm ready to rumble with ANYBODY in the Christian establishment. I will confine myself to inviting those who operate from a conservative theological framework. I really wouldn't care to debate anyone who does not see the Bible as God's word. I absolutely double dog dare anyone to take me on in debate. I'm right on this topic, if you don't agree with me you're wrong.* How's that for starters? I am guessing that I'll get no takers. On that I am not quite as confident of my infallibility.

Hugh McBryde

*Another statement for piquing interest and sparking debate. By saying "I'm Right", I believe only that I have listened to God through his word and in doing so, I am right, because he has caused me to agree with him.

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Gloria from HCR Forum said...

Hey...I thought before reading this you would provide more scriptural evidence for your view :0(

All I see is a brother in Christ ready to argue rather than edify.

Anonymous said...

If you haven't yet, you should write a book. I bet people would buy it even if they thought the idea was absurd.

Anonymous said...
is an excellent source