Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Krakauer: "I'm Stupid."

Thanks there Krak, we knew that:
From Peg McEntee's column at the Salt Lake Tribune - "(Jon Krakauer) said he made a 'stupid comment' when he blamed the high court’s 'close ties to the LDS Church' and the 'political basis' of the judgment.

'I apologize to the justices,' he said. 'That was not fair.'

But he still believes the ruling, which means a new trial for Jeffs if prosecutors decide to go that way, was a 'terrible decision.' "
So he admits he gets worked up and shoots his mouth off in an emotional way and says things he later regrets.

So, Jon, about that tape. Did you HEAR the tape? Did you see the transcript of "the tape?" How can you assure us it was genuine or did you just hear or see something that you didn't verify, and then shot your mouth off?

Krak also says he's "emotionally invested in these victims," when referring to former FLDS members. He's simply telling us he has lost all objectivity, and is rationalizing his behavior.
"Krakauer (also) thinks the evidence in (the Texas) case (against Warren Jeffs) 'is bomb-proof, riveting and disgusting. I think things look really good there. Texas should and will prosecute.' "
And so Peg becomes the second "journalist" to not ask Jon how he knows that, or to question the objectivity of his assessment.  And to give him a clean shot and a platform to make his assertions.

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I_hate_bigots said...

Did you notice the part about him living in Colorado?

Wikipedia list his home as Bolder, CO - very close to Colorado Springs. He used to live in the Seattle area.

He kinda skimmed over the part about how he came interested in the FLDS. Did he know someone?

Why isn't he telling a story about how an adventure writer got interested in a religious story.

I went to Amazon and read the free parts of his book. He thanked Flora and Jay B. but really didn't explain how he found this subject.

Keeping Sweet said...

I guess he is not that stupid. There was a tape, and he knew what was on it.

The Pharisee said...

Those are his words, not mine & yes there was a tape.