Friday, November 05, 2010

My Métier? Getting Banned. This time? All UNT Property

Updated Photo of Greg Prickett?
The University of North Texas has set aside (for this brief moment) their intensive 6 week investigation of Sgt. Gregory J. Prickett, to issue a verbal warning to me, not to set food on UNT property, anywhere, anytime. If I do, I'll be arrested. Can they do that?
The following is an open letter to all the media:
Lt. West Gilbreath, so impotent that after over a month of investigating an internal matter that he can come to no conclusion, was able to act decisively today. I would assume he had the assistance of the office of General Counsel of UNT.

The solution? An entire police force and the legal experts of UNT that are in the death grip of fear when it comes to talking to me, has decided to move decisively after 6 weeks of investigation (still ongoing I might add). They will solve the problem of Sgt. Prickett vaguely implying something unfortunate will happen to my daughter if I do not behave the way Sgt. Prickett wants me to by banning me from all UNT property. I was "verbally warned" by Lt. West Gilbreath not to set foot on UNT property today. Any of it. Anywhere. No time limit.

Lt. West Gilbreath
This presents the amusing picture of an over the road truck driver scaring an entire administration, it's legal counsel and police force so badly that they have put aside their hurried (6 week) internal investigation of Sgt. Prickett, while Sgt. Prickett enjoys paid administrative leave, and they have brought all their skill together, to threaten one of the victims, with arrest.

The University does not say "We've investigated this matter and you're full of beans Mr. McBryde," they simply plead "ongoing investigation," which is looking more and more like a tactic to sequester evidence and prevent University personnel from talking about the matter. Quite frankly, after this length of time, if the University is still investigating the matter, it's because it has merit.

I would emphasize the following things. I am 56 years old and have no criminal record. I have not been arrested. I am not a suspect nor have I been the suspect in any investigation. In short, I am simply not some tightly wound ticking time bomb waiting to "go off." I'm just inclined to be verbal and up front about any differences I might have with others. I am law abiding and do so because I believe it is my duty before God to be law abiding. I don't do so because I think I might get caught. I am no danger to anyone unless they are trying to hide the truth.

The University in banning me is bringing the full force of it's own law enforcement agency and it's legal counsel to prevent a victim from obtaining relief. I inveigh on behalf of my own offended status, and that of my daughter, whom Sgt. Prickett threatens as a means of modifying my behavior with respect to him. Behavior, I might add, that is entirely legal.

Hugh McBryde
Pimpin' Stowers
I have yet to see a "Temporary Restraining Order" from Sgt. Prickett and his bosom buddy, "The Hot Check." Nevertheless, about a month ago the massively self important Senior Assistant General Counsel ("Don't call me Renaldo") Stowers declared that the University couldn't talk to me, because the of this alleged restraining order. This was nothing more than a big fat lie.

Combine that with today's news from Lt. Gilbreath that the investigation of Sgt. Prickett is still "ongoing," and we have a situation where SAGC Renaldo, is essentially pimping for Sgt. Prickett and The Hot Check. It is now all but conclusively proved that Stowers is covering for Prickett and Gilbreath is too.

This is an expensive investigation folks, what with the Big Prick on extended paid vacation and all. They have to pay him and they have to pay his replacement(s) though I don't really know that they have to since all the Big Prick did was sit around and chase enemies from his office computer and use University resources with which to dig up dirt on them.

Trust me, this is not tough stuff. All Prickett (rhymes with briquette) has to do is DENY it and stand aside to let all of his PDA's and computers at work be looked at for such use. The fact that 6 weeks later the University of North Texas is still investigating the matter, is proof that the University of North Texas already KNOWS it's true.

For that reason I'm going to stick my neck out a bit since I know Sgt. Prickett already knows this anyway. Hey, BUB. MY LEGAL MAILING ADDRESS IS: PO Box 18336, Missoula MT, 59808 and it has been for the last FIVE YEARS. While it's true that I have had other addresses, I have always maintained that one. Always.

The "Hot Check."
I have always received mail there since it was opened. The one YOU used, Prickett, was almost completely unknown and had not been used for MORE than five years, that being PO Box 10485 in Bozeman MT.

The Big Prickett has always had access to PO Box 433 in Montpelier VT and knew it was good as it was published as my address of record with the State of Vermont. Guess what Prick? There's a FORWARDING ORDER on that address. The Big Prickett has along with his buddies made constant fun of my polygyny legalization effort, and were thoroughly aware of that address.

Instead I have been told, he used one in Bozeman that was only part of my drivers license record, before August of this year.

He's apparently been able to serve NOBODY on his list, all of whose names he knows.

He didn't want to.

Sgt. Prickett is engaged in Barratry, in the only state in the Union where that crime is a felony.

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