Friday, January 28, 2011

GregJackP (AKA TxBluesMan AKA Gregory Jack Prickett) Indicts himself with his own words.

In today's University of North Texas student newspaper. Highlights.
North Texas Daily - "UNT Dallas Police Coordinator Gregory J. Prickett, a 20-year member of the department, was placed on administrative leave in October while investigators looked into complaints that he had blogged and edited Wikipedia articles at work."
And of course, as the article states previous to this quote, was fired last month.


They don't fire you for blogging from work when you've been there for 20 years. They DISCIPLINE you. Additionally, your University's legal counsel was on your side, and threatened to arrest ME if I came to make my complaint in person.

Why were you fired Greg?

Because I lied?

Or because YOU lied?
"In a three-page complaint submitted to UNT on Oct. 1, Hugh McBryde, a long-haul truck driver from Missoula, Mont., details the escalation of an online feud between himself and a blogger he said he believed to be Prickett.

McBryde alleges Prickett used a variety of pseudonyms to harass him and defame his character after the two men quarreled on various online forums over the legality of a 2008 law enforcement raid on the Yearning for Zion Ranch in Eldorado, Texas.

McBryde’s complaint states that a blogger using the screen names 'GregJackP' and 'TXBluesman,' among others, began posting online statements in August, warning 'Past, Present and Future employers' not to hire McBryde because 'he finds 7 yr old girls sexually attractive.'

McBryde said he decided to seek the identity of the anonymous blogger after he said he felt threatened when pictures of his grown daughter were posted to an online forum."
I of course saw that my daughter was far more threatened than I, but not wanting to involve her in the mess more than she was already involved (she finds it funny, now), I chose to frame my complaint as a threat against me personally and an attempt to extort and/or blackmail me or punish. Greg apparently has done this kind of thing before:
"Denton Attorney Richard Gladden represented former UNT student Gus Elliott in a 2005 lawsuit against Prickett and another officer.

The lawsuit, which Prickett went on to win, stemmed from an incident in 2003.Ell iot received a chipped tooth and a cut on his chin that required stitches when he became involved in an altercation with the two officers during a traffic stop, Gladden said. During the course of the suit, Gladden said he found himself the target of a character assassination attempt by a blogger on a law enforcement forum.

Under a pseudonym, which Gladden could not recall, the person posted information about criminal convictions Gladden had received years prior and called the attorney’s credibility into question, Gladden said.

Gladden said he believes the blogger was Prickett.

'It seemed to be a kind of immature way of dealing with the situation he found himself in,' Gladden said. 'It’s the whole idea of him, rather than dealing with things in court, attacking my character anonymously on the Internet.' "
Greg of course, tips his hand with this quote:
" 'I was surprised by how poor the investigation was. They didn’t do any background checks on McBryde,' Prickett said. "From the idea of the questions they were asking, it seemed like they were really just making a case against me.' "
GOTCHA! That's what YOU do Greg (TxBluesMan). When someone makes an accusation, INVESTIGATE THEM! Smear THEM! Haven't you heard that whores can be raped?

Maybe you should go into law as an attorney after all Greg, and defend rapists.

Now the big question Greg. Liar. Who ELSE have you been investigating? I note you didn't find anything on me other than I have been divorced.

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Vulture said...

Feeling vindicated, Hugh? I know I am. His own department investigated him and believes you over him. They obviously found the "smoking gun". They obviously determined that he lied. And they obviously knew that the university faced potential liability for some of The Prickette's actions.

It's a good day for us all.

The Pharisee said...

NOW he can sue me....

Dale Kemp said...

Bwahahahaha! Just couldn't hold that laugh in.

April Day said...

The jerk in the article sounds remarkably like the jerk posting on the TexasFLDS website not long ago. The autistic bitch was fawning all over him, pledging her support to "the policeman." Perhaps they didn't consider the possibility that someone from NT might read their posts. Police officers aren't supposed to be biased against any minority group, including Mormons.

The Pharisee said...

April. Language. Please. Let's not insult the autistic.

April Day said...

I'm sorry, MP. That particular woman claims to have a form of autism. She is a friend of TBM and is extremely hostile and aggressive toward me.