Thursday, February 17, 2011

Greg speaks to me, in public (UPDATED)

Just when you think you're out of it. (UPDATE, Greg acknowledged in a phone call today 02/19/11, that the comment at the UNT newspaper site was in fact his)
They pull you back in again. The former peace officer and UNT Sgt, Gregory Jack Prickett:

Here are the facts about the Gus Elliott case.

In 2004, a 19-year old student was stopped for a traffic violation and was determined to have been drinking alcohol, including the use a field breath test which showed the presence of alcohol. Elliott admitted during his deposition that he had been drinking alcohol all night and had lied about it at the time of the arrest. When he failed the field sobriety tests, he refused to comply with instructions and then turned, taking a posture as if he were going to fight or to flee. Since he would not comply, it was necessary to restrain him, during which time Officer Linnell suffered a laceration over his right eye, for which he later received medical treatment. During the course of taking him into custody after this, Elliott suffered a chipped tooth and a lacerated chin. Elliott made a plea deal to avoid going to trial for DWI, and plead “no contest” to another charge, paid $871 in fines/costs and served 12 months “deferred adjudication” probation.

He then sued and asked for $250,000 in damages. The case went to trial in 2008. After the DPS Crime Lab broke down the video to 30-fps, you could clearly see Elliott begin to turn away from the other officer and myself before we ever moved. The jury came back with a verdict that we had not violated Elliott’s rights nor used excessive force.

Even more telling was that at the conclusion of the trial, but before it went to the jury, Elliott’s attorney dropped one of the claims that he had made against me, apparently realizing that he had not proven his case.

This is my first post on this thread, and although much of your information is incorrect, I don’t intend to go through a point by point rebuttal or debate over it."
My reply:
"We can clear things up a great deal if you answer the following, this of course assumes that you are Gregory Jack Prickett, the subject of the above article:

1.) How did you obtain the address PO Box 10485, Bozeman, MT?

The next several questions all are to be answered assuming a date of July 2010 or BEFORE.

2.) Were you associated in any way with the blogging identity 'TxBluesMan' who posted at all or one of the following blogs: 'Grits for Breakfast,' 'Modern Pharisee,' 'Coram non Judice (blogger version),' 'Coram non Judice (wordpress version),' any of the blogs of Brooke Adams of the Salt Lake Tribune, or the wordpress blog 'FLDS Texas?'

3.) Did you know who I was prior to (or during) July of 2010?

4.) Had you ever communicated with me (on or before July 31st of 2010)?

5.) Did you ever contribute to articles on the FLDS, and/or YFZ and/or Warren Jeffs at Wikipedia (this assumes that simply posting material written by others would be a 'contribution')?

Since you have now weighed in on the topic Greg, no other discussions are relevant unless you can and do answer the above questions, and in particular the last 4, with 'yes,' or 'no.'

I may have follow up questions."
Does he dare answer the last four with "yes" or "no?"

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Jam Inn said...

Well,well....very interesting. Ask him for me if he owns or is a moderator at 'FLDS Texs' blogsite?

April Day said...


I believe him just as much as I believe Officer Birk.

Vulture said...

I finally caught up on the comments over at the UNT site. CAJim (AKA Prickett) has come unhinged. He's spouting nonsense and seemingly frothing at the mouth.

I think you hit a nerve.

The Pharisee said...

it's kind of a train wreck freak out, isn't it?