Saturday, March 12, 2011

Fukushima, Three Mile Island, We Almost Lost Detroit, Chernobyl and a Biblical Reference

Under the heading of: "My problems are not so bad." My sister's are:

This isn't good. Remember this?

The downside of Nuclear Power. Is it simply too costly? It looks like 30 years later, after Three Mile Island (the most relevant nuclear accident to what is going on now in Japan), we're seeing a real life China Syndrome. Except on that side of the world, it might be called "The Detroit Syndrome."

That's another thing. Anyone ever read "We Almost Lost Detroit?"

I know I said TMI is a more relevant analog to this current situation than Chernobyl. But I am struck by the memory of what Chernobyl means in Ukrainian.


Put Frederik Pohl on your reading list.

And also remember too, that the wildlife around Chernobyl today is abundant and healthy. For the most part.

Did anyone mention that FIVE Japanese Nuclear Power plants are affected?

Things won't be good in Japan even if these problems are contained with relative ease. Where will they get the electricity?

Probably Coal. If we're lucky, that will be the real "China Syndrome."

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April Day said...

Japan is shaped like a dragon, isn't it?


Time to bring back the old Soviet Alfa submarine reactor design: their biggest problem was freeze ups when they shut the reactor down: in civilian reactors that would be viewed as a safety feature. The Russian BREST and Hyperion Power Modules are the modern designs.