Sunday, April 24, 2011

How is Casting out, an "apostolic" Sending?

As usual, it's right there in front of your nose.

Please notice right away, the use of the small "a" for "apostolic." There are two ways to use the "caps" in this case, much as CS Lewis often did. For the larger more important use of a term or word, Lewis, the philologist, would capitalize the first letter, often disobeying standard grammatical rules for capitalization. When using a term in a lesser sense, less powerful, as an included portion of the larger concept, "Jack" would then eschew the use of a capital letter to begin the word. The contrast was to denote superior and inferior.

I am an apostle. Notice I did not capitalize that term. I am an "apostle" of other men. I might dare to use the term "Apostle" with reference to myself, but I dare not. I'll wait for God to show me that I possess such authority. I don't think he ever will. When I perform my first miracle, I'll give it some thought. That hasn't happened yet. I think the oft referred to (by me) seat on a Mars Rocket to be a far more likely event.

John was an "Apostle." Matthew and Paul were "Apostles." I am by many generations removed, through the authority of lesser men and often unbelieving men, an "apostle" of Paul. In Greek the term could be described as "legal representative." Think of it as having his "limited power of attorney."

How is this possible? It's simple. Those outside the church, God judges. 1st Corinthians 5:13:
"Them that are without God judgeth. Therefore put away from among yourselves that wicked person."
I have been "put away," a phrasing oddly like the phrasing in English translations like that of divorce. The concepts seem related when reading the Greek, but an variety of different terms are used. Suffice it to say that one variation of a Greek term related to Apostle is to "set at liberty" or essentially divorce. There is a similar term in Hebrew.

So having been put away from the fellowship of a church, I am "set free." That is like a divorce. I no longer answer to men who have pushed me away from their rightful authority over me.

So who is over me? God is. Scripture says so. My authority, my freedom, is derived from the earthly line, since it was the earthly line that rejected me. I now though, answer to God.

So if they judged me righteously and set me out of the church, until I see the error of my ways, I can regard all hardships as punishments and judgments from God. But what if they church dealt unrighteously and unjustly with me? Would God then judge me as unrighteous in the matter?

I think not.

Thus I am a contradictory thing. I "minister" (without portfolio) or "apostle" without a flock. Until I get one. Then I am the head of a church. I am commanded to fellowship and I have been deprived of that. I have submitted to the correct authorities, they have freed me and said "go to God, he is your judge."

I say this because the long awaited second shoe is on the way towards the floor and shows no sign of being caught before it drops. At that time, I will have a flock of roughly ten persons.

Those of you who are Christian and believe in plural marriage as righteous, I urge you to contact me and see why it is you should be included in a similar church body, or this one. It matters little to me whether you join our church body, or another one that is adequate and which accepts you. Most of the Christians in the polygyny "movement" are in congregational churches or completely unchurched. In my humble view, one is no different from the other.

May God judge me completely as serving him in this matter, or as a rebel. May he do so quickly.

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