Thursday, May 19, 2011

Case DC10-13278M Dismissed (UPDATED)

For want of Prosecution.
The Dallas County Court System has lost patience with TxBluesMan / GregJackP / Gregory Jack Prickett. Should I now prosecute him for barratry?

The earlier version of this post directed you to the wrong "Google Doc" for the dismissal of the case. That is now fixed.

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Vulture said...

Two things. First, this proves categorically that Greggie is TxBluesMan -- if he wasn't, he could legitimately claim damages. Second, should you file barratry charges? I say GO FOR IT!

Kaitlin said...

I'm not exactly sure what Case DC10-13278M was. Could you please clarify?

Did you see Natalie Malonis' mug shot? It has something to do with contempt of court.

The Pharisee said...

Gregory Jack Prickett is also a blogger who went by the name "TxBluesMan." He sued me. He lost.

Jam Inn said...

Do you have any proof yet that Greg is really 'TxBluesMan" or has this blog devolved down to where the truth comes to die?

The Pharisee said...

Yes Jam. He admitted it to someone I know. Aside from that, are you the only one left on the planet that DOESN'T think TBM is Prickett?

Jam Inn said...

You claim to be in search of the truth and attack anyone who dissents or wants evidence/proof. Warren Jeffs is charged with aggravated assault, are you still calling the celestial sealings were by proxy? Do you understand that the sealiong doesn't occur without the deed(s). Do you still claim to know Rozita's sexual preference? It appears your comment allows for hearsay, if Hugh OK's it, seems rather flimsy to me but then leveling an accusation is your forte` and not mine.

The Pharisee said...

Jam, do you still beat your Wife (Girlfriend, Husband, Boyfriend, Significant Other)?

I don't think I've ever used the word "proxy." Correct me if I am wrong. Please use the full quote with reference so we can see the context.

If in your mind "betrothals" are "proxy" marriages, so be it. In your mind, that is. Please don't put words in my mouth. Your failure to understand what marriage is from a Biblical standpoint clouds your judgement. Scripturally, for first marriages at least, parental permission was required and once given, along with acceptance of all parties involved (sealings if you will in the case of the FLDS), then marriage existed. No sex was required for the marriage to exist. Divorce was necessary for a betrothal to be ended. You can see that in the first chapter of Matthew, where Joseph nearly divorces Mary (his betrothed) before they had "come together."

I have it on good (but certainly not infallible authority) that Merrianne Jessop's "Virtue" was intact at the time of the raid. Thus I propose that she was married, but not yet "given in marriage." I could easily be wrong but I have the reliable assurances of several people who ought to know, that I am not in this case. If I'm wrong, so be it. I merely proposed how easy it would be for someone like yourself to misunderstand the lack of consummation but the reality of marriage.

Twisty, twisty, twisty. This is not a courtroom Jam. There is no Jury, quit playing amateur barrister and try answering a few questions of your own.

Yes, I think Rozita is a Lesbian, unless you differentiate between "Lesbian" and "Bisexual." Here too I could be wrong, but she's made far too many revealing statements, including very graphic ones about sexual technique. She's also very tight with a large number of very seriously dedicated and militant Lesbians.

None of this really matters that much anymore. I see you have strayed far off topic.

Malonis has a mug shot. I don't. You may make much of the fact that she's not been convicted of whatever she was arrested for, but neither has Warren been convicted of anything, and in your mind he is guilty as he can possibly be. Sauce for the Gander Jam.

Greg Prickett IS "TxBluesMan," and he got fired for his over the top out of bounds activities which I daresay including using the privileges of his station as a "peace officer."

"Ron in Houston" is Ronald D. Hunter.

I don't know where you are, but I'd advise you to leave it alone. You and all your friends. I don't have a dog in this fight anymore, but your buddies keep taking potshots at me, inaccurate and slanderous ones as well.

Stop it, or I will lengthen the list of real names that go with the fake ones, you included.

You do not have a right to privacy once you enter the public discourse and accuse others. I'll hunt you down and add another figurative cape mount to my collection.

I mess up once in a while, but I'm persistent and I'm good at it. Just keep trying me on.

But I have a better idea.

Just go away.

Jam Inn said...

Hilarious Really, you proceed with your endless display of groundless character assassinations and now claim that you want to be left alone. Don't try to threaten me with your rhetoric. YOU made the claims against Rozita ( you can't prove a lie like Rozita is a lesbian) and have NEVER proven a word of your baseless claims. No Hugh it doesn't prove that Texas authoritities are corrupt, it only proves that when I ask for your evidence you puff-up and spew more empty claims and expose your empty headed theorems. You don't know squat about fundamental/orthodox Mormonism to state any accurate facts, you simply have no idea and find yourself aligned with a false prophet (your words and not mine).
Who's the IDIOT now Hugh?

The Pharisee said...

Jam, you're certainly welcome to call me an idiot as often as you like. You wouldn't even be a close second to the first place finisher in that race. I doubt you'd ever call me an idiot more often than I call myself an idiot.

Rozita is a Lesbian or Bisexual. Either that or she's shamming for effect. I seem to know more about her than you do. I've never said anything negative about her sexual orientation per se. It's you that gets all bent out of shape about it. A little homophobia maybe?

My theorems are so empty Greg got fired for one or two (or more) of them. Ron in Houston barely comes out into the light of day anymore.

I aligned myself with a false prophet quite knowingly. It was not over the genuine nature of his "Prophet" status that I aligned myself with him in the first place. It was over Warren Jeffs' religious freedom. It was over Warren's right and the right of his flock to be free from unreasonable search and seizure.

I know enough about the LDS faith and it's various offshoots to NOT believe any one of them. Knowing more doesn't change my allegiance to the right of religious freedom we are supposed to enjoy TOGETHER in this country. The right of the FLDS to practice as they see fit, is also my right to practice as I see fit.

You may attempt to post here as often as you like. If you keep calling me an idiot, I'll mark the comments down as Spam because you're being redundant. Mostly what you do Jam is "gain-say" and that's mere contradiction. I'll watch a You Tube of the Monty Python sketch if I need that sort of nonsense.


Argument Clinic.

Two Pythons in one comment. I love it.

April Day said...

If you don't mind, I'd like to ignore Jam In. That person doesn't contribute anything meaningful to our discussions.

I've done some thinking about whether you should file a lawsuit against Greg Prickett for barratry.

I don't think you should. If you do, you will still be playing games with Mr. Prickett. You would be sinking his level. I don't think that you are that low.

Rise above this. You are a Christian. I feel you should follow Jesus' example and turn the other cheek. Instead of suing Mr. Prickett, let's pray for him. After all, he did lose his job, etc.

There will be those who will confuse any kindness or compassion you show with weakness. Mr. Prickett may be among them. Remember that a strong, courageous person walks away from a fight.

Jam Inn said...

When it comes right down to it Hugh you haven't delivered any proof or evidence that is usable in a court of law. You're no FLDS backer and your dog in this fisticuffs was to legalize polygyny. How's that cause working for you? If Michael Emack's appeal of his plead conviction is heard, we may finally see if Judge Walthers rulings are valid or overturned. I think his appeal may not be heard and I doubt Wathers gets overturned. You got a lot of nerve calling me homophobic when you can't prove beyond your 'honest' opinion if anyone's sexual preferences are valid to these issues and it doesn't stop your nasty innuendos.

Why you remain myopic on unproven 'Search and Seizure' and claimed 'Reigious Freedom' and issue wholesale 'hallpasses' on aggravated assault charges of a 12 and 14 year old 'Child Brides' by Warren Jeffs is the truer mystery. There has been no valid claim of entrapments, made by you, to justify the rape of a 12 year old? I'll wait to see what his trial reveals and doubt that the verdict will change your misplaced values and warped viewpoints.

The Pharisee said...

Jam, the call was a sham, we all know it. The call was from a 30 plus woman in Colorado Springs, we all know it. That is a pure lack of probable cause.

There are a number of tiers in the appeals process. Eventually Judge Conn's ruling will meet up with bought and paid for Texas "Jurists" who see themselves as part of the prosecution. The Judge hearing arguments for the appeal remarked is such a way as to classify themselves as part of the "Government" group that was after the FLDS. That alone will cause further ruckus down the line.

And yes, I do have a lot of nerve.

I've had glasses since I was in 3rd grade, so myopia isn't a problem for me.

Sadly for defendants like Michael Emack, it may not matter. I have a feeling the FLDS will start turning on each other and making deals which will give the prosecution what it wants anyway. The good news for American Justice is that such testimony won't come with a cloud over it.

So, they may be winning the appeal battle in the long run, IMHO, but the back door is now wide open. The problem for the FLDS? They did what the prosecution said they did. If that can be proved in another way, the evidence chain they have now won't matter at all.

Frankly, I am a little better able to live with that result, than with men being convicted in the fashion they have been so far.