Monday, April 23, 2012

I'm Back?

The LORD, through life experience, has clearly taught me not to jump the gun, so the following is with qualification.
I have not blogged for several reasons. The primary reason is that I am a Class A over the road truck driver now. I have my "own" truck (it's leased, ownership is a tenuous concept when leasing, at best). Running your own truck is running your own business. I'm a novice at this, but with God given talents, experience and his grace, I'm turning out to be good at it, from the standpoint of the bottom line. It is though, all consuming. Suffice it to say without going into great detail, I'm doing better financially than I ever have in my entire life. There have been setbacks. The instructive thing about the setbacks associated with this phase of my life is that I have survived them and come out better off than when I went into them. Granted, I would have been even better off if those disasters had not occurred (here I qualify the remark by saying as Paul did that "I speak as a fool"). Nevertheless instead of having tsunami type disasters that swamp (and sink) my ship of state, I have now gone through dire flooding, breaches and groundings, that I recover from and have something left over. Enough of the nautical references. I'm weathering the storm and have some boot money left. Is that nautical? This is new for me. For better than 25 years I've experienced setbacks so regular in nature and character that every time I get a little ahead, I anticipated having a disaster at least 10% larger than my largess. I'd get $10,000.00 ahead and it really got to the point that I wondered what $11,000.00 setback I was about to experience. And it would happen. Like clockwork. It was about the only predictable feature of my life, one I steadfastly refused to believe was going to happen again. Until it did. And then I believed. So it is hard for me to step up and state what I've been planning with any degree of certainty. Let me say, that God willing, this time next week, I'll be at home. For a month. I will possibly travel a bit, then I will work a month, then I will go home and travel for another month, and write. I may accelerate the traveling and writing into the first month, but that's the plan. It is my plan to serve as Church Planter for the nascent denomination that a plural family and I have started. There is at present, one church. There needs to be more. I am not worthy of this task. I barely qualify for it. I am a man of unclean lips and many other sinful characteristics, but it is clear to me that God has chosen me for this work, God help me indeed if I presume, and he did not choose me. A good predestinarian would say that he at least chose me to be a bad example in this regard. So if all goes as I planned, and God purposed what it is I envisioned, this time next week I'll be a 50% truck driver, and 50% apostle. This is a drop in earning for me, but that's a large measure of the success I've been experiencing. I can semi retire from the business I am in, at least for a year to a year and a half, and pursue that which is the greater task. Pray that I haven't assumed too much. Pray that this is a success from His point of view. Hugh McBryde

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