Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Simple Answer for "Romney's Tax Returns"

It's one sentence long.

If there was anything criminal being concealed in Romney's tax returns, the IRS would be on it already.

That's the 1040EZ answer. The long form answer is that you better believe in a world of Joe the Plumber, those who want to know what's in them, already know what's in them. If there was anything criminal in them the investigation would have been started from outside the IRS by another Government agency, acting as a proxy for the Obama Campaign.

All that is contained in Romney's tax returns is information that can be characterized in a way that places Romney in a poor light with the electorate. It stands to reason that if these things are spoken of in public by Obama's campaign, or leaked, it will be fairly obvious that the point of origin of the information, was his Tax Returns. It will be fairly evident that the Conduit from the IRS to the Electorate (General Public) will be an inquiring Government official, who gives the information to the Press.

This of course is another reason you do not want the Government in Health care, since that unsightly lesion you have in thus and so a region, can become the topic of political speculation.

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