Friday, July 12, 2013

The Real White Racist take on the Zimmerman Trial

The real racist's reaction in a nutshell (warning, STRONG LANGUAGE):

When all of this Zimmerman Martin stuff started, my instant take on the situation was, "If I was a racist, why would I care?" D. L. Hughley after all, says all white people use the "N" word when they think no one else is around. At that point, I gave up and started to use the word (rhetorically).

Then all this "White Hispanic" nonsense started. I largely saw it as a way of suckering in a misled "Black" or "African American" community into believing that their problems were external. Instead of looking inward they look outward, for the source of their problems. It was all too easy to stir up support.

Only now has the media community on the right started to become vocal about the the observation that President Obama is as "White African" as George Zimmerman is "White Hispanic." Around the house I've been pointing that out for the last five plus years. Oh well, now I can start calling our Fearless Leader "White Chocolate." It's a sort of Darryl Dawkins thing.

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The Miller Family said...

Daryl Dawkins... I haven't thought of him in years! It must be that central Florida connection for both of us :)

The Pharisee said...

I used to watch Darryl play in High School when he went to Maynard Evans. I went to Winter Park High School. Jesse Cleveland, our much smaller, shorter but more athletic center used to OWN Darryl. When Darryl started to solve the Jesse Cleveland problem (Jesse was NOT intimidated by "Chocolate Thunder"), coach would bring in an even smaller geekier player by the name of Chris Tooley to help Jesse out. The double team was very effective. Darryl was always in foul trouble and we won quite a few of those games.

The games got so big that the venue had to be moved to the Rollins College Field House to accommodate all the fans. That, and it was "neutral" territory. I wonder where Jesse Cleveland and Chris are today :) .