Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Half Right? Bad Blart (da Big Prick) Speaks

So, if he lost his job, but still is working the court case, I'm half right. In response to a letter to him titled "Loser," the content of which was one word; "Coward," the Loser Speaks:
"Mr. McBryde,

I don't normally check your blog on a regular basis anymore. I don't know where you got your information on court, but I was at the 9:00 a.m. docket call. In addition, I filed the non-served returns for Ledbetter and Medvecky, in addition to Plaintiff's 1st Amended Motion for Service by Publication. The return for Schroeder was returned by the New York County Sheriff's Office as non-served today also. I have attached a file-stamped copy of that motion for service by publication, along with a motion to reset the hearing for the Temporary Injunction until such time that service could be accomplished on the defendants (including you). Judge Tobolowsky has taken the motions under advisement.

If you wish to respond to the suit prior to being served by publication, you can execute a waiver of service and file your answer with the clerk of the 298th District Court, 600 E. Commerce St. #101, Dallas, TX 75202. I have attached a copy of such a waiver. If you chose to be a man, to stand up and answer the lawsuit, this would be the fastest and easiest way to proceed. You of course do not have to do so, you can wait until you are served by publication, but one way or another, you will be served.

I have attached a copy of the complaint, although I believe that you have already seen it.

To make it perfectly clear to you, I am not dropping the lawsuit.

I got my info verbally from court employees yesterday by phone, and they told me no one showed. You say someone did. (ASSuming the writer of this letter is the EX Sgt. Gregory J. Prickett.) My only official knowledge of this case is that it existed, and has been dropped due to non action.

Serve me and prove otherwise you yellow piece of crap who attacks young women as a substitute for manly confrontation.

My Answer to the Yellow (ex) Mall Cop of Texas:
"You're still a loser and a coward. I don't know who "gregoryjprickett@gmail.com" is. Never have. If you are one in the same as the UNT Prick, great. I don't have any way of knowing that and I don't open attachments from "suspects" like that.

Yellow cowards who threaten my daughter are SCUM. If you are that SCUM, PRICKett, you are the worst type of sniveling low life. You are no man. You disgrace the law. You are a creepy stalking sociopathic sadist who hides behind a badge and attacks young women to settle differences men do, face to face, honorably and publicly.

Own up. Man up. It's never too late.

You haven't ever tried to serve any of us. Barratry is a felony, but oddly, only in Texas."
I sent the letter to all three known addresses that are answered, by "TxBluesMan" (AKA Gregory Jack Prickett/Bad Blart). Bad Blart only answered from the "gmail" address that I have no way of certifying is Gregory Jack Prickett. I called Dallas County yesterday, I had them list the "defendants" in Bad Blart's lawsuit and I was in fact one of them and I said, "I'm one of those people," (if in fact I am the same Hugh McBryde). There are other "Hugh McBrydes" if only a few others, in this country. The court said no one showed. As of this publication, there is no new court date.

This is my only official knowledge so far.

I really have no reason to ask Dallas County about this matter again.

If Texas Judges set court dates for 9am, and no one shows and then they show later and the Judge allows this crap to continue, that's really new information for me. I always thought "no show" amounted to "dismissed case" or "default judgement." No show on the part of the plaintiff? Dismissed case.

So I'll grant "Bad Blart" the benefit of the doubt for the purposes of discussion only and say the case is still active. For the purposes of discussion. So I'm half right. Or two thirds.

Bad Blart, the Big Prick is still Yellow. He's still a Coward. I note he doesn't claim to be employed. I note he doesn't deny (again) being TxBluesMan of Coram Non Judice infamy. 1-2-3-4 (right) 1 wrong (again for the purposes of discussion).

That's 4-1 Bad Blart. I'm batting .800. You're still a loser.

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