Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Russian Anchor "Flips Off" Obama

Yes, the rude gesture was meant for our President:

The excuse sounded plausible:
The Telegraph - "(S)ources close to it have tried to defuse the row by claiming that the newsreader had believed she was off camera at the time and merely providing a voice-over for a report. According to the same storyline, the rude gesture was intended for studio technicians who had been trying to put her off her stride."
I thought back to my experience in a situation like hers. Believe me, I've seen some wild "off camera" or heard some wild "off mike" things. Ms. Limanova though is "an award-winning senior newsreader." Well, if she is both "award winning" and "senior" in her capacity with the channel she works for, she knows what the red light on the camera means. And she looks. And she doesn't skip a beat.

I know what the red light means and I looked before I said or did anything. It's been decades since I sat in a chair like hers. (Yes, the Pharisee has been on television and read the news.)

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Toes said...

wonder if she will be reprimanded? or terminated? or sent to Siberia?

The Pharisee said...

I think she's been romantically linked to Herman Cain.

April Day said...

I can't believe a professional news caster would lower herself by making an obscene gesture at anyone while on the air.

Reaganite Republican said...

Hopefully Fox will pick her up- I could watch this everyday

The Pharisee said...

She got fired for her antics.