Friday, December 30, 2011

Keith, There is no Spoon! (there are no corporations)

Keith Olbermann's program on "Current" is being promoted by his statement that any person is more important than any corporation. Well, duh. Except there are no corporations Keith. I am more than nothing. I feel so good being saved by the concept of zero. "Corporate," as it is used today (a pejorative) continues to amaze me.
In the light of the axiom: "He who controls the language, controls the argument," maybe not so much. While I was watching Mr. Olbermann, one of his commentators/body doubles tried to appropriate that axiom for the Political Left, claiming it was the Right that was so skillfully doing so in the political discourse. In the process the commentator (of course) did NOT note that the victory of the left in the arena of "wordsmithing" (something he accused Frank Luntz of doing) is made obvious his quoting Luntz. Luntz is credited with the "recognition" that "capitalism" is now a dirty word. Um, who is winning in the "wordsmithing" arena again?

Corporations are simply a prosthesis for a group of people, or a "waldo" by which the group accomplishes it's goals. The goals are pretty simple. In the capitalist sense, the corporation serves to make something someone else wants (a good or service) in such a way that it yields a profit so that the welfare of each of it's individual stockholders, is served.

So, "we have met the enemy (if indeed corporations are enemies) and he is us." The simplistic objectification (scapegoating) of a corporation for all things "corporate" then is a very convenient half truth. A corporation is in essence an object, so it's "objectification" is redundant. It's so easy to treat impersonally something that really isn't there, and is, impersonal. Remember, "they" is really "us." Look at who the corporation is comprised of, there is no spoon.

It's not the corporation, which is a tool. It's what we are using the tool to do? Are we using a corporation to get things done that contribute to our prosperity, or are we signing up for an interest group that is then manipulated by another group for political gain?

It is my contention that politics as an object is destruction itself. Pure politicians will print a trillion dollars, and waste 99% of it so they can put a million in their pocket. Capitalist Corporations are far more benign. Their concupiscence sleeps. So between the moral busybodies and the pure politicians they employ to accomplish their goals, I think I prefer Capitalist Corporations, and I'm proud of that. (Thanks again Jack, I like that quote.)

Ultimately though, there are no corporations, really. They are artificial persons. There is no corporation Keith.

BTW, Olbermann interviewed Jackson Browne as a source of Moral Authority (shut up and sing Jackson) and slagged Michelle Bachman by obtusely ignoring her point about marriage, which is that it's for men and women, not persons of the same sex.

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