Friday, October 09, 2009

I want a divorce

I want a divorce from Mark Henkel.
From his Facebook Page, assuming the comment is still there:
"Rather, these issues are only addressing the error of any Hobbyists who intentionally teach people to purposely be socialists, to purposely expect something for nothing, no matter how much hard work someone has worked and paid on ther behalf. Such expect-something-for-nothing socialism is made even worse when such evil teachings come from those who claim to be 'in Christ.' The Scripture of Jeremiah 22:13 says unto those maligners, 'Woe unto him... that useth his neighbor's service without wages, and giveth not for his work.' "
Mark is apparently hard up for money. This is all I can conclude. Several times now he has posted to his page rather cryptic remarks about people he characterizes as "Hobbyists," who in this case teach people to be "socialists."

I think I know what he means and have a rough idea of who he speaks about and why they are "socialists" but I can't tell for sure. A similar couple of posts were made a few days or weeks back, and I asked a similar question or two, about who he referred to and he did not offer an explanation. He then rather quickly deleted the posts I made and made no effort to contact or explain to me privately, what he meant.

The comments I made today along the same lines also have been deleted.

I don't want to be associated with this crackpot. He does not have a copyright on Biblical truth any more than I do. I have attempted to reach out to him as a member of the pro polygyny side of Christianity. There is no love there, on his part. Take a hike, buck o.

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catwhisperer said...

Are you sure that he is referring to you... or is this an "idea of reference?"
I would suggest the latter.

The Pharisee said...

Did I say he referred to me?

Sunshine said...

Maybe he doesn't have time or energy for mayhem and foolishness ?? From what I've been following on the fan page he's very busy.

The Pharisee said...

Site statistics say I attract far more attention than Mark does at this website, and recently (though I haven't checked lately, Vermont Polygamy did too.

Mark is good at getting interviewed when it comes to the media looking for a spokesperson for Christian (not LDS) polygyny. He is the best known name among the media when it comes to the topic.

I tried to talk to the guy, figuring he'd been more visible longer than I had been, and others for that matter, but all I get back is cryptic remarks about "little puddles" and "hobbyists."

I wasn't aware that God's truth is confined to being spoken by one person. It's there for all of us to see and all of us to recognize.

To date I have made about $175.00 off of being a "open source" polygyny advocate, the bulk of my income, coming from "Google Ads." My understanding is that Mark Henkel derives a monthly income off of sites that are essentially subscriber oriented.

I was not able to establish a dialogue with Mark. I don't appreciate people trying to make something cryptic and complicated, ]I don't trust them.

That is essentially my problem with Mark and why I do not wish to be associated with him.