Monday, December 07, 2009

What's taking so long on Walther's Recusal?

Rumor has it that the judge presiding over Walther's possible recusal is one used last year.
District Judge John Hyde. It didn't take him very long in the case of Annette Jeffs.
The Abilene Reporter-News June 24th, 2008 - "Midland-based state District Judge John Hyde, presiding via teleconference, rejected the motion, noting that Jeffs' attorneys had filed their motion too late -- after the hearing had already begun."
Maybe this is where some have gotten their idea of "timeliness."

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Riki said...

Usually, if a judge is going to rule based on "timeliness," s/he doesn't let it drag out. It's a pretty much open & shut decision.

SonicFrog said...

Judge Dean Rucker, who serves as the Presiding Judge over the Seventh Judicial District of Texas. She said that Judge Rucker notified her this morning that he would not appoint another judge to hear the motion to quash the grand jury indictments of 10 YFZ defendants.

The Pharisee said...

Thanks Frog, I appreciate the tip. I'll assume you have correct information. I find it fascinating that it was not available where I searched for the news. It didn't seem that most of the usual outlets were interested in publicizing the decision, or the judge involved.

Ron in Houston said...

Taking so long????

"That motion will be denied counsel" only takes about 3 seconds to say.

The Pharisee said...

For the record, those of you looking for a "blow by blow" of what's going on in Eldorado, it's probably going to be found at the Eldorado Success.

The information about Judge Walther was available at 4pm eastern at their site.

Oddly though, it's not showing upon search engine results. This is in keeping with an ever decreasing level of interest outside Eldorado on what happens there.

Granted I care, some FLDS haters care, and the FLDS themselves care, but the storyline is now "they'll all get convicted and go to jail" and that's probably correct.