Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Pharisee Stops by to Visit Texas (FLDS News Explodes!)

Extra! Extra! Read all about it, the Pharisee is in Texas on this Big Day.
I continue to have limited blogging ability. It's because in my new job I am rarely in a place where I can blog. There is no restriction on my doing so from my new employer but it's always one thing or the other, I have the time, but not the access, the access but not the time, both time and access but literally no power. Computers love power.

Toes has uncovered the strong possibility that Blues is either someone else (making me WRONG again!)(well, not really) that is related to Greg J. Prickett. Read all about it.

Blues has closed his/her/their blog, which you all probably know by now.

Bill Medvecky reveals that when the Rock of Sacred Identification was cast into the Dark Anti FLDS Bat Cave, the winged rats started flying in all directions.

Ain't life grand?

To me, "TxBluesMan's" identity has always been a way to get behind the curtain. The Blogger(s) were either important power players, or being fed by them as fronts. It appears now that the latter is true with Bill's claim (believe me it's well founded) that the Texas AG's office is materially involved:
"Who would have thought that an Assistant Attorney General of the State of Texas would have not only jeopardized her Bar License, but will result in the overturning of all of the convictions made so far for giving opposing council (At the time), illegal access to States Evidence.

Personally, I DO NOT believe Ms. Goodman worked alone. I would not be surprised in the least if barbie knew what she was doing at the time. The likelyhood that she took it upon herself to supply Natalie with the States evidence without Nichol’s knowledge and/or approval is also slim. Did good old Ironsides know? Probably."
If provable (I have no doubt that someone in the Texas AG's office was helping, along with others), this news should implode the states cases and blow up at least some if not all of their convictions. I honestly don't know how it affects the plea bargained cases since they preserved their right of appeal, and I in my humble opinion don't see how this news affects appeals, directly.

Here's how it might work: Now that the State's surrogate Ms. Malonis and one of the AG's office have put themselves in jeopardy, the highly politicized judiciary of Texas will suddenly decide to "hear" the evidence appeal, and find (shock) that the Evidence was collected illegally. There will be some conference (all verbal and off the record) in which the State of Texas suggests to FLDS attorneys that they drop the chase of their Cavalcade of Criminal Civil Servants and back of the prosecution of private parties, that the appeal will be expedited and upheld. The FLDS will probably take it. For the rest of our sakes I would hope they would role the dice and tear down the criminal house of Texas LE, but they probably will not. My guess is they will settle for damages and go home. Warren will shortly be a free man if this is the case.

In analyzing Ms. Malonis' sudden departure as attorney for Bruce Wisan and for Carolyn Jessop, all I can say is you don't stop when you're winning, unless really, you just lost big behind the scenes. An attorney jumping off the horse in midstream is either unethical, or the result of unethical behavior. We can assume the latter is the most likely explanation.

How did this all start? I can't say that I did it. Such connections have been suspected for a long time, but the strategy is indeed mine (though probably not exclusively so). Find someone in the "Blues" camp. Paint the target. Get target lock and tone. Watch 'em scatter and start taking names.

My "Unnamed Source" (who may be named anytime he/she wishes) was researching "GregJackP" (Prickett) and his connection with another Wikipedia user/editor identified as Natalie Malonis. As you may know, I take the position that "Climate Change" as "anthropogenic" is a myth. From what I can tell, my unnamed source doesn't see it that way. The fact though that I was involved in a "WikiWar" and got banned (here comes the silver lining) and the fact that I blogroll anti anthropogenic climate change blogs made my blog the result of a Google search. And my source read all about it.

And started putting two and two together.

And emailed me Friday, September 10th and asked if he/she could call me. I emailed the source my phone number, and it went from there. So on Sunday the 12th, I blogged a picture of Greg Prickett and asked "WhoDat?" I wasn't going to do that but the unnamed source (who was not doing what they were doing at my bidding or knowing who I was) had already called Greg. He had been alerted.

The source and I have since become friends and we talk often.

Shortly before that I had given all the information to a variety of real "operatives" having also immediately disclosed the information to people who could communicate it to the FLDS. The strategy switched from "sneak up behind them" to "shock and awe" and watch the rats scatter while taking inventory of their identities and their incriminating behavior.

It now appears that people on the "other side" are talking to save their skins and the 10,000 piece jigsaw puzzle suddenly began to take shape and the rest of the pieces of course, started to fall in place. Believe me, a selfish part of me would have been tempted to keep the story close to the chest until more parts of the puzzle fell in place and published a big piece on my blog (the seagull mentality, mine mine mine) but this has never been about me so as I said, I distributed the information and those various cooperative independent "operatives" went to work with their God Given unique and similar talents.

Naming Toes,Bill Medvecky, Da Vulture and Scott Ledbetter doesn't paint the whole picture, they were just the ones who have been public about their involvement, but the list is longer.

In the end what I hope and pray for is a total discrediting of the various local, state and national law enforcement agencies involved. I would hope that a legalization of polygyny grows out of this. I would like for those that proposed the fate of the FLDS, to go to jail.

Jail you say Hugh? I thought you did not approve of jails.

I don't, but Biblically the most apt punishment for false witnesses and conspirators of that sort, was to receive the punishment they intended for their intended victims. So, jail it is. I don't think that will happen, but that's the not quite fully banished idealist in me.

I encourage you to go and visit the Jury Bulletin Board Blog (FLDS Texas)* and see the monster in it's death throes. It's ugly.

I have a lot of thoughts on the matter, some will no doubt go stale while I am forced to wait for my new assignment. If they are still apropos when I change duties in a week, I'll share them with you. Otherwise I continue to pray for my FLDS friends, Warren Jeffs included, that their complete release come soon and as part of the bargain, that their lands be restored to them, and a damage settlement be offered and given to them by all who persecuted them in LE.

* Work down the page from where this takes you. The first post might be about me, or someone else, or several people. After a while it's about me. Again. Why would they be so furious with someone who incorrectly identified Blues and is setting himself up to be the fool again?

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Xorphshire said...

I think at worst you were right about TBM being somewhat of a committee. You probably know better than I do that identities were loaned back and forth.... Either that, or it's normal for anti-FLDS crusaders to have real life multiple personality disorders!

I_hate_bigots said...

"Either that, or it's normal for anti-FLDS crusaders to have real life multiple personality disorders!"


It might be normal for them to know a few shrinks who can provide this diagnosis.

MPD is a part of of the concept of dissociation and repressed memories.

Not all shrinks beleive in MPD - from the studies being produced MPD doesn't really exist.

Dr. Bill/Beall who started this whole mess is part of the International Society for the Study of Dissociation. Some other quack gave Rozita the MPD label.

I wonder if this is how Malonis is going to explain her conflict of interest.

She'll get Dr. Bill to say she has MPD and each of her personalities had a different client!

The Pharisee said...

Rozita is most likely shamming a case of MPD, the proper term for which is now "Dissociative Identity Disorder."