Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thinking Toto and Oz, of Blues, Rozita and on Broadway

Toto Ruins the Show
Why have I always seemed to care about "TxBluesMan" and Rozita Swinton?
They represent a chance to "look behind the curtain" and see who is calling the shots. There is always a chance that there is nothing behind door number one, but to know that, you have to look, don't you?

A good deal of the close observers of the YFZ debacle two years ago have a hard time accepting the way Rozita has been treated, and only technically "investigated." Indeed, the "investigation" only seems to serve the purpose of shielding persons like FBI Special Agent Johnathan Wilson Broadway from testifying about any communication between San Angelo and the FBI's Colorado Springs office. As I have observed before, it's the equivalent of taking the fifth.

Also as I have observed before, why would you refuse to testify about the communication between Agent Smith (and Broadway?) if it was inconsequential or normal?

All of the behaviors of the prosecution and Law Enforcement agencies feeding the prosecution with evidence suggest there is some unspoken truth, and that this concealed reality is in some way embarrassing to the prosecution.

Embarrassing is putting it politely. So, we have the figurative curtain, and we have what is behind the curtain, and that's where Oz and Toto come in. I'm Toto. I want a look behind the curtain to see what's going on. All the behaviors of the prosecution and it's witnesses (see Arizona's suppression of the evidence) say something is going on.

I pursued Rozita Swinton until there was nothing (at least for now) to pursue. Why? If she could be made to testify fully regarding her reasons for calling, it might be revealed that someone "encouraged" her. That's a look behind the curtain. Who might have encouraged Rozita would be a good thing to know, provided such a person exists.

I pursued "TxBluesMan" who has seemed preternaturally connected and possessed of resources? Is he (she?) one of the people behind the curtain? Who is the Blues connected to, if Blues is connected? Again, this leads to insight, provided such people exist.

Now we have FBI Special Agent Johnathan Wilson Broadway, who served as an information clearing house for calls concerning Rozita Swinton who may have held and delayed important knowledge reaching certain people so as to facilitate the raid.

All kinds of speculations could be made about Agent Broadway. He's shown a penchant for marrying older women, and whereas most men who marry as the get older, marry women that are increasingly younger than they are, Agent Broadway seems to marry women increasingly OLDER than he is, having been married twice that I know of. No crime of course, but is he bent out of shape with the FLDS because there is an Alison Mosbeck in his past? Is this working itself out in some sort of Freudian manifestation by his choosing of older women for brides?

I could use a circumstantial link of behavior and suggest Blues and Broadway are alike because the close proximity of Broadway's two marriages. The closer the two marriages are, in terms of time, the more likely that personal relations between you and your second bride overlap personal relations between you and your first bride. Was the most human moment I have ever seen TxBluesMan have, his sensitivity and attempted extortion of me, regarding Marty Braemer, an indication that he carries personal guilt in that area and it hurts? Is this the same for Broadway? Does it suggest something more than simply being similar men? Does it suggest they are the same men?

All I am trying to do, is get behind the curtain. I don't care if I corner Rozita or Blues or Broadway. In fact, I don't care if Blues is Broadway. Right now, Agent Broadway is the best and most public bump showing in the curtain, and so I intend to pursue knowledge about him. If you have anything to tell, please contact this blog. You can do so in the form of a comment that you ask me NOT to publish. All comments on this blog are moderated so I would heed your wishes and not publish that comment, but I might use the information if it can be verified.

You can email me, hughmcbryde (at) gmail. This sort of plea for information, has worked in the past. It's the reason I know Rozita worked for Lt Maggie Santos, of the Colorado Springs Police Department.

At this point, I don't need protected victims to testify (Rozita), or skulking nobodies to come out of hiding (TxBluesMan), I simply need to know more about Special Agent Johnathan Wilson Broadway. "JW." John. John W. Johnathan W. He's in this up to his neck. Is he just in deep water or is he trying not to sink in quicksand?

He's lived in Texas, in Tarrant county, he's gotten married at least twice and divorced at least once in Texas. He moved to Douglas County Colorado. He worked as a special Agent for the FBI in the Denver area. The more I know about him, the more I can connect the dots and see if those connections are revealing.

Who is he? What school did he graduate from? Where was he born? Let me know.

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