Sunday, October 03, 2010

To Lt. West Gilbreath, UNT Police (CID) (UPDATED)

UPDATE: It has been verbally requested that Renaldo Stowers and Lt. West Gilbreath not be pictured in this story, as a courtesy I have removed the links to other websites where they are both pictured.

The following has been emailed, and should arrive in written form tomorrow, portions have been "redacted."
"Lt. West Gilbreath,

My complaint is as follows:

Though references to them are disappearing from readily available sources on the internet (they now exist only in "cache") , your Sgt. (redacted) as "TxBluesMan" on Coram Non Judice (and elsewhere as a commenter) has been encouraging the portrayal of me as a pedophile, calling me a pedophile, and has coined an abbreviation ("PPSG" or Polygamy and Pedophile Support Group) to state that I support pedophilia. Thus it can be said that I have a legitimate interest in knowing who "TxBluesMan" is, because he is creating a slander of me that could (and probably has) materially affected my life. I'm sure Lt. Gilbreath, that you would not wish to hire a pedophile were you in a position to make such a decision.

Once a person's name becomes associated with such activity, a good percentage of employers would simply stay away from the individual altogether, preferring to move on to a candidate not implicated in such an activity. Sgt. (redacted) is also known to post under a variety of different names, including "GregJackP," "Bluesooner," and "Bluesooner/Malonis" at the online encyclopedia "Wikipedia." He is thus known to share identities and have a large number of aliases on the internet for the purposes of further concealing his identity. He was recently found to have altered a climate change article at Wikipedia by unacceptable methods ("Meat" and "Sock" puppetry) in which he appears to be a large faction of individuals advocating for a change, as opposed to one or two. His identity as "GregJackP" is in fact how we found Sgt. (redacted) as "TxBluesMan." He is an equal opportunity offender and aggravated some tech savvy people on the anthropogenic climate change side of the aisle. They found me, we compared notes, we found Sgt. (redacted).

Because Sgt. (redacted) uses many aliases, it is not known always if he is commenting, or encouraging comments. Here is an example of such a comment:
You can find this at the "FLDS Texas" blog, here is the link:

The remarks are grossly out of context. The larger discussion says that in theory I would consider a mentally, physically and spiritually mature 7 year old, if there was such a person, and I had both judicial and parental permission, but that I still almost certainly, wouldn't be interested. This has been sliced down to the smallest quotation to make it appear that I had interest in a 7 year old, and frequently quoted at the blog. I have no such interests.

Furthermore "pedophilia" is clinically defined as interest in pre-pubescent individuals, and I clearly stated the opposite consideration in the discussion quoted. Legally, if there is such a thing as "pedophilia," it has to do with illegal contact, and I stated clearly that all such considerations would have to be with judicial sanction, thus removing myself from any legal definition of pedophilia, if it exists. I do not have an interest in 7 year olds and I have not been interested in young girls since I was a young boy myself.

Slanders such as the above, have have been repeated many times in comments and in posts over the past two years at both "Coram non Judice" and at "FLDS Texas." I have lost more than one job in that time frame and had prospective employers suddenly drop interest in me and cease communications with me after initial avid interest. It is not unreasonable for me to believe that "research" on me may have led to a discovery of such charges and a reconsideration of me as an employee, or potential employee.

Again, all of this is to give you context for why it was that I would be interested in the identity of the individual or individuals behind the internet persona "TxBluesMan" of "Coram Non Judice." I think recent behaviors on the part of "TxBluesMan," who I obviously am convinced is Sgt. (redacted) further evidence they are one in the same.

Shortly after the publication of Sgt. (redacted)'s name, the following appeared:
Hugh thinks that the FLDS case of child molesting convictions will lead to the legalization of “Polygyny”.
Anyone else finding Crack in their Lucky Charms? Maybe driving an 18 wheeler gives him special Leprechaun powers?

Stamp said this on September 19, 2010 at 8:17 AM
This can be found at the following link:

The evidence is circumstantial, but since I had informed few people, all of whom were allies and well aware of my desire for employment privacy, I am inclined to think that someone with the ability to do so, pulled my drivers license record. It would have revealed the following:

  • 1.) I had recently acquired a Class A CDL in (redacted) (one month prior, suggesting constant monitoring).
  • 2.) That CDL had an address of (redacted).
  • 3.) I was almost certainly employed by (redacted).

The jump then to speculate I was driving an 18 wheeler would be very small, and in fact, correct. (A note, the conclusion about my employer is incorrect). (SEE UPDATE)

This then forms the basis of my further complaint, that Sgt. (redacted) has been extorting me all along using HIPPA violations in an effort to silence my point of view that the Yearning of Zion Ranch raid in April of 2008 was an unlawful search. He also deeply resents my desire to legalize polygamy and has been extorting me for that reason as well. Another individual Sgt. (redacted) inveighs against has had (redacted) accessed and that access paid for (by UNT).

Shortly after the publication of Sgt. (redacted)'s picture, he found and published (a relative)'s picture. You and other agencies and persons have misconstrued this as an issue I cannot be concerned with because she is an adult and needs to complain herself. For the issue of stalking, that may well be true, and Sgt. (redacted) is now stalking my (relative). That in itself is a disturbing crime for a law enforcement officer to be involved in and UNT should be concerned about him as an employee for that reason. The issue with me though, is that through stalking my (relative), Sgt. (redacted) is further extorting me, and now is doing so with the clear message of "this is your (relative), see, I know who she is and what she looks like." There can be no reason to do this other than to let me know that something untoward may happen to my (relative), if I don't comply with his wishes, or that having already exposed him, revenge is about to be exacted on me, through my (relative). Thus he is no longer just extorting me but he involved in conspiracy to commit some form of battery up to and possibly including murder.

After UNT's investigation of this matter began, Sgt. (redacted) published another picture of my (relative), this one showing more of her face than the last. I can see this in only one way. He's saying "STOP or I'll do more of this." This then becomes a disturbing trend where Sgt. t is stating to me that he has no limit to his behavior and that every undesirable action on my part will be met with increased pressure from him with my (relative) as the hostage.

The only comment I would have on this last observation is, that if for no other reason, the University of North Texas should arrest Sgt. (redacted) for whatever crimes would be associated with his actions and confine him and have him prosecuted, because if he is allowed to continue, someone may well die. It is not my desire to sue UNT, but if my (relative) is harmed as a result of his inappropriate, illegal and dangerous behaviors, I will sue them to a cinder. The numerous phone calls and complaints I have made, as well as this letter will be shouting witnesses to your negligence."
I have also dared UNT to arrest me presenting said dare to both UNT Counsel Renaldo Stowers and Lt. West Gilbreath when they threatened to charge me with some form of harassment (I called many UNT officials at home).  I stated that I'd love to go in front of a jury, and show them a picture of this relative, and state what the Sgt. did, and ask them what they would do in my circumstance.  I gave UNT my name, birth date, address and social security number and volunteered to present myself for arrest in Texas.  I have not been threatened with charges since that dare.

As stated, this was sent via email and also under the following cover:
Label Number: 7010 0290 0001 1982 6703

Service Type: Priority Mail Certified Mail

Shipment Activity Location Date & Time
Acceptance MISSOULA MT 59808 10/01/10 2:25pm

As of 10/4/2010, Lt. Gilbreath acknowledges to me he is receipt of my written complaint. He revealed to me in a disturbing conversation that he has not seen fit to open a criminal investigation, only an internal one.

At FLDS Texas, the following appeared, along with the name of my daughter, and another closer view of her:
"We’re not taking anything down."
Odd, as I had not made the request that her pictures be taken down to anyone at FLDS Texas, nor had I made that request publicly. In fact, I had ONLY made that request to Lt. West Gilbreath, which seems to mean West has spoken with "TxBluesMan," who certainly seems to be Sgt. Gregory L. Prickett (rhymes with Briquette).

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1 comment:

I_hate_bigots said...

What a crazy and strange mess. Truth is stranger than fiction and this case proves it. It's hard to believe things are playing out the way they are buy I guess I shouldn't under estimate how a little power can go to a person's head.

I can't help but think if the Rangers and the State of Texas were doing their job - this wouldn't be playing out on blogs.

Because, the Rangers and AG's office should have people in their department looking into improper activities related to criminal and cases.

Who ever Texas Blues is - a long time ago they crossed the line from giving opinions and discussions to releasing details regarding criminal investigations which were not public.

They also gave very, very detailed "advice" and predictions regarding legal matters. Nothing wrong with stating an opinion or discussing legal matters, but if you are employed by the State during criminal prosecutions, INMO, ehtically, you should disclose this fact.

I can see your motivation of posting pictures and exposing connections - you want to expose government corruption. It's pretty clear from the statements at the other website, their motivation is just revenge for what they perceive as your wrong-doing.

My advice to you Hugh is to turn this over to the FLDS legal team.