Monday, October 04, 2010

Yes it is

This is in fact, a picture of my step daughter, the blog in question does in fact use her name, and they name my wife.
FLDS Texas equates what I am doing (picturing Sgt. Gregory J. Prickett) with what they are doing (vaguely questioning the chastity of my daughter as "concubine" or "girlfriend") with a picture taken at a University of Montana Food Fair. The picture here, will come down when they take down their picture of her, since I am linking to their pirated picture of my daughter.  The gentleman with her is merely Saudi and a friend, nothing else.  He usually dresses in jeans.

In addition, they name my ex wife (fortunately though by the wrong name). I will not provide them with her correct name for reasons that among other things, I remain oddly protective of my ex. It's not what she could tell about me, it's that I am sure she does not wish to be bothered. And no, I did not "beat up" my ex wife. Nothing close to that ever happened. Yes, she did have a propensity to kick doors off their hinges when she was upset. I don't think she's going to want to talk to you. Really.

There are other quotes:
"If the university does not take action against Hugh, there’s a real problem. He won’t stop until someone stops him."
My daughter and another Saudi Friend
They probably aren't, because if it isn't Greg Prickett, it's someone else or several someone's at the University and it's almost certain that Greg knows that, and knows who he/she/they are. I remain as convinced as you can be without touching the smoking gun or hearing his confession, that it's him. Part of it is the reaction of FLDS Texas when you poke at Prickett. He certainly seems to be part of the monster. I'd ask, when you confront someone, and all they do is attempt to make your actions more costly or painful to you than they had been in the past, what are they saying when they say "I need to be stopped?" What are they saying when they make my innocent and uninvolved daughter the moral equivalent of a combatant?

I'm not picturing people uninvolved, I'm picturing people involved. They are picturing persons in the neighborhood in the hopes that I will find the experience to frightening or costly to them, and will give up.

That's EXTORTION. Extortion is a FELONY. In addition, it's being conducted across state lines.
I’m a little disturbed about people bringing up the full names and even pictures of people unrelated to this whole issue except for their connection to a nutcase. Let Hugh and Bill and the other slimeballs drag innocent bystanders into this if they must but shouldn’t we have a higher standard of ethics?
No Rebeckah, the people you hang out with are in fact, low life slimeballs. Make no mistake, bad company corrupts good morals.

And no, you don't "stalk" anonymous antagonists, you simply find them.

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I_hate_bigots said...

Hey, I have a question, how DO all those people know whether or not your posts are true?

Clearly, a State cop blogging about a criminal action during trial - disclosing all sorts of confidential info and name calling anyone who disagrees- is important information for the public to know.

How do they know it's not true or you were reckless in your fact checking?

From their comments, it doesn't appear they have an issue with your facts. THEY just believe these facts should not be disclosed to the public.

They explicitly stated they are doing to show you how it feels.

Well, first this shows their moral reasoning. If they do this to you, a mere blogger, can you imagine what they do to FLDS members to teach them what it feels like? Just they are willing use innocent children to hurt people they don't like (like the raid).

Second, they don't appear to have any fear of legal problems. No fear of criminal or civil cases. Did they get some bad legal advice? Do they feel the State and Feds will protect them? Or do they feel they have nothing to lose at this point. (BTW: I predicted once the anti-FLDS group starts to lose cases, they might become very dangerous)

The Pharisee said...

You point out the hostage taking tactic employed with the FLDS quite accurately.

The thing about my daughter is that she is a bystander, related to me. They are willing to harm or expose her to harm because it would bother me.

It's no different than the mafia mailing you pictures of your kids in front of your house.

Repeatedly it is stated that I "stalk" members of the opposition. I do not. There is no law nor is the a social more that says when someone goes after me anonymously, I am not allowed to find and identify those who have done so.

There are always two choices when it comes to blogging on the controversial subjects.

Be public, or don't do it.

I've always solved the issue of who I am by being who I am, it's called honesty.

Certainly anyone blogging anonymously has the right to try and keep their identity secret, what they do not have is the right to keep it secret. They also have the right to be free from illegal attempts to discover them, such as using hacking or government tools to find them. It's not right for me as a member of the FBI (hypothetically) to find my personal antagonists using FBI resources.

When it comes to anything in the PUBLIC record available for PUBLIC use no one has the right to damages or a claim of criminal activity just because I find them and "out" them.

No one has the right to exact punishment for their being "outed" by embarrassing a legal third party. Those persons do have an expectation of privacy, something the dweebs and FLDS Texas don't seem to understand.

The more they keep upping the ante, the more concerned I become. Apparently, every entirely legal inquiry through Law Enforcement into their behavior in this matter simply makes them accelerate their attacks, amplify them and essentially state they'll keep doing so until I quit what I am doing, or they feel I have been "punished" enough.

For this to be effective, I have to believe they would stop at nothing, only that the stages of the extortion they engage in would be gradual. For me to believe that, they have to convince me they would stop at nothing, and you do that, by stopping at nothing.

That, is dangerous. It's a warning of an impending criminal act on their part, in addition to what they have already done.

I_hate_bigots said...


If two or more persons conspire to injure, oppress, threaten, or intimidate any person in any State, Territory, Commonwealth, Possession, or District in the free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege secured to him by the Constitution or laws of the United States, or because of his having so exercised the same;...

mrscottyl said...

I heard that they had changed the name of FLDS Texas to The Hugh McBryde report. After they stopped posting pics of FLDS members and started posting your pics, and now they just can not get enough of trashing you. Apparently you are more worthy than the FLDS in Texas. Congratulations Hugh, you now have a bunch of groupies that just can not keep from talking about you and posting pictures of you. Better thank the Prick-ette.


The Pharisee said...

As if someone wanted dangerous sociopathic groupies. It's kinda like having the Manson Family follow you around.

The Pharisee said...

I notice now that FLDS Texas has begun to remove (at some unknown date in the past), some of my daughter's pictures from their site.

mrscottyl said...

Well, for as much as they are hung up on Charlie Sheen nowdays, maybe you will begin to see pics of him and his children. They love to post pics of other people's children, and even of other people in general, without permission, and then run screaming and hollering when someone does the same thing to them. So when they get into court, they have no leg to stand on because they are doing the exact same thing that they are suing other people for doing.