Saturday, January 12, 2008

Bad Blogger.

I am one. I am trying to figure out how bloggers link one to another and have been wildly unsuccesful at seeing what is probably right under my nose or at the tip of my fingers. My "tech elasticity" is being challenged in my old age. For instance, I don't know how they get those nice lists on the margins of their blogs for other blogs they like. I want people to know I read Iowahawk and Six Meat Buffet.

I'm going to contact a few guys I know, and I'm open to suggestion as to how to go about this. I'm sure I'll never be a "Little Green Footballs" type blog, but I could be better at what I do, since I'm now concentrating more on blogging than live debating. I've done live debating. My opponents aren't alive. If there is a living man who wishes to take me on, I'm down for the struggle and will pretty much meet them anytime or anyplace, but so far, no.

So I need some help in being a Good Blogger, because I'm a bad one. With your help, I can be a better one.

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Gordon said...

Hey Hugh, Gordon here from Six Meat Buffet.

1. Go go to They give you a piece of Javascript you can put in your web template. You can dynamically add and edit links to things you like.

2. Open a SiteMeter account and put their doohicky on your site too. Then you can see the traffic coming in. It gives you an idea of who you can reciprocate links with, who your audience is etc.

3. Write to bloggers you like and request a link exchange. Many are cool enough to do this.

4. Make friends. Leave comments get to know the community. It isn't that big.

Welcome to the fray!

Hugh McBryde said...

Thanks Gordon.