Monday, January 14, 2008

The Pharisee's Super Bowl Hopes.

Not having something heavy to say this AM, I shall turn to my fleshly interest in the NFL.
I am a Miami Dolphins fan so I don't have an iron in the SuperBowl fire.

I'm hoping for a Green Bay-San Diego matchup. I'm leaning San Diego for the winner. I expect a New England - Green Bay pairing and I expect New England will win. Hopes and Dreams, what can I say? My Dolphins weren't the first NFL team to complete a perfect NFL regular season, if I get my wish they will still be the only team to complete the entire season perfect. We will see.

I'm rooting for a San Diego win. I have been a Norv Turner fan off and on ever since I thought he didn't get a fair shake at Washington. I have admired the offenses he has put together, I like the way he handles developing quarterbacks. He has made poor selections when it comes to where to work, but this time he did not. In addition while all the teams still in the SuperBowl tourney are veterans of prior bowls, only one team has never won one, da Bolts.

Green Bay was a close second for a favorite in the final four. I was never a Brett Favre fan and thought he was overrated though he has shown remarkable tenacity for a man that even Green Bay thought would play about 4-5 years in the NFL. I don't know what ever became of his "Bad Hip" issue but it hasn't stopped Brett from starting every NFL regular season game since he replaced Green Bay QB and then poster boy "Magic Man Don Majkowski" when he went down. I know every Green Bay fan thought the season was over. I know I did. I know the resident Green Bay female fan who had a Fat Boy sized Don Majkowski on her office wall thought they were done. Boy did they forget.

This season Brett won a special place in my heart even though he was destroying Dan Marino's last claims to fame in the record books. An old guy, playing well beyond any projected prime is playing like he is in his prime. Good on you Brett. You go boy. Win won for my late father in law, but I'll be rooting against you all the same, but this time, I'll be admiring you.

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