Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Heath Ledger and Nick Drake

I saw one interview with Heath regarding his untimely (and perhaps suicidal) death. He states he is obsessed with the Music and life of Nick Drake, who is of course one of my favorite artists of all time. I have bought and given away more complete compilations of Nick Drake's work that I can count. I suppose I will continue to do it.

Nick died alone in bed. So did Heath. Nick did not leave a note and those close to him claim he was not suicidal though he was chronically depressed. I don't know if Heath had problems with depression but he didn't sleep much from what I've heard. Near the end of his life Nick said he was having great trouble with words and one of the speculations about his death is expressed by his friend and producer, Joe Boyd: "listening to his lyrics… he may have planned it all this way.” I concur.

Nick may have felt there was nothing left to say, so he didn't leave a note and took his own life. Those that knew him best would have all they needed to know about his life since it was now over. If Heath was the kind of fan he said he was, and if this was suicide, he may have chosen to do the same thing. His warning about all of this would have been his expressed interest in Nick's life and music.

Of course a conclusive autopsy result may remove all doubt as to cause and make this idle speculation. I don't normally post publicly about the life and times of actors. I wasn't planning to say anything just as I don't say anything about actors and actresses as a general rule, but Heath mentioned Nick Drake, and he's a favorite.

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