Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Ba Da Boom, what went between Conn's Rebuke, and Smith's "Stipulation."

Piccarreta writes well. It's not in the dense legalese that makes motions hard to understand.
Response to Stipulation. Just when I thought it was getting dull, it get's interesting again. I am so loving how all of this makes my personal detractors (who shall remain nameless in their infrequently visited haunts) look idiotic. Matt Smith Strategy, my hiney, LOL.

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Ron in Houston said...

Well, I can see you're a fan of Piccarreta, but really, do you think in the end this will really make a difference?

Whether Warren is guilty of being an accessory to a rape that occurred several year ago has nothing to do with what occurred years later.

It's great theater, but I highly doubt it will have any legal significance.

The Pharisee said...

If it's just "great theater" Ron, why all the serpentine movements by Smith?

Never mind, that's rhetorical, you don't have to answer :)

kbp said...

"It's great theater, but I highly doubt it will have any legal significance."

Then Smith will agree to all he requests of the court - no "significance" for the case he'll make.