Thursday, February 11, 2010

Brooke Adams continues to write about her unholy relationship

About the time that Natalie Malonis wrote me, declaring that she was "TxBluesMan's" attorney (ok, EXACTLY that time), I gave up on trying figure out the answer to the question, "who dat (blues?)"
After all I figured, anyone with Natalie Malonis as an attorney, is not all that bright. Also, having switched to "wordpress" as a platform, "Coram Non Judice" experienced a sharp drop off in readership that "Blues" (whoever Blues is), did not recover.
The Salt Lake Tribune - "Bloggers who operate the sites 'Coram Non Judice' and 'FLDS Texas' announced on Monday a new blog, FLDS Priesthood Records, where they would publish 'previously undisclosed' dictations made by Jeffs they said had been filed in an unnamed Arizona court case.

The bloggers described the dictations as containing 'the thoughts and actions of the FLDS' during a four-year period. By Tuesday, the bloggers had posted dictations from September through December of 2002 -- though one post contained dictations from January 2006 about FLDS temple ordinances and religious blessings given to members."
Now who's the attention whore? After ignoring that vacuous shill for the better part of the last 6 months, the vacuous shill is back, nose deep in hot water. It reminds me of a child who can't get attention, pitching increasingly annoying fits, until that child is noticed again.

Well Blues. You got noticed.

But wait you say; isn't this a post headlining Brooke Adams, SL Trib Polygyny beat reporter?

Why yes, it is. We'll get to that, in a bit.

It is now becoming more and more likely that TxBluesman, who we cannot even be sure is a.) a man (not that there is anything wrong with not being a man). b.) one person (as opposed to a committee), is extraordinarily connected. The blogger that started blogging right before the news became public about the "cry for help" being a "hoax of a cry" has been an unwavering and increasingly strained Anti FLDS apologist now for nearly two years. Lately Blues has been trying to pass off a court ruling, in favor of a motion to suppress as only a stipulation of the prosecution offered and accepted by the court. All from someone who writes well, but can't tell hac from hoc. So no lawyer, or not a good one, but connected and a good writer, shilling. For whom?

This smacks of a hired gun trying to make trouble on main street. Trying to get noticed. Trying to start fights. So not getting enough attention of late, Blues went on a privacy destroying document dump that possibly violates "HIPAA."

This is where Brooke Adams comes in. Brooke has favored TxBluesMan for quite some time, linking to Blues Blog (up until recently) and mentioning Blues regularly in posts. Basicly, Brooke shills for Blues from time to time. Is this a quid pro quo?

Does Blues get things that others cannot and passes them along to Brooke? I'd guess yes. Blues is a Salt Lake Tribune/Brooke Adams source. In exchange, Blues is regularly promoted, and given credibility by a major newspaper.

If Blues is a source for Brooke, then Brooke has known who Blues is for a while, or should know.

Now it seems like she wants a divorce. Blues is the story now, like Mark David Chapman became the story when he couldn't stand being a fan in the shadows any longer. Brooke Adams is realizing this (or should be), and pushing Blues away.

How can Brooke and the Tribune not report NOW, on who this shadowy character assassin is? I'm guessing the who da blues is, is going to be news soon. If not, it ought to be, because frankly, the story is now who Blues knows, why those persons have given Blues material, and why Blues writes about it so singlemindedly and without empathy for those Blues tramples. Like a hired gun.

I'm going to have to buy more popcorn. This Western is starting to get very interesting.

Will Blues "connectivity" eventually result in him winding up in court as a defendant?


PS: The Salt Lake Tribune - (Natalie) Malonis did not return a telephone call or an e-mail request for an interview.

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Ron in Houston said...

HIPPA only applies to statements made to health care providers and insurance companies.

So unless you claim that Warren's supposed magical powers constitute health care, I think you're barking up the wrong tree on that point.

It's funny you think Brooke is "shilling" for Blues while the people over at FLDS Texas can't stand her and accuse her of being a "shill" for the FLDS.

I feel sorry for Brooke. It seems no matter what she reports someone attacks her. Geez, talk about shooting the messenger.

The Pharisee said...

I realize it only applies in specific situations. It is rumored that such information was contained in the postings at The Blues FLDS Tattler blog.

Ron, I'm a real person, using my real name. Blues is a Sock Puppet. Blues get's treated like a real source at Brooke's blog. I've never gotten a mention. She let's me post, but I haven't gotten word one.

I do think there is a quid pro quo, but now it's gone south on both of them and Brooke is distancing herself from a source that is now the news.

I don't feel sorry for Brooke. She plays people she has to go back to and they sometimes spit in her face, it comes with the territory of making them think you are their bestest friend.

The Salt Lake Tribune has used ME, indirectly as a source, having had another reporter from another state approach me to get certain information, and then publishing that information without giving me a single heads up. I'm not that sorry for them, or Brooke.

She's also pro FLDS going to jail, that makes it hard for her to be objective and she has stayed away from publishing any information that would impeach the evidence taken at YFZ. Believe me, I know.

Ron in Houston said...

Well apparently you have inside information.

I don't have any special information. I'm speaking strictly as an observer.

The Pharisee said...

Then you're not reading the article Ron:

"Downs-Vollbracht said in her e-mail to the court she had reviewed 'thousands of documents which include family pictures, marriage records, and health records' but did not intend to use them. That kind of information has been introduced in criminal trials of FLDS men in Texas."

Ron in Houston said...

My previous comment referred to Brooke Adams. You apparently have had some interaction with her.

The Pharisee said...

Yes, that is correct, and that interaction does not inspire me to confidence in her as an honest broker. I'm sorry to have to say that. I would love to be persuaded otherwise.