Thursday, February 25, 2010

You Talkin' to ME? (slightly updated)

I can't resist. Is Eric Nichols talking, to ME?
The San Angelo Standard-Times - "The prosecution spearheaded by Eric Nichols argued for a motion that would prevent the defense from doing certain things without approaching the bench.

One of the items regarded not allowing the defense to bring up media reports.

'This prevents lawyers from pulling up a newspaper article, magazine article or blog post,' Nichols said."
Since the Modern Pharisee has been the leading FLDS centric blog for the past year, occasionally swapping front runner status with Bill Medvecky, one has to assume that when Eric Nichols refers to blogs, he's referring to yours truly.

I accept.

LOL. Lemmings.

(I brought the inner tube.)

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1 comment:

karateka said...

Loved this quote: “The jury is given a role to be a backup to erroneous judicial decisions,” Hurley said.

I wonder if the blog posts have to do with the anti-FLDS making death threats. I would imagine the recent National Geographic article would be the singular "magazine" mentioned.

It is interesting to see the anti-FLDS violate copyright in their blog posts. They want letter-of-the-law to apply when it comes to polygamy, but not when it comes to their crimes.

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