Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Jury Seated

And typically, another motion denied.
The San Angelo Standard-Times - "The jury is made up of seven women and seven men to fill in the 12 juror and two alternate positions. Among the jurors, three have Hispanic surnames."
The defense cited widespread publicity and resulting prejudice. They asked for more "peremptory strikes." What do you think happened? Don't be stupid, it's Babs.
"(D)efense attorneys this morning moved to be granted more than the standard 10 peremptory strikes against prospective jurors, citing widespread prejudice against their client, but 51st District Judge Barbara Walther denied the motion."
Arguments are underway.

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1 comment:

karateka said...

If I were the FLDS I would be parading around the courthouse holding signs with my taglines: "439-0" and "Fight Bigotry." I would also probably put the award-winning National Geographic photo of the children on the swing as the background. Now that I think about it, it would make a really good postcard that people could send to their representatives. Perhaps they could sell them on their website. I would also hold up signs with pictures of Rozita saying "Where's Sarah?" Unfortunately, I don't have much hope for the FLDS when it comes to this. Unfortunately, the religious liberty of the many are affected by the choice of the FLDS to largely lay low in this regard.

Fight Bigotry!