Sunday, March 28, 2010

Marty Braemer? He's working for a church.

You want to know how abusers and adulterers stay in the pulpit? They have enablers. Don't think they don't know.
Check the website of Temple Baptist/Temple Christian School in Titusville FL.
"We are excited about announcing the first Temple Christmas Classic Golf Tournament! For the golf tournament to be a success, we need YOU! If you would like to golf in it…this is YOUR invitation. If you cannot golf but would like to sponsor a golfer or give a donation to the Gideon 300 Scholarship Fund…this is YOUR opportunity.

Last year 200 Christian schools closed their doors. TCS is the ONLY Christian high school in the Titusville area. Help us keep TCS on solid financial footing.

Golfers are asked to try and raise $900 each in sponsorship. We have letters that you can give to friends and family members to help you do this. Registration fee is just $35.00 and it includes golf, cart, lunch, beverages, and MORE! Even if you cannot golf, you can help someone at $50.00 for one hole or $5.00 for each hole or WHATEVER amount you can afford. We need your commitment now. Space is limited. Don’t miss this opportunity to be a part of a special Christmas blessing.

To get involved, call Temple Baptist Church at 269-1133 and ask for Marty Braemer. Information is also available in the school office."
Apparently, they're putting a man with alleged difficulties when it comes to keeping his hand out of the till, in charge of collecting "sponsorships" for a Golf Tournament. For a school.

I don't know about you, but I wouldn't put a man who had problems with boinking teachers back in the Christian School environment he once plundered, right in front of the students. I wouldn't let him do anything with collecting money in connection with athletic endeavors as well.

But I guess if you're connected, you fall in fertilizer and come out with a handful of Roses, working for the church again.

Me? I get thrown out of my church for believing that a form of marriage practiced throughout the scriptures, was never put into sunset.

It's a wacky world, isn't it?

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