Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Merril Jessop moves for Mistrial - UPDATED

It won't work. (UPDATE, it didn't.) Not because it shouldn't work, but because it's Barbara Walther on the bench.
This is part of the basic plea of the prosecution that the FLDS is a dangerous murderous entity and we are dealing with "King Willie, the Thug."
The San Angelo Standard-Times - "Willie Jessop, the sole representative of Merril Leroy Jessop’s family and church, was denied entry to a crowded courtroom (yesterday).

Willie Jessop said the motion, although prepared and signed Monday, was submitted (today)."
No it won't work now, but this continues to be the sort of foundation you build for an appeal. It sounds as if the FLDS was ready for this prosecution piece of theater that is purely designed to make various FLDS men "boogie men" and therefore increase chances of conviction.

Apparently in ruling on the motion (which she denied), our lovable warm fuzzy "Thug" got a word in edgewise:
"(Eric) Nichols, arguing against the motion, put Willie Jessop on the witness stand and made the case that Willie Jessop hadn’t made an attempt to enter after the general questioning of potential jurors.

'At what point would it have been appropriate to enter again?' Willie Jessop shot at Nichols.

Walther intervened, telling Willie Jessop — who she said may not be fully aware of the court’s procedures — that the witness is not allowed to ask questions."
Raymond Jessop (as is being reported elsewhere) has already filed for appeal, but your Modern Pharisee told you it was done, when it was done (January 28th, 2010).

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I_hate_bigots said...

Walthers behavior is an embarrassment to the bench.

Judges, especially during a jury trial, are supposed to try very hard to maintain the appearance of impartiality.

She acts like a two year old up there on the bench.

Even if you agreed with her decisions, everyone should be ashamed of her behavior on the bench.

The Pharisee said...

She is piling up reasons for appeal.