Saturday, March 06, 2010

Mark Henkel & Gretchen Carlson on John Stossell

It's a clear win for Mark. Mark and I DO NOT get along, but that doesn't mean he's wrong.

It's unfortunate that no one in the room on the pro polygamy side understands that it needs more than "decriminalization." Again, you do not HAVE to get legally married to understand why being ABLE to be legally married helps you.

Decriminalization means it won't be a felony but it's still against the law. The fact that you can essentially get a parking ticket for too many people in the bedroom means that the police have a right to enter your bedroom.

Ms. Carlson makes the lame excuse (for an apparent conservative) that the polygamist family will have tax advantages. I keep telling people, as long as we have an income tax, and particularly a progressive income tax system (which we have), the government is always going to stay in the arena of marriage. You want marriage off the books? Get rid of the income tax. Completely. All vestiges of it. THEN you have a shot.

That and you'll have to get government out of the business of defining pedophilia. This is an UGLY truth because we are so twisted around and phobic as Christians of a "Crime" or "Sin" that isn't even a sin in scripture that we react with blind feeling. Perhaps a compromise can be reached with marriages to minors involving court consent and licensing. Until then though, government has entered the room in the marriage discussion, and it isn't leaving.

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