Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Obsessed are we? (UPDATE)

After a while, it gets to be so overwhelmingly weird, that you have to mention it. Really, even as much as I hate to point to that sick bunch of freaks.

Go ahead, count if you want, how many times I get mentioned, and then go back to the previous open thread, and count, and then go back to the open thread before that and count. Between the "Huge McNuts" and the "Huge McEgos" and the various manglings of my name, pseudonyms and so on, it's obvious that when the FLDS trials and appeals are done, I'm going to need to pay a visit to Mark David Chapman, just to see what drove him.

Mark and I are both drop outs of the same school, maybe he can spare me some time.

Any of you clowns own a copy of "The Catcher in the Rye?"

It's getting to the point where I don't want to walk home in the dark.

It does no good to try to reply to what are brain dead half reads of things I've said, or deliberately obtuse ones.

UPDATE - The Dim Ones are beginning to realize its not COMMENTS that rank a site, it's traffic, composition and length of time on site. Years ago in one of my many and varied incarnations, I was a talk show host engineer/call screener. That which provokes comment is not the same as what promotes readership/listenership/viewership. If you doubt me, listen to Rush Limbaugh. Eventually he will comment on that aspect of ratings/rankings.

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I_hate_bigots said...

They are obsessed - not just with the story/issues in general but with individual people.

I think once the appeals court overturns the criminal convictions and the members return home, everyone should be careful.

Same with any pro-FLDS decisions involving Warren's UT case or the UEP. (Though I'm less sure about the outcome of these cases).

Now that there has been absolutely NO charges filed the hoax rape call, they have learned they can do these things without consequences.

They are well financed and have connections in government.

Can you imagine Chapman with millions of dollars in backing and connections in the government?

The Pharisee said...

I think (swag) this group is backed by someone with money, but I could be wrong. It's hard to imagine a group of people, with as many "handles" as they have, all of whom are supposedly different personas, all leaving such a small footprint.

It's hard to imagine that I can't find the most irritating ones though I really haven't looked for them since then last time I mentioned my site rank, 6 months ago.

I've mentioned before that comments are not linked to site rank like callers are not linked to TV or radio ratings. They are to an extent, such as if you have 40 callers at a call in talk show, you have at least 40 listeners.

The majority of viewers/readers on the internet behave like the majority of viewers/listeners in broadcast media. They consume the product by reading/listening/viewing, but they don't interact with it, such as in calling/commenting.

It is also well known in the broadcast industry that callers are a different psychographic than listeners/viewers in general. At a circus there may be a large audience but the audience doesn't get to play clown or high wire artist, and wouldn't attract an audience if they did. The ring master/host makes decisions on who it is he/she will allow in the circus ring based on whether or not they contribute.

On the internet, comment behavior separates from content behavior even more distinctly with not everyone bothering to read the comments, whereas if you listen to Rush Limbaugh, and he takes a caller, you listen to the caller as well as Rush.

This is a long way of saying the following:

There are a SMALL number of vigorously active participants at that "other" site. There is very little in the way of content at that site unless it is to link to Government/Court docs I can't seem to get as easily or at all. There are just open threads where there is very loud vitriolic commenting and threatening behavior. They seem to want to destroy religious polygynists and the truth doesn't seem to matter to them.

There are about 3 or 4 commenters, some of who have ceased to participate there that HAVE a real life, one of which accuses me of stalking her because I know who she is, but won't say that out loud.

I don't say who she is, because she's not an actor, not a principle on the stage, she is a hand wringing hysteric and professional victim who leaves a wide glowing slime trail across the internet. When I was LOOKING for the principals behind "that site" I came across her identity, but not theirs. I don't care who she is, and don't think she knows who they are.

So what you've got is a core group, maybe less than 5 people, who are behaving as if they have a boiler room" operation designed to discredit religious polygynists. It appears to be their full time occupation. They engage in extensive "Astroturfing" and try to puff themselves up like Aesop's frog. They also can't be found and I'm very good at finding people, particularly egotists like them.

That's why I think it's a small site in terms of visitors, with connections and funding. Otherwise a core member of the posting group would have probably already outed themselves inadvertently without my help, but they haven't. They don't want us to know, how few "theys" there are.

But I could just be paranoid and wrong. It is not a disgrace to the honest to speculate incorrectly about what the liar tries actively to make them think, and be wrong.

But nevertheless, they are small and they are bent on destruction, like the names mentioned in this post.

I_hate_bigots said...

I find it funny they would accuse you of stalking when in reality their behavior is much, much more invasive.

Here's an article about stalking.
I found the sections on objectification and gang stalking relevant.
"Stalking Behaviors

Waiting at the victim's workplace or in their neighborhood

Persistent phone calls, text messages, emails, letters or notes

Placing messages in the media

Sending gifts from the seemingly "romantic" (i.e. flowers and/or candy) to the bizarre (i.e.
pornographic gifts)

Breaking into the victim's home or car

Gathering information on the victim: contacting people who know the victim; searching public or
personal records, or the trash, for information.


-persistently watching the individual
-employing detective agencies to watch the victim
-using cameras, audio equipment, phone tapping, or bugging the victim's home or
-installing spyware on the victim's computer
-installing GPS tracking systems on the victim's car or cellphone

Manipulative behavior (for example: bringing legal action against the victim, or threatening to commit suicide in order to coerce the victim to intervene--all methods of forcing contact with the stalker)

Defamation of character: the stalker will often lie to others about the victim, trying to limit their options and weaken their support network. This isolates the victim, making them seem more
vulnerable, and gives the stalker a feeling of power and control.

"Objectification": the stalker derogates the victim, thus reducing them to an object which allows the stalker to feel angry with them without experiencing empathy. It helps the stalker feel they are entitled to behave as they please toward the victim. Viewing her/him "lesser," "weak" or otherwise seriously flawed can support delusions that the victim needs to be rescued, or
punished, by the stalker.

Threats and violence: the stalker uses threats to frighten the victim; vandalism and property
damage (usually to the victims car); physical attacks that leave abrasions and bruises (mostly
meant to frighten); less common--physical attacks that leave serious physical injuries, or sexual assaults.

Cyberstalking: electronic mediums, such as the Internet, are used to pursue, harass or contact
another in an unsolicited fashion. The stalker may install spyware on their target's computer or cellphone, and use an Internet connection to upload the information they gather. They may loiter around forums they know their target frequents, even joining the forums in order to contact their target, or contact other forum members the target interacts with. Cyberstalking is an extension
of the physical form of stalking.

Gang stalking: stalking by multiple perpetrators, or one perpetrator is able to convince others to assist in his/her stalking and harassing activities against a victim.