Thursday, June 10, 2010

More on the Warren Jeffs dismissal

Folks, I have been VERY busy, just figure I'm working close to 16 hour days and it's very "hands on." I blogged during my only breaks yesterday, one of which was at Little Big Horn. Thus I have scads of analysis on the tip of my tongue (as it were) but have been unable to share it. I haven't been able to read all the docs filed at Mohave County.
The Deseret News though, makes it clear what really happened:
"Judge Steven Conn dismissed the four charges of sexual misconduct with a minor after prosecutors filed a motion Wednesday requesting the dismissal. The charges were dismissed with prejudice, meaning they cannot be refiled."
And there you have it. All the twaddle and spin you are hearing on the news, like what I heard on the Radio (CNN) is just smoke, though dangerous misleading smoke it is.
The Salt Lake Tribune - "(Arizona Judge Steven Conn) has dismissed two cases pending against Warren S. Jeffs in Arizona and ordered that he be sent back to Utah, a move that abruptly ends the state's prosecution of the polygamous sect leader and potentially puts Jeffs on a faster track to face more serious charges in Texas.

(The Judge's) ruling came after County Attorney Matt Smith filed a motion Wednesday asking that the cases be dropped so that Texas can proceed against the 54-year-old Jeffs -- something Smith said both Arizona victims want."
The truth the case is dead. More on that later. The charges were dismissed "with extreme prejudice." This is not about what the "victims want." Arizona is making sure there will never be a trial. The victims can go whistle "Dixie" if they choose, they were not consulted, they were TOLD. There won't be a trial if they change their minds, come up with new evidence, have a vision from the Almighty or any other scenario that is proposed.
The San Angelo Standard-Times - "Mohave County, Ariz., Attorney Matt Smyth (sic) filed a motion Wednesday to dismiss sexual misconduct with a minor charges against the former leader of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (FLDS). Arizona poured well more than 1,000 man hours into the investigation and prosecution of Jeffs and case dismissal comes with disappointment.

'I would say it is with a lot of regrets,' Smith said. 'We certainly wanted to have our day in court here in Mohave County, but I have to give a lot of respect to what the victim’s wishes are.'

Smith explained that the victims understand that Jeffs has already spent more time in jail in Mohave County than he could be ordered to serve if convicted on both counts and given the maximum sentence. He said neither of the victims, Elyssa (sic) Wall nor Susie Barlow, wants to go through the pressure of additional trials under those circumstances."
Bull Feathers Matt. Don't lie. Among other things a key is understanding that Warren had already spend more time in Jail than he would if convicted, in Arizona.

Another factor? It would be the Elissa Wall is no longer a credible witness.

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