Monday, June 14, 2010

See? I ruled AGAINST the prosecution (let's go home) UPDATED

Walther gets in her ruling for the defense.
More or less by ruling against the prosecution's request to move the trial. At least for today. We don't have a jury yet and we won't have one today it seems. (The updated story says yes we do.)
The San Angelo Standard-Times - "The motion to move the court came while Nichols argued that after calling 325 people as jurors, only 31 people were found eligible, and at that rate of individual questioning they were approving one out of every 10, meaning they would not find the necessary 36 people after interviewing the remaining 37 that had been seated from a second pool of 100 people called in addition to those of the original 325 who had excuses.

The defense argued for remaining in Eldorado.

'There is no reason to simply cut loose the people we have today,' defense attorney Brandon Hudson said.

Walther denied the state’s motion, so the individual questioning continued."
Walther knocked off early Friday, and will seem to quit on time today.

I wonder.

When we're not pressuring the defense and wearing out the Jury, Walther seems to be able to get home for dinner. When the trial starts though, it has been her pattern to stay late. Could this be a tactic?

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