Monday, November 16, 2009

Age and El Paso County Misdemeanor Prosecutions

I have made the claim that El Paso County is pursuing very few if any older cases than that of Rozita Swinton.
In recent months I can recall no cases where there were any 2008M classified cases on the "Call off" list of the 4th Judicial District.

Traffic cases are designated "T" and criminal cases are designated "CR" preceded by the year of the charge being filed. Traffic and criminal cases do not count.
CallOffs for Monday November 16, 2009
CaseNumber AppearanceDate DefLastName DefFirstName Division
D021 2009CR 004154 11/16/2009 Contreras-portillo Facundo 02
D021 2009CR 003542 11/16/2009 Espinoza Richard 02
D021 2009CR 000453 11/16/2009 Cisneros Jeff 09
D021 2008CR 005196 11/16/2009 Dixon Patrick 09
D021 2009CR 000318 11/16/2009 Graff Brett 09
D021 2008CR 005072 11/16/2009 Mitchell James 09
D021 2009CR 000784 11/16/2009 Nelson Warren 09
D021 2009CR 000899 11/16/2009 Battle Michael 10
D021 2009CR 001792 11/16/2009 Brown Shenequa 10
D021 2009CR 000438 11/16/2009 Dingman Bryan 10
D021 2008CR 002519 11/16/2009 Tullis Wayne 10
D021 2009CR 001338 11/16/2009 Vaughn Scott 10
D021 2009CR 001438 11/16/2009 Willson Becky 10
D021 2009CR 001802 11/16/2009 Yeagley Donald 10
D021 2009CR 001470 11/16/2009 Framel John 15
D021 2009CR 002165 11/16/2009 Ghostbird Annjeanette 15
D021 2009CR 000910 11/16/2009 Griffin Christopher 15
D021 2009CR 001020 11/16/2009 Griffin Christopher 15
D021 2008CR 003998 11/16/2009 Delgado Thomas 16
D021 2009CR 001706 11/16/2009 Erickson David 16
D 2009CR 002663 11/16/2009 Nelson Jonathon 16
D021 2009CR 001663 11/16/2009 Nelson Jonathon 16
D021 2009CR 003114 11/16/2009 Barkley Terrance 19
D021 2009CR 001602 11/16/2009 Chisenhall Betty 19
D021 2009CR 002077 11/16/2009 Maron Astra 19
D021 2009CR 002052 11/16/2009 Nixon Demetrius 19
C021 2009M 006938 11/16/2009 Campbell Derick A
C021 2009M 006940 11/16/2009 Edwards Jason A
C021 2009M 006946 11/16/2009 Helms Charles A
C021 2009M 006948 11/16/2009 Jenkins Blaine A
C021 2009M 006950 11/16/2009 Martinez Georgia A
C021 2009M 006956 11/16/2009 Newell Byron A
C021 2009M 003433 11/16/2009 Syndes Oui A
C021 2009M 004284 11/16/2009 Aripez Joshua B
C021 2009T 007545 11/16/2009 Franco Samantha B
C 2009T 009670 11/16/2009 Gossett Leigh B
C021 2009T 008830 11/16/2009 Jackson William B
C021 2009T 008168 11/16/2009 Jackson William B
C021 2009T 005701 11/16/2009 Jackson William B
C021 2009T 003445 11/16/2009 Ord Donald B
C021 2009M 004509 11/16/2009 Music Sharri D
C021 2009T 012789 11/16/2009 Alvarado-villareal Luis E
C021 2009T 008769 11/16/2009 Batton Jamie E
C021 2008M 003493 11/16/2009 Dockery Edward E
C021 2009M 005606 11/16/2009 Ebert Chad E
C021 2009M 002132 11/16/2009 Howell Jason E
C021 2009T 008725 11/16/2009 Mccormick Kirk E
C021 2009T 012740 11/16/2009 Mcdaniel John E
C021 2009M 004320 11/16/2009 Smith Dillon E
C021 2009T 006245 11/16/2009 Sylvester Sherri E
C021 2008M 009851 11/16/2009 Thomas Kelvin E
C021 2008M 008283 11/16/2009 Wicks Sidney E
As you can see here, after several conversations with El Paso county, there are now some misdemeanors that do show up as "Call offs." If a case is set for trial, as it must periodically be, to retain eligibility for prosecution, it is either tried, or called off and reset for prosecution at a later date. This must be done with the concurrence of the defense.

The above highlighted cases in red bold type, confirm the existence of misdemeanor cases as El Paso county contends, from 2008. Sometimes you wonder if you stirred the pot a little and if it affected what is being listed at the 4th Judicial districts site, nevertheless, there they are.

Rozita's case is C021 2008M 002726. As I understand the case numbers, they are assigned sequentially. The last 6 digits are the case number, which makes provision for about a million cases in El Paso county. I'm sure they don't reach that number.

Rozita's case is 2726, meaning there were 2725 cases before her. I assume most to be traffic tickets and other citations. Since it is assumed that she was charged in 2008 at the beginning of March or end of February 2008 for her hi-jinks in Colorado Springs, it means there are roughly 1000-1500 cases a month that are processed. The remaining cases showing up in the 7 day call off list for the 4th Judicial district are numbered 3493, 8283 & 9851. 3493 was charged, I would assume, approximately 2-4 weeks Rozita's was charged.

This still leaves her as the "oldest misdemeanor case" being "pursued" in El Paso county by all available evidence. This is not to say tomorrow another case might show up and blow her out of the saddle as reigning procrastinated prosecution, but she's firmly in the lead.

El Paso county for it's part blusters that it has "many" misdemeanor cases from 2008 that it is still pursuing, but mumbled in process of that declaration the word "traffic." Those would be 2008T cases, not 2008M. All the 2008M or prior cases called off for the next 7 days, appeared on TODAY's "call off" list.

(Case shown in bold green is the newest numerical prosecution, 12789. This would mean through about 10 months around 1300 or so cases are started in El Paso county's 4th Judicial district. It is a traffic violation.)

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