Friday, November 27, 2009

Carolyn Jessop clearly has something to hide, and it's in her Tax Returns

Carolyn Jessop won't cooperate.
In a new motion posted today (and filed Wednesday) on the Mohave county site:
"The parties then agreed that the completion of Ms. Jessop's interview would occur on November 6, 2009, over the telephone. On November 4, 2009, the completion of Ms. Jessop's telephonic interview was re-scheduled for November 24, 2009, at the State's request. Ms. Jessop promised to disclose her tax returns showing the financial benefits she received from the publication of her book in advance of the completion of her interview. However, on November 20, 2009, the State advised defense counsel that Carolyn had called off the completion of her interview."
The summation of all of this is that Carolyn opened the door to her tax returns, pleading she could not explain herself without them. Since she has testified previously that they are an integral part of her explanations, she cannot now refuse to discuss or show them.

The bottom line? Carolyn can indeed stonewall forever as has been pointed out by anti FLDS pundits, but what hasn't been said? The state will have to strike her from the witness list, if she doesn't pony up. Natalie Malonis' letter? Balderdash.

The Thanksgiving Day weekend? Very busy indeed.

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kbp said...

One has to be just a bit curious what records were provided in the child support case. Most often tax returns are required, but I have no idea what was exchanged in the discovery when the Superstar handled the case to get $ for Carolyn.

If the tax returns are a problem,

...which seems to be where the focus is centered here,

...there is no doubt that WJ's attorneys know EXACTLY what the Superstar submitted in Texas to show what Carolyn's income has been.

If those records of the Texas child support case are not to be shared amongst the attorneys, then WJ's attorneys need them in order to be on record IF they do not match the Texas records.

Whatever the reason may be, this looks like it may be a course to work on in excluding Carolyn from testifying in Texas also.

Rebecca Campos said...

I suspect part of the issue was the big fat realization that disclosing just how much money she made will decrease her claim to amounts of child support since child support worksheets include both parents total income and each side is assigned a percentage based on income. Testifying ultimately hurts her financially and exposes that her story has less ring of truth and more ring of cha-ching....

The Pharisee said...

You're not suggesting that beating on the FLDS has become, a (cough), Cash Cow are you?

Riki said...

In Texas, where Carolyn chose to fight the child support battle, her income doesn't come into the equation unless & until she is claiming Merrill should pay above & beyond what the statutory guidelines require. Until last year, that limit was $7500.00 net monthly resources; prior to that, the limit had been $5000.00 net. So if Merrill's monthly net income was higher than these limits, Carolyn would have to show actual need & the actual unreimbursed expenses she had to incur, along with evidence showing she had insufficient income to meet those needs.

kbp said...

Thanks Riki,

"So if Merrill's monthly net income was higher than these limits, Carolyn would have to show actual need & the actual unreimbursed expenses she had to incur, along with evidence showing she had insufficient income to meet those needs."

That support matter was something I did not pay much attention to. It seems like Merrill didn't put up that much of a battle, as I recall.

Maybe what was disclosed as her income conflicts with what Carolyn's tax returns show.

It's hard to think of any other reasons she would pass up on an chance to testify against Warren.

The Pharisee said...

I think it's fair to say a lot of lying is and has been going on. There's a house of cards that will get blown over fairly soon.

It's hard to say EXACTLY what has been lied about or by whom and what net effect it will all have but there's a lot of squirming going on.

This is one of those popcorn moments. Get a cold beverage, some snacks, and tilt the easy chair back and watch.

It would be the purest kind of fun if there wasn't so much at stake.

I_hate_bigots said...

If she filed an extension, 2008 returns were not due until Oct. 2009. In the child support case she may have only used 2007 data.

I'm thinking there were payments made to her from Texas, Dan, or others.

Maybe she is just using the tax returns as an excuse not to testify in the AZ case

Riki said...

Well, if it's shown that she lied about her income for 2008, then she committed perjury & fraud on the court, which would allow Merrill to go back & clean her clock in child support court, if he chose to do that. I think he didn't put up too much of a fight because he just wanted to shut Carolyn up about child support. He took one of her whining sticks away from her, so now she's really got nothing to cry about anymore.