Friday, November 06, 2009

Walther Tries to Sentence Raymond Jessop on the sly

Except for a tip, no one would have known.
The Plural Life - "Surprise, surprise. The court decided to hold a hearing today after all. I got there in the nick of time, thanks to a certain unnamed tipster. Thank you!

Last night when we left, Judge Barbara Walther told everyone court would resume at 10 a.m. on Monday. That was the word from the Texas Attorney General’s Office, too.

But Walther changed her mind. Had things gone more quickly today, I think she was prepared to go ahead with sentencing. The jury was at the court, sequestered in the waiting room. She finally sent them home about 2:30."
Brooke Adams scores again. She is apparently responsible for getting Juror 12 86'd, though in retrospect I think I would have preferred that she remained, and now she scores with nosing out another Walther Friday Surprise.

I don't know if the defense consented to this or not. I personally don't know the workings of the court, but I know that Walther would trample them if she could, and probably has IMHO.

On the surface, this seems to stink.

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