Saturday, November 07, 2009

CSPD Internal Affairs concludes it's investigation.

It lacks specifics and I have never been given the "receipt number" for the investigation:
November 2, 2009

Hugh McBryde
P.O. Box ****
Montpelier, VT 05601

Dear Mr. McBryde

This letter is in response to the suspicions you raised in your complaint on 09-24-09 regarding employees of the Colorado Springs Police Department.

A thorough inquiry was conducted which included a review of Department records and reports, interviews with involved employees and review of Department policies. The investigation disclosed there was no violation of Department policy nor was there any indication of inappropriate behavior by our employees.


Lt. K. D. Wilson
Internal Affairs Division
Colorado Springs Police Department
The letter came in an envelope postmarked November 3rd, 2009, as Raymond Jessop's trial was winding down, and right before Rozita's starts in Colorado Springs. I got it today.

Right way I note it is fairly vague. What is "inappropriate behavior" on the part of their employees? What is department policy? Where's my receipt number?

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1 comment:

I_hate_bigots said...

This was the investigation:

IA guy:

Maggie, Did you tell Rozita to make those calls?


Gosh, gee, I had no idea what Rozita was doing. Please don't ask me anymore personal questions.

Investigation closed.......

That's exactly how they are done.

Corruption like this is difficult to impossible to prosecute.

I hope you don't think you changed anything because you made it harder for them to do this again.

It appears what ever might have been going on had been going on for years.

Even if this forces them to change their behavior for the next year -you might have saved one person from being set-up.