Tuesday, November 10, 2009

And Rozita's Trial? YOU GUESSED IT (called off) UPDATED

Will Rozita EVER go to trial before a case in the YFZ matter is finished? It's beginning to look as if the answer is "NEVER."
CallOffs for Tuesday November 10, 2009
CaseNumber AppearanceDate DefLastName DefFirstName Division
D021 2009CR 003517 11/10/2009 Windle Emily 07
D021 2009CR 000857 11/10/2009 Rodriguez Jesus 09
D021 2008CR 005179 11/10/2009 Rodriguez Jesus 09
D021 2009CR 003056 11/10/2009 Allen-turner James 18
D021 2009CR 003389 11/10/2009 Tian-velasquez Pablo 18
C021 2008M 002726 11/10/2009 Swinton Rozita C
If you go there, go to this page, it will be under "View Cases For Tomorrow" until sometime this morning, then it will revert to "View Today's Cases." "Called Off" does not mean "it will never happen," at least TECHNICALLY it doesn't mean that. It means IN THEORY it is being rescheduled.

UPDATE: Judging from the case number, Rozita's case originated in 2008. The "M" after "2008" appears to does designate "Misdemeanor." On the whole page of 7 day call offs, there is only one case from 2008 that is a misdemeanor that is still in play in El Paso County. Rozita's. Don't tell me this is normal, this is highly unusual.

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Toes said...

Surprise, surprise.

Xorphshire said...

How DARE you notice such a thing with all the other "news" going on. I guess you weren't supposed to notice this. LOL

The Pharisee said...

Rozita's case may be going for the record in El Paso county, of the longest running prosecution of a misdemeanor, where the defendant was available for trial.

I'm sure there are a few long running prosecutions of those who ran away.

Ron in Houston said...

Well, you could pick up the phone, call the clerk and see what really happened.

Or better yet, why not call the prosecutor handling the case?

The Pharisee said...

Once MORE Ron,

I have.

El Paso county puts up considerable obstacles to dispersing information. The case is being handled by SENIOR Deputy District Attorney Frederick Stein. He is by all accounts, a very busy man, he generally stays late.

If there is some pressure on him to delay the case, I seriously doubt he will tell me this is so.

When you call El Paso county, you have to declare what your interest in the case is. Are you the defendant? Are you a victim? If you're not, they act like privacy laws apply to cases before the court. If you say you are "press" which is how they classify you if you say you're writing a story or blogging on the case, they direct you to the prosecutor handling the case, and it is very hard to get a hold of Senior Deputy District Attorney Frederick Stein.