Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Marty Braemer "Borrowed" Money from the Fort Plain Little League?

I now have corroboration.
The dispute is over whether or not he "Borrowed" the money, or just took it without permission. I stress that Marty could offer a convincing denial. The best way to be convincing of course, is that you didn't do it, and Marty may not have.

Allegedly from one side of the story, Marty is supposed to have said he did not think "borrowing without permission" was "embezzling."

The other side of the story suspects he had some form of permission. I have emailed Marty Braemer several times on the story, he will not comment.

The original tip of the iceberg appeared in "Upstream." Dan Weaver should get the credit.

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Anonymous said...

There is no way that a non profit organization could ethically or legally permit anyone from borrowing money from the group's funds.

The Pharisee said...

Shhh, you're blowing the big surprise.