Friday, July 31, 2009

Lurid is the Word: Marty Braemer's Adultery (UPDATED and CORROBORATED)

This is not the Scarlet Letter indiscretion of Hester Prynne. This is instead, lurid pornography.
I know of no way to describe it other than to say when we let the little head do the thinking, destructive single minded insanity occurs.

In late 2008 (if I am to understand this correctly) it was alleged that during prayer meetings Pastor Marty Braemer requested that he be given a place where he could escape two times a week, and be alone. If true, it would seem he wanted this as a lover's getaway. Whether Marty got his wish is unknown at this point, but it would seem he did not, as his affair and his utter lack of self control spilled out into ever more public settings. It's almost like a suicide.

The following is said to be signed off on by multiple witnesses:

Wednesday January 21st, 2009. A young person observes Marty kissing (his lover) in "Trailer 3" which is a "Victory Christian Academy" classroom. The witness is sickened and leaves, but curiosity or self preservation makes the witness return with another in tow and together they observe Marty "sitting on a desk" with "(his lover) standing between his legs."

The students go to parents shortly afterward and Marty is confronted three days later on a Saturday. The student bravely looks Marty in the eyes and declares what was seen. "I saw you kissing (his lover)." Marty replies that he did not see him "Kiss (his lover)." The protocol at this school is probably that all adults are "Mr. Mrs. or Miss." Doubtless that protocol extends to adults referring to one another in the presence of students to foster respect. Pastor Marty Braemer replies in what the writer calls a "Freudian Slip" referring to (his lover by her first name).

Immediately the family of the witness is harassed and attacked. The witness is threatened with a loss of job. The witness makes the threat academic by quitting.

Additionally people close to (his lover) have an opportunity to see what are incriminating text messages between Marty and (his lover).

The above is said to be signed by multiple witnesses. I have copies, and have made a digest of them so as to draw minimal attention to specific persons. The names of all are contained in the originals.

The following is from a single witness:

Marty was observed with (his lover) after his denial on January 24th, 2009. They were in a van on a dead end country road February 13th, in the back seat, "in flagrante delicto," or "in the blazing progressing offense." Not much is left to the imagination in such settings, if witnessed, (speaking the from experience of coming upon such entangled "lovers" while exiting the woods on horseback).

Undaunted the two incautious lovers were observed again two weeks later by the same individual, on a backstreet in town, apparently at it again on February 27th.

Additionally there was a Church Split at "Fords Bush Bible Church" in the rough time frame of 2004. The strongly rumored cause of the split? An affair of Pastor Marty Braemer.

UPDATE: This post has become the subject of more discussion at the FFF. For those that read this post, first and foremost, Marty is still covering up but in a way that acknowledges something went massively wrong. He is not denying the affair. It would still seem that he is trying to manage the damage so that he exposes himself to the least amount of accountability. That is an opinion of mine, it is backed up by this conversation alleged to have occurred between Marty and the poster "Stephen."
"Marty already told me on the phone he had a 'moral failure.' I don't think he will be denying the affair."
It should be emphasized that this is an eyewitness to a conversation had between him, and the sinner himself. Marty is acknowledging to multiple sources that he sinned in some way. The only real question is how he sinned and there seems to be little doubt that he sinned.

In examining this sin, we can eliminate the little ones. I won't get into a complex discussion "Venial" and "Mortal" sins. The fact is that successful church building pastors don't get dumped because of what most consider to be minor sins, they get dumped for stealing money or having sex with someone they shouldn't have sex with. It's as simple as that.

There has not been one breath of a rumor to substantiate any claim, nor has there been a claim that Marty had his hand in the purse. You can say what you want, but that leaves only one likely offense. One that has an increasing chorus of corroborating witnesses who say they've heard exactly the same thing. This is the witness rule of the Old Testament for condemnation. Agreeing testimony from different sources.

It has also been asked by some if "I pray as much as I talk." The answer is no. I talk more. I prayed first. I pray still. I don't pray any longer that what is rumored without contradiction is false since that seems a vain hope, but I pray that those damaged, innocent and guilty, heal. That cannot start unless Marty is flushed into the open, stripped of his hesitation to confess, and shown his sin, in public. He is an Elder. This is PRECISELY how sin among elders is to be handled, according to scripture.

Those of you who plead that Marty should be spared so his family should be spared, or (his lover) spared so her family can be spared are saying God didn't really mean what he said, when he said that Elders should be disciplined publicly, so that other might SEE, and FEAR.

UPDATED AGAIN: Poster "Stephen" now says that the "moral failing" has been identified by Marty Braemer, as an "affair."
"Marty already told me he stepped down because he had an affair. that's a fact, Jack."
This post has been edited to remove the name of the Rev. Braemer's adulterous lover. She is no longer the evidence of his adultery, as he has confessed.

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Silver Rose said...

What is your fixation with this man's affair? You remind me of a pitbull determined to destroy its prey. Why? What has this man done to you?

There are much more noble topics for you to pursue. I began reading your blog because of the FLDS situation and I have appreciated the exposure you have given to the illegalities of the raid and the impact it had on the children. You applied that same pitbull nature for good in that case and I respected you for it.

Now...I'm not sure what has happened. Mr. Braemer is far from being the first or only minister to fall to immorality, and sadly, I'm sure he won't be the last. Having had friends who have gone through this, I can tell you that public condemnation tends to strengthen a stubborn and unrepentent heart where loving forgiveness (with consequences) breaks a spirit. What you are doing to these families by opening this topic up to a far broader range of people is non-productive for their healing and/or restoration. Their 'business' is something the rest of us don't need to know anything about. Those closest to the situation and involved in the personal lives of the participants in this devastating event don't need the publicity either.

I'm really saddened that you have chosen to become a gossip rather than taking a more noble road.

There is much in the proverbs about being a talebearer - I thought you were a better man than that.

I have skimmed the headlines of your ongoing detrimental postings, but have not read the text except for the original one to see who Mr. Braemer was and how he connected to the FLDS.

There is just a distastefulness about your posting on the whole issue. I hope you will let it drop out of consideration for the innocent connected to the 'guilty.'


Are you the one who can truthfully cast the first stone?

The Pharisee said...


Marty is a pastor in midstate New York. He is very public, very judgemental, and very vile in his way of delivering his judgements, which by the way, come very quickly. For my reasoned support of polygyny, he has called me a predator (sound familiar) and a pervert. His pet name for me was "McPervert."

The story is being printed because it is regional (New York is a border state to Vermont). It is corroborated. Provided it is true, he is an adulterer. The story was given to me, I did not seek it.

As a Christian, not FLDS, I believe in the veracity of all 66 books of the Bible and that there are no prophets. That means the instruction to expose elders, is an instruction to expose. I have no other revelation.

Silver Rose said...


I live in CNY and the only place I have heard anything about this situation is on this blog.

It just saddens me and brings to mind - that the church is the only place that shoots the wounded. It ought not to be this way.

Anonymous said...

"He that is without sin, cast the first stone." Nobody threw a stone but walked away as jesus forgave this woman in the Bible caught in the sin of adultery. We must pray for the families involved as well as the church. Also, we must examine ourselves and make sure we are right with God and pray and encourage each other. We look for a repentive heart but at the same time, to be critical is really the sign of a Pharisee.
Why do people seem to enjoy when a leader or leaders in the church fall into sin or make mistakes? People are just sinners in need of a Saviour and all of us need to be forgiven! Judge yourselves and be wary of the Devil because he walks about as a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour!..

John said...

God gave His instructions for the discipline of Christians in general and elders specifically for a purpose. That purpose is always healing and cleansing. As elders, we are held to a higher standard of behavior, for the integrity of the ministry and for the purity of the message. No one is exempt from temptation or the danger of falling into sin. Elders are more susceptable because we lead and are often at the forefront of spiritual warfare. That being said, there can be NO cleansing or healing if there is not genuine repentance and honesty on the part of the sinning elder. Because of his leadership and influence on those he ministers to, this repentance must be as public as was his sphere of influence. Rather than taking Hugh to task for this expose', let us consider Marty's vindictive attack on Hugh as an indicator of Marty's lack of understanding or appreciation of Biblical truth that brought him (Marty) to his current, unhappy position. I believe Hugh has a responsibility to reveal that which brought about such a hypocritical attack from Marty on a legitimate Biblical teaching and the man teaching it. If I understand Hugh's position, this is not about revenge, but about vindication of the truth. It is also a certain, undeniable truth that human nature will remain unchanged unless confronted by God's Truth. Marty himself has done the damage that brought about his shame, the confrontation is NECESSARY for his repentance, cleansing and healing. It will not take place without the confrontation of truth. Band-aids will not do the job of anti-septics. Many men in pulpits today are attempting to exercise absolute authority which makes them very susceptible to the siren song of supremacy and arrogance. Marty (and others in such a position) will be very dangerous indeed, if not brought back to submission to the authority of God and His Word. He may still (let us pray it be so) be used of God in a mighty way, BUT the humility of a Godly man must first become his first item of attire. Can it, or will it happen with out genuine repentance, NO!

Priest15 said...

It saddens me deeply to have come across that which has taken place in brother Marty's life. I knew him and his brother Wally. Wally was a dear friend with a wonderful heart. Marty on the other hand was somewhat deceptive and had a way of luring one in and a way of then attempting to destroy people with lies and deceit.

Marty and myself locked horns years ago via The Amsteramd Recorder. I took a wonderful opportunity to use the editorial section to exalt Christ and to debate all challengers, one of which was Marty. Marty became underhanded in some of his editorials and just outright lied about me; stating things against my person that were just blatant untruths. When I read some of the testimonies of how he came across other ministers and Christians, I wasn't shocked to see that they echoed my sentiments against Marty. It showed he was at least consistents in his ways.

Marty was very harsh and cruel in his dealings with people and it seems his carnality has caught up with him. He was so very judgemental which I really don't mind if you have facts to back up your claims but even then one should be careful in how they judge others while their life is in dire need of repentance.

Marty brings to mind the Swaggart ordeal when Jimmy attempted to paint a horrible picture of a fellow minister which he successfully accomplished all the while his own life was heading for ruin.

Marty my heart grieves over you but even moreso over the people you have damaged and hurt, especially your family and your precious brother Wally. You should have probably sat at the feet of Haman and learned from him because all you used to create havoc in the lives of others turned around and brought destruction to your own life.

Brother the Word is true, your secret sin will find you out.

May you truly find the path back to Christ if you haven't already and in doing so, maybe you will learn, Blessed are the merciful for they shall obtain mercy...

In His Love
Amsterdam, NY

servant leader said...

I know why Marty left in 04

The Pharisee said...

Ok, why?